19 + Best AI Productivity Tools in 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Best AI Productivity Tools

The productivity of your business is crucial to its profitability and long-term success.

AI Productivity tools have emerged as the best solutions to guarantee these goals.

Forbes, in April 2023, reported that 64% of businesses believed AI tools would improve productivity.

Based on this statistic, your business is more likely to benefit from adopting these artificial intelligence tools that boost efficiency.

The internet now includes new tools, web apps, and desktop tools to help you address all upcoming project management activities.

These AI apps are renowned for using features such as natural language processing and predictive analytics to assist businesses and users in gaining competitive advantages over rivals.

Accordingly, you and the organization are set to benefit immeasurably from including AI tools to handle tasks.  

In this article, I review the best AI productivity tools to help you grow your business and boost its competitive advantage.

My area of focus will include chatbots, AI marketing, writing, design tools, and more.

Additionally, I will cover how these AI tools will allow you to address documentation, schedule meetings, and automate tasks quickly.

What are the Best AI Productivity Tools?

Content Creation Tools

We are living in a fast-paced world where artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of our world.

Content writing is an example of an area impacted by artificial intelligence.

The emergence of new AI tools is critical in making content creation efficient, accurate, and faster.

For instance, you can produce excellent art and save time without compromising quality because of these AI tools.

With these technologies, you can look forward to producing exciting and high-quality content.

Some leading content creation tools you can sample include Jasper, Copy.ai, and Content at Scale.

1. Jasper AI.

jasper-ai-homepage - Best AI Productivity Tools

This AI writing tool has several features to refresh your content and excite the target audience.

First, the tool can copy your writing style, generate ideas, and generate a final product with improved features.

Jasper AI integrates natural language processing (NLP) to help attain this task.

With this feature, the tool improves your voice, tone, and style as part of the final product.

Secondly, software developers have designed this AI software expertly to boost productivity.

Moreover, Jasper AI generates content in just a few minutes, and when using this AI software, you will be less worried about grammar and punctuation errors.

These mistakes are renowned for preventing high-quality content generation.

You can even use it like an AI Tweet Generator or AI Story Generator.

The other good news is that with Jasper AI, the problem of writer’s block will be outdated.

This powerful writing tool provides creativity, rich keywords, good grammar, and punctuation that will get you going despite feeling blank in the first place.

Likewise, the tool’s ability to write in multiple languages (over 30 languages) means that you can translate your content to various audiences.

Furthermore, when using Jasper AI, you will enjoy high-quality productivity in marketing emails and social media posts.

You should consider incorporating Jasper AI as part of your promotional materials, as it will boost marketing and sales performance.

Jasper AI is a great tool for writing diverse content, including long and short-form content. It will help you to write a creative story, cookbook, or newsletter.

At the same time, it can help you to generate appealing content for your social media, like Facebook and Instagram.

With Jasper AI, you can create high-quality content without sacrificing accuracy.

Check how Jasper compares with Writesonic, a similar AI writing tool.

Image showcasing jasper various pricing plans.
  • Creator ($39/m) -1 seat/user
  • Teams ($99/mo) – 3 seats/users
  • Business – Custom Quotes.

2. Copy.ai.

Copy.ai is an AI-powered writing tool that uses machine learning to generate quality content.

copy ai homepage

Most notably, Copy.ai has emerged as a top tool for generating emails, web copy, and social media posts. This AI platform runs with the GPT-3 program.

However, out of all the GPT-3 programs and GPT-3 tools I have tried, Copy.ai is superior since it is easy to use and eliminates the blank page syndrome.

Moreover, the tool will help you with copywriting tasks in less than 10 minutes, and the quality is amazing.

Copy.ai is a good investment for your business because its templates and tools will be useful in marketing and content writing.

If you want visually appealing content, Copy.ai will come to your rescue. Its templates have a pre-made layout and attractive designs to enhance your final product.

In addition, the AI tool’s intuitive interface would help you create content for different marketing and content audiences. You can also use it to create short, engaging texts for Digital Business Cards.

Copy.ai can help you to overcome writer’s block. It helps to complete your copy when you’re out of ideas. I have used it to generate Ad copies for Facebook and Google Ads. Video creators can benefit from Copy.ai’s ability to write practical short video scripts.

Check how copy AI compares with Jasper AI.

copy ai-pricing
  • Free ($0) – 1 seat and 2000 words.
  • Pro ($36/mo) – 5 seats and unlimited words.
  • Team ($186/mo) – 20 seats and unlimited words.
  • Growth ($1000/mo) – 75 seats and unlimited words.
  • Scale ($3000/mo) 200 seats and unlimited words.

3. Content At Scale.


Content at Scale is another tool I have had the chance to enjoy as a writer.

This artificial intelligence tool can generate content within seconds of introducing commands.

In one example, this SEO-powered copywriter can help you generate blog posts and Affiliate Marketing articles with a single click.

Furthermore, Content at Scale generates plagiarism-free content that can bypass AI detection.

Thirdly, the speed of writing your content will be breathtaking; thus, there is no need to employ entire content experts.

The presence of this AI-powered tool in WordPress and Shopify means your content will be available to a broader audience.

Additionally, if you are skeptical about the tool’s ability or unsatisfied with the service, you can request a refund for the most recent month of unused credits.

However, Content at Scale may decline the request if they see some material activity in your account.

  • Solo ($31/post)8 posts per month.
  • Starter ($25/post) – 20 posts per month.
  • Scaling ($20/post) – 50 posts per month.
  • Agency ($15/post) – 100 posts per month.

User Experience:

Although the above AI productivity tools increase efficiency, flexibility, and quality of content, you must include human touch, given that the target audiences demand emotions and relatable communications.

For this reason, you should consider employing human writers to help fine-tune or edit content generated by these AI tools.

These experts will introduce some “life” into the content and overall task management to prevent an AI-generated boring read.

Text Enhancement Software

Top-notch writing skills are now required when writing emails, resumes, and general communication. As a social media user, impressing your audience is necessary.

AI productivity tools can boost your writing by making intelligent suggestions and corrections.

The primary text enhancement tool in this category is Grammarly. Other apps include Quillbot, Wordtune, and Hemingway.

4. Grammarly.


The chances that essays, emails, and other online texts you have come across have been “run” first through Grammarly software before their release is high.

This AI-powered writing assistant has positioned itself as a necessary tool for professional writing.

More than 30 million individuals use Grammarly daily to improve their writing. There are numerous reasons why Grammarly has emerged as a leading AI text enhancement tool.

Foremost, this AI writing assistant is compatible with Microsoft Word and Outlook, and other online writing platforms.

Secondly, Grammarly helps users correct their grammar, punctuation, word choice, style errors, and spelling.

Moreover, this online writing tool helps you to build your vocabulary and sentence structures to create high-quality output.

Separately, Grammarly has a free version and a premium version.

The Premium account users can enjoy more advanced correction features.

Lastly, the AI platform offers AI Chrome Extensions for multiple search engines.

  • Free: ($0).
  • Premium: $12/mo.
  • Business: $15/mo.

5. Quillbot.


Quillbot is an AI-powered rewriting tool that uses machine-learning algorithms to help you generate new texts, reword existing content, and rephrase sentences.

With this AI-powered platform, you can produce your content within seconds because of its fantastic paraphrasing feature.

Moreover, thanks to the user-friendly interface, you will experience easy navigation.

Besides, Quillbot will provide entire redrafting suggestions whenever you’re rewriting content.

Fourthly, this AI software is compatible with Microsoft Word and other search engines, thus making your rewording convenient and easy.

  • Free ($0) 125 words (paraphraser) and 1200 words (summarized).
  • Premium ($9.95/mo) – 125 words (paraphraser) and 6000 words (summarized).

6. Wordtune.


Wordtune is the other AI writing and reading software that can significantly alter your writing tone by converting it into clear, persuasive, original writing.

The tool eliminates unnecessary words in your writing by providing hints for improvements.

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface makes this AI-powered tool easy to navigate.

Real-time suggestions and contextual understanding of your texts are other benefits you will enjoy after adopting Wordtune as your writing and reading AI tool.

  • Free ($0) – 10 rewrites, 3 AI prompts, and 3 summaries daily.
  • Plus ($9.99/mo) – 30 rewrites, 3 AI prompts and 3 summaries daily.
  • Unlimited ($14.99/mo) – unlimited rewrites, AI prompts and summaries.
  • Business (Custom quote) – for teams.

7. Hemingway.

Hemingway Editor is a powerful AI-powered tool that will boost the quality of your writing in real-time.

This tool acts as an AI paragraph interpreter that scans issues in your writing and provides quick solutions.

Secondly, the multi-color highlighting feature helps pinpoint your issues, making you a better communicator.

If you wish to view previous mistakes made on the original draft, the tool has a tab on the right that displays your difficult readings, passive voice, and several adverbs.

Further, the tool’s ability to switch off from editing to writing would allow you to develop your content before you turn it on for suggestions and edits. 

  • For Mac and PC – $ 19.99

User Experience:

This article is an example of content polished using the AI Text Enhancement Software.

These AI tools’ natural language processing feature helps imitate your writing style to produce the final content.

However, it is crucial to understand that these AI tools improve rather than replace the abilities of human editors.

For example, the use of these AI-powered editors for academic and blog posts differs significantly because of each task’s dissimilar tones and presentation mechanics.

Accordingly, your human editing skills are still required to guarantee attention to all the details. Nonetheless, the writing process is now more straightforward because of these tools.

AI Note-taking Tools

It is true that most of us have multitasking skills, but in some cases, we require help taking meeting notes while focusing on other aspects of the conference.

The solution to this problem is focusing on the information speakers present and allowing the writing assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, to take comments.

Examples of AI Note-taking tools that would help you with this task are Trevor and Mem.

8. Trevor.


Trevor employs AI technology components to enable note-taking.

The AI platform is user-friendly with the help of a highly customizable dashboard. You can also export live results from outside sources, such as Google Docs or Excel, into the system.

Likewise, its presentation is easy because it arranges data in a convenient to-do list.

Trevor also incorporates an intuitive query builder (or SQL), making data generation easy.

  • Free ($0) – Sync one calendar accounts and one task list.
  • Pro ($3.99/mo or $29.99/yr) multiple calendar accounts and task list.

9. Mem.


Mem is the other AI note-taking app that arranges and simulates the AI language model.

If you require a personal AI assistant, try Mem, as this tool will ease your note-taking process.

The tool has machine-learning features that improve your accuracy and effectiveness over time.

Mem has a powerful search engine, allowing you to locate data easily. Additionally, the software reminders and tags will assist in retrieving your data.

Furthermore, Mem’s cloud-based synchronization lets you locate your data on multiple devices.


  • Free ($0) – 25 MB upload.
  • Mem X ($8/mo) – 100 GB upload.
  • Mem X Teams ($15/mo) – Unlimited space.
  • Mem X Enterprise (Custom Quote).

User Experience:

Selecting the best note-taking tools is crucial because they guarantee efficiency and error-free data.

Note-taking during meetings and planning (using another AI-powered app like Google Calendar) is an important practice.

I suggest you adopt Mem and Trevor to make note-taking an easy task.

Customer Service Software

Customer interaction and services are important practices to any business. AI-powered tools have helped address flaws and gaps in traditional customer service. Below are some customer service tools that help enhance your customers’ experience.

10. Growbots.


For small business owners, Growbots is the most significant AI-powered tool that would warrant lead generation.

Naturally, your business would require sales and AI Sales tools to help it grow.

Growbots will assist in personalizing your campaigns, prospect status monitoring, and automatic follow-ups.

Importantly, the machine learning algorithms of Growbots facilitate the determination of the behaviors of your target audience before engagement.

This AI platform also simplifies sending bulk messages to prospectus because of its automation features.

In addition, Growbots can customize your emails, presenting a personal touch to your target customers.

  • Outreach ($49/mo) – Import personal contacts.
  • All-in-One ($199/mo) – 500 new contacts.
  • Pro (Custom Quote).

11. ManyChat.


ManyChat is an automated chatbot that helps you analyze your customers and interact with them as part of lead generation.

This AI tool will automate interactive conversation in your social media, SMS, and other digital platforms as a way of branding.

I have been using ManyChat for long, and I can confirm it has a user-friendly interface that allows an easy flow of conversation.

In addition, the tool features superfast direct messaging suitable for your marketing purposes. 

  • Free ($0) – 1 team member.
  • Pro ($15/mo) – 5 team members.
  • Premium (Custom Quote) – Unlimited team members.

User Experience:

ManyChat and Growbots could be the final solution to your customer care issues.

These fantastic tools can improve interactions with your clients despite replacing customer service personnel.

However, you should know that these AI-powered tools still depend on human presence.

For instance, messages must be developed for your customers before automating monotonous tasks like repeated promotional messages.

Design Tools.

Graphic designs and presentations are now appealing because of the incorporation of AI design tools. Below are the tools you should sample to generate quality designs.

12. Beautiful.ai.


If you need AI software that would allow you to produce stunning presentations that feature graphic masterpieces, Beautiful.ai is the go-to software.

The software has AI technology characteristics that would warrant generating the best final output.

Beautiful.ai is crucial to marketers who look forward to creating visually appealing presentations, as it has exceptional pre-designed templates.

With Beautiful.ai, you can create professional-looking slides in a fraction of the time, a benefit limited to traditional presentation tools.


  • Pro ($12/mo) – For individuals.
  • Team ($40) For team collaboration.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote) – For advanced security, control and support.

13. Design Beast.

Design Beast Homepage.

Designers look forward to software that meets their needs and boosts competitive advantage.

This software will help them attain this goal. First, as a designer, the AI platform will help you edit podcasts and improve graphic quality.

Besides, this AI tool combines six design tools in one app, helping you save on costs.

Thirdly, the AI features would improve your creativity and outcome.

Furthermore, the tool’s limited editing and customization features are attractive, and you will enjoy limitless fonts, design elements, and shades.


One-time price – $69

You can get a one-time unlimited usage package for just Pricing for just $69 here.
You will also enjoy a Full 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

User Experience:

When using AI design software, being sure about input data is critical. This is because any form of misrepresentation will result in undesirable output.

Therefore, a little design knowledge would be necessary when using these AI tools.

Quality AI Transcription Software

AI transcription software is crucial when you need the best tool to transcribe audio and video files.

Their machine-learning components allow you to convert pre-recorded audio tracks and videos to text quickly.

14. Fireflies.ai.


Fireflies.ai is a versatile transcription tool for your business.

Its collaborative artificial intelligence feature allows users to share transcribed files on different platforms.

In my case, I have been attending meetings stress-free because of this AI tool, given that there is no need to make a few notes when the speaker is talking.

I can authoritatively state that the software has successfully automated tedious tasks like note-taking and editing accompanying conferences.  


  • Free ($0) – For individuals.
  • Pro ($10/mo) – For individuals & small teams.
  • Business ($19/mo) – For growing businesses.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote) – For large-scale enterprise.

15. Otter.ai.

otter ai-homepage

Otter.ai can convert background music and visuals using AI analytical features.

Secondly, its integration of conference tools like Google Meets and Zoom will help you capture notes easily.

Despite Otter.ai’s algorithmic feature, you must make minimal editing, but the tool will still guarantee quality output.

The other advantage of Otter.ai is that you can also use it to transcribe phone calls with a great sense of success.

otterai pricing
  • Basic/Free ($0) – For individuals getting started.
  • Pro ($10/mo) – For individuals & small teams.
  • Business ($20/mo) – For teams & organizations.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote) – For large organizations.

16. Descript.


Descript is the other software famous for its combination of several features.

Core features you will enjoy with the tool include video editing, podcasting, screen recording, publishing, and clip creation.

These components increase your chances of positive outcomes when creating videos and natural-sounding voiceovers.


  • Basic/Free ($0) – 1 hr/mo.
  • Creator ($10/mo) – 10 hr/mo/editor.
  • Pro ($12/mo) – 30 hr/mo/editor.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote).

User Experience:

The editing features of Otter.ai and Descript stand out in this category.

However, it would help if you focused on team collaboration and improved productivity as core features when selecting transcription software. Fireflies.ai is superior in these features.

Nonetheless, selecting AI productivity tools should depend on your preferences and needs.

AI Image Generation Tools

17. Stable Diffusion.

Stable Diffusion

Stable diffusion is a preferable AI image generator tool for amateurs, graphic designers, and content creators.

The AI-powered tool uses algorithms that understand the requests of amateurs, graphic designers, video producers, and content creators.

The other benefit is that you can generate images using the AI app with high-quality output.


After you create an account, you will be given 25 free credits.

Upon completion of the 25 free credits, you can purchase additional credits via the account page for $10 per 1,000 credits, which is enough to create around 500 SDXL images.

You can adjust the amount of credits you want to buy based on your requirements.

18. Illustroke.


If you are that person wishing to appear sophisticated, Illustroke is your choice.

The software has neural networks, allowing you to generate high-quality images, even if you lack expertise in this field.

Moreover, Illustroke acts as an SEO-friendly platform that can generate vector illustrations using text, making it a suitable AI tool to boost your search engine ranking, social media posts, and website outlook.

  • Free ($0) – Welcome tokens.
  • Personal Bundle ($6) – 50 tokens.
  • Growth Bundle ($18) – 200 tokens.

19. Neural.Love.

Neural.Love is another important artificial intelligence tool to help you develop unique and personalized avatars.

If you look forward to unique profile pictures on your social media accounts or websites, then this AI app should be part of your AI image generators’ portfolio.

The AI platform generates ideas and social media graphics that charm the target audience.

  • Starter ($0) – 5 credits.
  • Creator ($30/mo) – 300 credits/mo.
  • Pay As You Go ($57 once) – 300 credits once.

User Experience

Users of these technologies would benefit significantly from distinctive final products.

However, as part of creativity, your input will help polish the final output to acceptable standards.

AI Math Solvers

20. WolframAlpha.


WolframAlpha is a great AI calculator that solves all types of math problems, educational and non-educational.

You can use it to handle math at elementary school, high school, and college levels, in scientific research, and everyday math-related problems.

It gives instant solutions to chemistry, physics, biology, algebra, and geometry problems. At the same time, you can use it to solve problems in personal finances, entertainment, and hobbies.

You get a step-by-step solution for every math you solve using WolframAlpha. You can visualize the key points or steps to improve your math skills.

Plus, this AI math solver allows you to use up to 60+ data formats, like scanned images and text inputs, to ensure you’re not limited in solving math equations.

This web app allows you to create customized pictures of the math solutions for presentation in just a few minutes.

You can export these files and share them with others. These features make it a great tool if you want to handle math homework or prepare for math tests.


  • Free (Basic) – No step-by-step solution.
  • Pro ($5/mo) – Step-by-step solutions, increased calculator web apps, and computation time.
  • Pro Premium ($8.25) – Pro features plus priority customer support.

21. Photomath.


Photomath is a powerful calculator that uses artificial intelligence to help you solve math and gain more skills in this subject.

It is among the leading AI tools that you can use to become better at solving math problems because it has an audio-visual tutoring feature.

You can also get access to human tutors besides the instant solutions. A team of teachers is available 24/7 to chat with you and give personalized support.

They also ensure you get vetted answers to save time correcting errors in a solution.

Unlike other apps for solving math problems, Photomath offers animated tutorials and textbook discussions. Students having challenges with math can use it to become proficient in math.

You can scan equations that are hard to input manually and get instant solutions. Photomath handles math problems in many topics to accommodate most of your questions.

  • Free ($0) – Step-by-step explanations only.
  • 1-Month plan ($9.99) – Visual aids, solution tips, textbooks’ solutions.
  • 12-month plan ($69.99) – Visual aids, solution tips, textbooks’ solutions.

AI Humanizer Tools

AI content writers create generic text that lacks a human touch. You can use AI humanizer software to give the content a human touch and make it original.

Here are the top AI humanizer platforms that you can use today.

22. Undetectable AI.


Undetectable AI is an accurate content humanizer that helps you bypass AI content detection.

It’s designed to help content creators, bloggers, writers, researchers, and content marketers humanize AI text so that it becomes undetectable.

You can check the percentage of AI-generated and human content in your text. The tool allows you to humanize text for different audiences by selecting the purpose and readability levels.

Using Undetectable AI is beneficial because it eliminates the fear of using AI-generated text.

A content creator can quickly create content using an AI writing assistant and run it through this tool to get unique content.

This tool produces human-like text, so it has a human touch. You will save time in creating engaging and SEO-optimized content using this humanized.

It allows you to rewrite entire articles by changing the sentence structure, vocabulary, and flow.

A unique feature of this tool is the ability to humanize content in seconds.

Regardless of the AI writer used to generate the content, you can make it human with a single click.

You can streamline your marketing process by humanizing content for marketing purposes using Undetectable AI.

  • Monthly ($9.99/mo) – 10,000 words.
  • Yearly ($5.00/mo charged annually) – 10,000 words.
  • For business (Custom Quote).

23. Stealthwriter.


Stealthwriter is a versatile and fast AI humanizer that helps you circumvent AI content detection by making your content distinct and authentic. You can paraphrase AI-written text to generate content in three steps. Paste the AI content, click “humanize,” and it will rewrite it in seconds. So, you will be ready to publish content in just a few minutes.

The versatility of Stealthwriter allows you to detect whether an AI writing platform produces the content through a built AI detector. It’s a great feature that helps determine if the content needs improvement before sharing or publishing.

A distinct feature of Stealthwriter is the readability level. You can rewrite marketing materials using the easy, medium, or aggressive levels. In addition, this tool improves the vocabulary of your text and eliminates weird and random words. These features help you to create content that connects with the target audience at a human level.

  • Free ($0) – 300 words.
  • Basic ($20) – 400 words.
  • Standard ($35) – 1000 words.
  • Premium ($50) – 2000 words.

24. HideMyAI.


HideMyAI is one of the most popular humanizer tools because it creates entirely undetectable content.

If you generate content using AI software like ChatGPT or Jasper, you might want to use HideMyAI.

It helps you make the content more human and maintain a high readability score.

You can create high-quality content that bypasses most AI detectors. Your content will bypass GPTZero, Turnitin, Copyleaks, Content at Scale, and Originality AI.

It also shows the probability of your content being detected by these AI detectors.

You access entire rewriting suggestions to determine whether the content needs changes.

Unlike other apps for bypassing AI, HideMyAI supports bulk document uploads. You can save time by humanizing several documents at once.

Plus, it has a multilingual feature that allows you to humanize content in several languages instead of hiring native writers.

The content can be customized for levels like master’s, Ph.D., and professional.

  • Starter ($0) – 500 words.
  • Pro ($5/mo) – 10,000 words.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote).

User experience

These humanizer tools turn AI-generated content into original text in seconds, increasing the productivity of the output. They are simple to use because you only need to paste the text and click the “humanize” button.

Some tools like the Undetectable.AI offer more features like improving the text readability. You can also check the probability of text being detected as AI-generated.

AI Website Builder

Using an AI website creator can save you time and the costs of hiring human developers. Most website builders offer drag-and-drop features, so you don’t need coding skills to get started.

Below are some website builders you can use to bring your professional services or business online.

25. Wix ADI.


Wix ADI is a great website builder for creating a website that combines different web applications, like e-commerce and blogs.

The builder provides a user-friendly interface to create professional websites in minutes without coding. It allows you to bring your business or professional services online conveniently.

You can create a functional website in easy steps. The initial step involves creating your profile and adding critical business information.

You’re then directed to select your preferred website design. The final step involves customizing the website to suit your needs.

A user-friendly editor allows you to choose the themes, designs, and colors and create pages for your website. The editor guides you to create critical website pages like Contact Us and About US.

Business features ensure you create a website that attracts web visitors and encourages them to take action, like booking, purchasing, or asking for more info.

These features include a logo maker, a descriptions generator, SEO tools, and an AI assistant to generate content.

  • Connect domain ($4.50) – Most Basic.
  • Combo ($8.50) – For Personal Use.
  • Unlimited ($12.50) – Entrepreneurs & Freelancers.
  • VIP ($24.50) – First Priority Support.

26. AppyaPie.

AppyaPie Homepage

AppyaPie is a builder that is designed to democratize development, as you can use it to build a website without coding skills.

This software empowers individuals and businesses of all sizes to turn their vision into functional websites. It utilizes AI-powered tools for automating tedious tasks related to web development.

You get access to a collection of templates and graphics to create a website that suits your needs.

Apart from the website templates, AppyaPie offers poster and card templates to help make your website aesthetic. It also provides top-notch graphics and a vast image library.

AppyaPie is designed for scalability. It allows you to integrate advanced features to improve the website’s functionality as your business grows.

It’s a multilingual web builder to ensure you build a website using your preferred language.

Multilingual support is handy when you want to target audiences with different languages.

  • Start ($18/mo) – Perfect for your personal projects.
  • Growth ($36/mo) – Perfect for your small business.

User experience

An AI website builder democratizes website development, allowing anyone to build their website.

When choosing, consider a builder that provides access to unlimited customization features and functionalities, like a blog and e-commerce.

AI Headshot Generators

Headshot generators allow you to create outstanding professional pictures in seconds.

Here are headshot creators that improve your appearance and save you the inconveniences of working with human photographers.

27. StudioShot.AI.


StudioShot.AI is the best option if you want to create professional or corporate headshots.

It thrives in creating headshots for LinkedIn profiles, brochures, business cards, and more. You can get the output in two days, so you don’t need to wait long.

A veteran photographer refines the generated headshots to give them a human touch.

The headshots will have a quality finish because human photography will polish weird looks. You’re also sure to get a headshot that matches your facial features.

The team sends you up to 50+ headshots, each with an AI background, allowing you to select the ones that meet your needs. You can’t miss quality headshots among these to use.

However, what happens when no headshot meets your expectations? StudioShot.AI provides infinite retouches until you’re satisfied.

It’s a good choice if you want to get professionally-looking headshots without incurring the high costs of hiring a human photographer.

  • 1-5 members – $29.25 per person
  • 5-20 members – $21.75
  • 20+ members – Custom quote

28. Fotor.

Fotor can be your first choice if you want to create headshots for your social media profiles.

This headshot generator turns your smartphone selfies into appealing, elegant headshots that improve your appearance on social networking sites.

It’s created for all photo enthusiasts, regardless of your photography skills.

You can access several impressive photo editing features to create impressive profile photos.

It allows you to remove the profile picture background and replace it with one from AI Background Generators.

Another feature is the option to crop and resize photos to fit perfectly to various social media sites

Fotor also lets you sharpen images and retouch portraits like a professional photo editor with a few clicks.

You can use it to enhance the colors and lighting of images to show details. Contrarily, you can blur images to conceal and enhance the desired details.

You can access most of these editing tools for free once you choose your subscription.


  • Free: Basic editing features, 50,000+ templates, 500M cloud storage.
  • Fotor Pro ($3.33): AI photo enhancer, 100,000+ templates, 2G cloud storage, 100 credits /mo.
  • Fotor Pro+ ($7.49): AI photo enhancer, 100,000+ templates, 10G cloud storage, 300 credits /mo.

User Experience

Headshot generators are designed to increase the convenience of getting photos for your professional or social profiles.

Using these tools gives you the freedom and flexibility to turn selfies into high-quality images.

The Explanation of AI Productivity Tools

AI-powered productivity tools are software that use artificial intelligence to create graphs, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, among others, more quickly and efficiently.

They range from simple automated processes to those with advanced features such as natural-sounding voiceovers and machine language.

You can use these artificial intelligence tools for business or personal purposes.

AI software can imitate human actions, such as learning and decision-making. As such, these tools save time.

Besides, these AI-powered assistants can act as your personal assistant.

Below are additional benefits of these AI apps:

  • AI productivity tools guarantee increased efficiency by streamlining your workflows, especially when handling multiple activities that demand high levels of accuracy.
  • The ability of AI technology tools to analyze data and link them to historical trends increases accuracy. That is, by using artificial intelligence apps, you can retrieve information faster and with minimal or no risks.
  • AI technology is important in providing critical insights that will boost your decision-making.
  • These AI technology tools help save time by easily calculating complex information.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best AI Productivity Tools

  • User-friendly software: You should look for AI Productivity Software with user-friendly interfaces for easy navigation.
  • The purchase and installation expenses: The selected AI Productivity software must be within your budget. This means you must focus on the purchase and installation costs before deciding on the best technologies to incorporate into your business or personal use. 
  • Customer care support: The chances that you will require some clarification on the operations of the software are high. For this reason, you should aim to select a product with reliable customer care support. 
  • Compatibility with other devices: Selected software should be compatible with multiple devices.
  • The software’s functionality: The selected software should be able to undertake the exact action it is intended for. For example, an AI Note Taker app should be capable of summarizing information discussed during a meeting.  
  • If they can save time: You should select tools that will help you save time and costs. Time-saving should be a leading requirement for any AI productivity tool you wish to use.


What are AI productivity tools?

AI productivity tools are your personal assistant, automating mundane tasks to free you up for challenging work.

AI handles routine tasks, enabling you to focus your energy on other manual productivity tasks.

Forget data entry and research – AI will handle it so you can work smarter.

Integrating AI is like getting an extra pair of hands to optimize your efficiency.

How do AI productivity tools work?

AI productivity tools utilize machine learning algorithms to automate data entry, research, scheduling, and analytics tasks.

Features like predictive search and customized alerts also help optimize workflows.

By handling repetitive low-value work, AI enables you to focus your energy on complex problem-solving and high-impact strategies that require human creativity and critical thinking.

What is the best AI for productivity?

Top options include intelligent assistants like Clara and Amy for calendar management and meeting notes.

Otter’s speech-to-text transcription saves hours, and data processing AIs like DataRobot free up analyst time.

Integrating the right AI into workflows allows you to focus your time on high-value strategic tasks.

Features like predictive analytics, automated data processing, calendar management, and real-time alerts optimize workflows.

Will generative AI boost productivity?

Yes, generative AI models like GPT-4 can significantly boost productivity by automating rote writing tasks.

Instead of manually creating content, sales pitches, and reports from scratch, you can simply provide prompts to produce drafts instantly.

This saves substantial time while producing quality output, allowing you to focus on creative, strategic work.

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