The 14 Best GPT-3 Tools in 2023 (Honest Review)

Best GPT-3 Tools

Suppose you are a content developer or a business marketer. In that case, you must seek the appropriate GPT-3 tools to explore innovative possibilities in content creation, customer-oriented product descriptions, and automated customer support.

Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) are useful in social media management, graphic design, and customer management.

As an avid user of AI technology like Surfer AI and ChatGPT, I understand how efficient the AI tools are in leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate high-quality content.

For instance, SurferSEO refines business articles and optimizes them for top ranking in search engines like Google. However, finding the right AI writing tool for your business and content development needs is difficult.

In this article, I will review the capabilities of the best GPT-3 tools, helping business owners and marketers decide the suitable ones for their needs.

What Are the Best GPT-3 Tools?

1. Jasper AI.

Jasper Home page

Among the considerable AI tools is Jasper, which uses deep learning algorithms to increase efficiency in content generation for a business. It also helps businesses generate high-quality content.

What I like about Jasper is that it helps developers to generate images and copywritten content. I have tested multiple Jasper templates, including creative story, text summarizer, product description, and sentence expander with autocomplete commands, particularly on the Pro Unlimited Plan.

Another reason why Jasper stands out is that it has a “brand voice” feature, which allows users to train Jasper to write content in their voice. I have used the “brand voice” feature to generate mass emails and marketing content, and it is useful when a team has to align content with a brand’s voice.

Jasper  brand voice.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Brand voice: Jasper matches a brand’s voice that ensures that everyone in an organizational team creates engaging AI-powered content that has the desired tone.
  • Chrome extension: Jasper is AI-based with Chrome extension, which allows real-time information access from Google.
  • SEO-optimizer: Jasper’s effectiveness in content optimization comes from its integration with Surfer SEO.
  • Image generator: Jasper Art, an AI image generator, helps create images concerning content requirements.
  • Chat interface: It has an AI-based chatbot that has an easy interface for users to seek guidance.
  • Templates: Jasper has templates that help users to design and organize content efficiently.


  • Jasper is an AI tool, meaning businesses and developers must add human touch to the content generated to make it less generic.


Jasper pricing


Jasper is a considerable AI writing tool because its “brand voice” affordance makes AI-generated content personalized.

2. Writesonic.

Writesonic Home page

Are you struggling to write blog post content, social media captions, captivating novels, or business names? Do not worry because Writesonic has got you as it combines machine learning, natural language processing, and AI to generate content.

Developed in 2020, Writesonic is among the AI content generator tools with inbuilt templates like Copy AI and Jasper AI.

I have been using Writesonic and found it user-friendly because of its simplistic interface, useful in bulk content generation for social media marketing, and scripts for marketing videos. It also has a “brand voice” tool for generating brand-personalized content.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Writesonic has over forty inbuilt templates, making the content creation process efficient.
  • The Short-form AI feature is suitable for creating blog post outlines and social media ad captions.
  • Writersonic’s SEO-based content generation makes generating high-ranking content on Google easier.
  • It has the Facebook Community feature, where users share tips on improving content quality.


  • Content generated by Writesonic may lack creativity unless the user uses the appropriate subject-oriented input.


Writesonic Pricing


I tested Writesonic and found it is suitable for creative short-form AI-based content, such as captions for social media posts and blog outlines.

3. Surfer AI.

Surfer AI Home

Surfer AI is also a natural language processing Generative Pre-Trained Transformer used for creating high-ranking SEO content for marketing campaigns. Surfer AI technology analyzes social media pages for inconsistencies and errors and offers improvement insights without compromising structure and keywords.

I have been using Surfer AI and found that it allows benchmarking of content performance based on quality against other users’ content. Users can copywrite using Surfer AI to generate blog posts using the least energy and time.

The essential affordances in Surfer AI include performance monitoring, clustering content, and keyword research, which enhance SEO optimization.

Key Features and Pros:

  • AI content detector: Users find it suitable for content generation because it has anti-Ai detection tools, which they can turn on to create content not detectable by AI content checkers.
  • Keyword optimizer: The ability to turn a keyword into a full, completely optimized article based on the SERPs makes Surfer AI a preferred AI tool for content generation.
  • Keyword research: The affordance of this feature makes it easier for users to create quality and task-oriented content in the minimum time possible.
  • Multiple Languages: Surfer AI offers multi-language options for marketers, which is important in creating ad campaigns targeting diverse populations.


  • The keyword research feature may provide irrelevant options, which may take users additional time to finish creating content.


You can buy any of the below Surfer AI credits on top of your Surfer SEO subscription.

Surfer AI Pricing


Having used Surfer AI to create content for my website, I found the performance monitoring affordance useful because I could evaluate the level of my content optimization and edit it to meet the desirable rank on Google.

In this sense, businesses and marketers can use Surfer AI as the basis of top-of-the-funnel ad campaigns.

4. Content at Scale.

Content at scale Home page

Are you seeking a research-based AI content generator for long video transcriptions, full blog posts, and podcast transcription? Do not worry. Content at Scale is a GPT-3 tool for long-form content that ensures personalized style and tone.

I have used Content at Scale to create content for my client’s blog and found that it bypasses AI content checkers most strongly compared to other long-form article generators such as word AI.

Moreover, Content at Scale requires little human input. It needs little input because it has a background AI engine that enhances content optimization for top search engine ranking.

Key Features and Pros:

  • SEO-optimizer: Content at Scale has inbuilt SEO tools, just like Jasper has integrated Surfer SEO to enhance content optimization.
  • Integrated WordPress: Additionally, Content at Scale integrates WordPress to increase editing efficiency.
  • AI engine: With an internal AI engine running in the background, Content at Scale gives content quality and efficiency, creating over three thousand words in about 20 minutes. The background AI engine enables users to generate long-form content.


  • Content as Scale does not have a free trial or free version, but a 7-day paid trial where you get 2 credits (for two articles) at $39.99.


Content at Scale Pricing


I have personally tested and used Content at Scale and found that you do not have to intensively edit the generated content, as this AI tool generates is human-like.

5. INK.

INK Home Page

The SEO-oriented INK AI content generator is suitable because it can create images and write social media posts.

Its efficiency lies in the inbuilt templates for different content, such as emails, poetry, and landing pages on social media platforms. It is also an extension of Chrome, which makes data mining seamless.

Key Features and Pros:

  • SEO-optimizer: Being an SEO cowriter makes INK highly efficient in generating high-quality, optimized content.
  • Clickable headlines: When working with INK, I found it easy to create headlines that can be activated for redirection.
  • SEO content performance checker: It has an SEO-based performance checker that informs users how their content ranks.
  • AI art generator: Its AI image generator makes it easier to visualize content
  • Templates: I could find every template type, ranging from product reviews to short-form blog posts and social media articles.


  • Sometimes, INK may generate content with some errors because the requisite minimal input standard is inadequate to generate error-free and professional content.


INK Pricing


INK is suitable for short-form SEO content and gives writers insights on the right content.

6. Rytr.

rytr Home page

Rytr is an AI content generation tool that leverages anML model in generating articles, landing pages, and ads for Google. This tool also offers more than twenty languages.

Like other AI tools such as Surfer AI and INK, Rytr has built-in templates that suit different content needs, such as product reviews and blog posts. I found the user interface easy to use, even for newbies.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Multilingual nature: Rytr offers users the affordance of using more than 30 languages to create content.
  • Keyword research: Through SEMrush integrated into Rytr, I could generate content faster because it gave me great keyword suggestions.
  • Chrome extension: The Chrome extension feature enables seamless content editing in WordPress and enhances content generation efficiency.
  • Templates: Rytr’s tens of templates reduce the time needed to create desired content.
  • Rytr Chat: The prompt-based Rytr Chat feature enhances content uniqueness.


  • Rytr AI content generator is mainly built for short-form content.


rytr Pricing


  • I would use Rytr to solely create marketing ads for Google and landing pages short-form content because of the Rytr Chat that enhances optimization.

7. ChatGPT.

Chat GPT home page

Arguably, the most popular GPT-3 tool, ChatGPT, is a large language model used for almost every kind of AI content generation.

Many users argue that ChatGPTexcels above tools such as Copy AI, Surfer AI, and Zyro because of its interactive conversations model.

I have used ChatGPT to create video scripts, marketing content for business websites, and Google Ads. ChatGPT generates content so seamlessly that you need minutes to create satisfactory text.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Integrated WordPress: ChatGPT has WordPress plugins that make content editing efficient.
  • Keyword research: I use this feature to increase my chances of more compelling articles and visuals.
  • Image generator: I use the AI image generator on ChatGPT to visualize my articles.
  • Coding capability: Whether you are a beginner or a professional in web design, ChatGPT makes the website design and content creation process easier. I learned my basic coding skills through ChatGPT.
  • Language Translator: ChatGPT is handy in language translation in a multilingual marketing environment.


  • Since it is a trained language model, ChatGPT may generate biased content from incorrect data fed to it by humans.


  • I would use ChatGPT to improve my literal skills, such as coding and Excel, besides generating content.

8. Copy AI.

Copy AI Home page

Copy AI is a GPT-3 tool that generates SEO-optimized content for blogs, marketing campaigns, social media, and websites. It uses ML algorithms and NLP to understand users’ keywords and voices to generate personalized content.

I have tested and used Copy AI and found its templates useful in generating content fast. It has a chat interface that provides guidance to new AI users and a newsletter with useful creativity insights.

It is also an essential copywriting tool for generating e-commerce product reviews, blog posts, and sales copy.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Meta-tags: Copy AI has meta tags for generating business meta descriptions useful in SEO content optimization.
  • User-friendly interface: Its simplistic interface enhances the creativity of non-professional users.
  • Inbuilt templates: Copy AI has templates suiting varying content such as product reviews, ads, and social media posts.
  • Super chat: It has a chat interface where users can seek support navigating content creation.


  • Copy AI is not extensive, and the ability of users to customize content generation is limited because it lacks extensions like those found in Jasper.


Copy AI pricing


Copy AI is suitable for non-professionals familiarizing themselves with AI content generation due to its ease of use.

9. Frase.

Frase Home page

Are you looking to turbocharge your content optimization? Trusted by over 30,000 marketing teams, Frase is a revolutionary SEO content generator that helps in creating research-based ad campaigns. It is also one of the best AI copywriting tools alongside ChatGPT.

Frase uses ML algorithms that enhance optimization. I have used Frase in copywriting tasks and found it useful for brief texts in marketing, website keywords, and social media captions.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Google Search interface: Frase integrates Google, which makes it easier to evaluate SEO content performance.
  • NLP: It uses NLP to make optimization seamless.
  • Long-form editor: Frase also integrates a long-form editor, which makes it easier for users to generate bulk content.
  • SEO-optimizer: Frase converts simple briefs, such as headlines, into optimized keywords.
  • Keyword Research: The intuitiveness of Fraseis on a higher level, and this enhances keyword density useful for higher content ranking on Google.


  • Frase does not have an art generator, so users have to outsource images.


Frase pricing


Frase is suitable for marketing briefs because it has a strong SEO kit.

10. AnyWord.

anyword Home page

AnyWord is a single-click content generator helpful in copywriting tasks for marketers. It is data-driven, which helps in predictive content creation, such as analyzing future marketing trends.

I find AnyWord useful because it provides suggestions on strategies marketers should use to reach their end goals.

It guides users in creating meaningful and optimized content, such as appealing blog headlines, negotiation phrases, and engaging texts. What I like most is that AnyWord harmonizes the target audience’s interests with the user’s.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Application Programming Interface: The API of AnyWord enables users to create compelling content because of the predictive writing patterns based on analytics.
  • Customer data management: I find it useful for managing clients’ data in predicting marketing trends and sales. Businesses and marketers rely on consumer data to determine their spending as a key parameter to making predictive strategies.
  • Centralized system: Marketers can use AnyWord to share collaborative information from different locations to enhance marketing performance.
  • Machine learning Integration: This feature allows AnyWord to apply NLP to understand a user’s contextual input to generate appropriate content. AnyWord’s ML capabilities help users generate creative content efficiently.
  • Multiple languages: AnyWord has over twenty-five languages that users can choose from. Providing many languages is important for businesses and marketers seeking to serve a diverse population.


  • Since AnyWord relies on user input to provide predictive analytics, sometimes it may provide wrong marketing strategy suggestions.


anyword pricing


AnyWord is a good AI writer tool for businesses facing stiff competition because it can provide useful suggestions on strategic marketing actions and content if the input is appropriate.

11. Copysmith. Home page

Are you an e-commerce agent looking to write compelling landing pages and product and service descriptions? Look no further.

Copysmith is an AI-based content generator for briefs such as headlines, product titles, and Google ads. It helps marketers to write high-converting short-form texts from pre-written content.

It organizes content in a way that makes keyword density stronger for optimization. I like how Copysmith creates catchy keywords and headlines for an e-commerce website that ranks high in product reviews.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Multiple templates: I find the templates useful in efficiently creating content because each marketing is catered for, including product descriptions
  • Bulk production: CopySmith is efficient because it generates large volumes of short-form content. In this sense, every team member can get a marketing copy.
  • Plagiarism checker: I find the plagiarism checker suitable for ensuring users generate unique texts in a brand’s tone and style.
  • Collaborative reviews: Marketing teams can share access to their CopySmith accounts to review created content collaboratively.


  • Content created with CopySmith requires a bit of editing to make it more human because the AI tool does not subscribe to subtle pathos and implications.

Pricing: Pricing


CopySmith is suitable for marketing teams collaborating to create product descriptions and landing pages in the context of low competition.

12 GrowthBar.

GrowthBar Home page

GrowthBar is an all-in-one tool suitable for marketing content creation. When I say all-in-one, it combines SEO, market analytics, keyword research, and suggestions for relevant topics.

It uses metadata analysis to create SEO-optimized content. It is a Chrome extension, making it a standalone browser and unique from optimization tools such as Ahrefs and Moz. It is rated ten times faster than other GPT-3 tools in creating blog posts.

Key Features and Pros:

  • NLP: GrowthBar has NLP that understands the context and user’s tone to create meaningful content.
  • Competitor analytics: I find this feature fascinating because it regularly updates users on their competitiveness.
  • SEO performance checker: Users can check how their content keywords rank in Google
  • Image generator: GrowthBar has an art generator that seamlessly creates images relevant to the content created.
  • Keyword research: I love its keyword research feature because whenever I input data, GrowthBar provides relevant keywords likely to rank high in search engine results.


  • The keyword research feature does not advise on keyword usefulness scores.


GrowthBar pricing


GrowthBar is the go-to artificial intelligence content creator tool if you want to access all tools necessary for marketing, including idea insights, keyword suggestions, metadata analysis, SEO content optimization, and performance ranking evaluation.

13. Hypotenuse AI.

Hypotenuse AI Home page

Hypotenuse AI is a strong artificial intelligence content generator for social media marketing and e-commerce, with its primary areas being image and text creation.

I learned about its graphic visuals when testing it for a local company’s ads campaign. Hypotenuse AI uses DALL-E 2 feature that modifies images based on the preferred user settings and content desired.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Batch generator: This feature allows businesses with e-commerce websites to import products to Hypotenuse AI for product descriptions.
  • Image generator: Hypotenuse has an AI art generator that creates unique images for a professional presentation.
  • Integrated WordPress: You can edit, paraphrase, and summarize generated content on the Hypotenuse AI interface before publishing.
  • Content detector: Hypotenuse, as an extension of Chrome, makes it easy to search for information sources with a single click.


  • Hypotenuse AI does not have inbuilt templates like Jasper. Therefore, creating content takes users more time and energy.


Hypotenuse AI Pricing


  •  I would integrate Hypotenuse AI with my e-commerce website to seamlessly create product descriptions for publishing. Its content detector phishes information from search engines such as Chrome.

14. Zyro AI.

Zyro AI Home page

Zyro AI is a content generator tool inclined more toward e-commerce site content that marketers can use to speed up site traffic through SEO. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to personalize content in the most optimized way for top SEO ranking

This AI tool’s interface including language is simplistic, favoring new AI writer users. It has built-in templates and an AI image generator. Moreover, you can use it as a learning tool for coding.

Key Features and Pros:

  • SEO-optimization: With the right input in Zyro, you can obtain content that is highly optimized for top ranking in Google
  • Image generator: Zyro is suitable for designing business logos and marketing visuals.
  • Keyword research: Zyro is useful in creating optimized SEO content because it provides keyword suggestions that drive organic traffic to your site. The intuitive API enables users with basic AI skills to generate professional content.
  • Coding capability: Users with basic web design skills can use Zyro to create business websites capable of running Google ads.


  • The templates on Zyro are generic and limited, making it less competitive with other tools like Jasper and Surfer AI.


As a website builder, Zyro is an essential tool for startups looking to create e-commerce platforms with simplistic content that can convert into sales.


Zyro AI Pricing

What Are GPT-3 Tools?

GPT-3 tools are ML-trained large language models capable of generating text through natural language processing to suit human literary needs such as marketing ads and social media traffic reach.

The advancement of some GPT-3 tools, such as ChatGPT and Jasper has led to new capabilities such as visual generation, video transcriptions, and the emulation of business brands’ writing styles and tones.

The machine learning training enables GPT-3 tools to generate contextual patterns and create predictive sentences. In this sense, the output of GPT-3 tools depends on the contextual nature of human input.

How DO GPT-3 Tools Work?

GPT-3 AI model continues to make headlines in the media, generating increased curiosity in testing the advancing NLP power in the corporate and non-corporate world. The world finds fascination in the ability of GPT-3 to generate high-quality, human-like content, even though these tools may not reach the human literal level.

GPT-3 tools rely on human input through deep machine learning on about 175bn parameters to generate AI-powered content. They are continuously trained to update their output through sources such as Web Crawl’s repository, Common Crawl and Wikipedia.

Machine learning training allows the tools to analyze and create data patterns through AI algorithms and NLP to generate compelling answers for humans.

These tools provide a seamless process that would otherwise require humans to spend much time and energy in generating high-quality content.

Best GPT-3 Tools: Final Thoughts

It must be easy to pinpoint what advantages each tool has over the other regarding content generation capabilities, SEO optimization, interface usability, and marketing appropriateness in conversions for sales. For instance, a GPT-3 tool capable of generating text and visuals is better than the one that can only generate text.

However, determining the best AI content-creator tool depends on a user’s needs. If you need a tool for SEO optimization, the options include Jasper, INK, Writesonic, Surfer AI, Frase AI, Zyro, Copy AI, and GrowthBar.

If you want to grow traffic for startup e-commerce, you may go for CopySmith and GrowthBar because they focus on optimizing product descriptions and creating landing pages.

If you want to copywrite bulk content in seconds, then go for ChatGPT, which is also suitable for visualized content, alongside Jasper, Hypotenuse AI, INK, and Zyro. Therefore, how best a GPT-3 tool is depends on user needs.

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