11 Best AI Novel Writing Software Tools for 2024 (Top Picks)

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Have you ever dreamed of writing a bestselling novel but lacked the time or confidence to put your ideas on paper?

We all have inspiring stories and captivating characters buried inside our imaginations, yet transforming these into completed manuscripts requires dedication and know-how.

That is where AI Novel Writing Software Tools come in.

These tools help make creative writing easier by giving you writing prompts, ideas, and even complete drafts based on the guidance you provide.

If you feel you have a fantastic novel inside you but aren’t sure how to translate that into well-crafted chapters, sentences, and narratives, then AI writing assistants level the playing field.

After extensively testing a wide range of AI novel writing tools first-hand, I’m bringing you my top picks.

Let’s examine how AI can help you successfully transform imagination into publication.

What is the Best AI Novel Writing Software?

1. Shortly AI.

shortlyai Home page-Best AI Novel Writing Software

Shortly AI is a fantastic AI writing tool that promises to be a powerful partner in your content creation process.

This tool can complete writing your novel if you are stuck, or you can command it to write stories from scratch in your voice.

This AI writing software also thrives in generating story ideas, creative stories, and fiction writing.

I found it useful to overcome writer’s block because I can write about any topic with the click of a button.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Shortly AI is highly versatile because it allows you to write long and short content forms, such as short ebooks and lengthy novels.
  • It has three powerful commands to support your editing process: expand, rewrite, and shorten.
  • With Shortly AI, you can generate original, human-like content because it has a powerful plagiarism checker.


  • It lacks the option to choose a story writing style and tone.



Shortly AI offers Monthly and annual Plans, which you can cancel anytime.

  • Monthly Plan: $79 a month, Billed Monthly.
  • Annual Plan: $65 a month, Billed Annually (2 months free compared to the Monthly Plan).

Bottom Line:

Shortly AI is a great AI writing assistant because you can use it to write an entire novel and refine sentences at the click of a button.

Always remember to add a human touch to your AI novel to make it more engaging, evoke emotions, feel real, and make the flow unpredictable to hook and resonate with your readers.

2. Jasper AI.

jasper.ai Home page

Jasper AI is undoubtedly one of the best AI writing software tools, with over 100,000 active users. I started using this AI writing software for novelists since its launch, and I bet it is good for creating all content types.

You can use it for just what you want! Thanks to its powerful natural language processing algorithms, you can use it for writing blog posts about your stories, story outlines, and whole novels.

As a leading AI writing tool, Jasper has advanced language models that simplify your writing process regardless of your writing skills.

You can input what you want to create, such as a caption, and this AI writer will do the magic for you.

Key Features:

  • Jasper AI can help you write high-quality content and grammatically correct sentences in no time.
  • It offers personalized suggestions and feedback to improve your writing process and creative writing skills.
  • You can use it for different purposes, such as novel writing, fiction writing, and creating social media posts to market your novels.
  • Jasper AI produces original content that will pass the most common plagiarism checkers.


  • You can use it to create quality content faster without relying on human writers.
  • It is a good AI writer for generating content of any style and writing novels all genres.


  • Content created using Jasper may need a little human touch and editing to make it engaging.



Jasper AI offers a 7-day free trial, helping you understand various features and capabilities offered before you choose your Plan. ­

The other various pricing plans are as below:

  • Creator ($39/mo) – 1 seat and brand Voice, 50+ Templates, 50 Knowledge Assets, Browser extension, and Access to SEO mode.
  • Teams ($99/mo) – 3 seats and 3 brand voices, create your own template, 150 Knowledge Assets, and Collaboration & user management.
  • Business (Custom Quote) – No limits on all features, API access, Custom templates & automations, and advanced admin analytics.

Bottom Line:

Jasper AI should be your number-one choice if you’re looking for an AI text generator that acts as a one-stop shop for all writing purposes. Although this AI writer does not offer a free version, it has a free 7-day trial to get you started.

To learn more about this amazing AI writing tool and comparisons with similar tools, visit:

Jasper AI vs Copy AI,

Jasper AI vs ChatGPT;

Jasper vs Writesonic.

3. Rytr.ai.

rytr.ai Home page

Rytr.ai is novel writing software that creates quality content 10X faster than average AI tools.

Its natural language processing technology allows you to generate long-form content for more than 40 uses, such as novel ideas and outlines.

I like Rytr.ai because it has a free version suitable for starters. You can start using it immediately before choosing a paid plan to access more advanced features.

Key Features and Pros:

  • This AI content generator lets you choose the tone, creativity level, and purpose, helping you to generate captive and engaging stories easily.
  • It has a rich-text editor to simplify the editing process and ensure you create a polished piece from raw ideas.
  • Rytr.ai allows users to store and organize projects using a folder structure for quick navigation.
  • You can integrate it across different platforms, including email, Microsoft Word, and social media sites.
  • Grammar checker enables you to write error-free text without juggling with different tools.


  • Rytr.ai is unsuitable for writing long novels because it focuses more on short content like blog posts.


rytr.ai pricing

Rytr.ai offers various pricing plans:

  • Free Plan ($0) – You can generate 10k characters per month for free.
  • Saver Plan ($9/mo) – Generate 10k characters per month.
  • Unlimited Plan (29/mo) – A premium for unlimited usage and character generation. 

Bottom Line:

Rytr.ai combines several unique AI writing tools that novelists might find beneficial to support their writing efforts. It is affordable if you want to create multiple types of content fast.

4. Writesonic.


Writesonic is a powerful AI writing tool for users of all levels, including starters and experienced AI users.

It is equipped with natural language processing and machine learning techniques to suit the writing needs of all novelists.

With a free version of Writesonic, you can write creative text, generate ideas, and other types of long-form content without grammar mistakes.

I found that Writesonic is almost similar to Rytr.ai in terms of the speed of content generation.

The difference is that Writesonic provides more features to customize your content, such as the audience, tone, and style.

In three simple steps, you can create content using this easy-to-use AI novel writing software. Describe your topic, choose desired keywords, and pick the language, and your content will be ready in a few seconds.

Key Features:

  • Excellent machine learning technology writes error-free and plagiarism-free content that you can use as your own.
  • Its AI-powered editing tools like expander, shortener, and paraphrase help to produce quality content in your novel writing efforts.
  • With Writesonic, you can create optimized descriptions, benefit bullet points, and titles for your tales, which are helpful when sharing information about your novels through social media posts.
  • However, you must select a paid plan to create high-quality content, such as Jasper AI-level content. You have to select the premium level.


  • Creates high-quality, human-like content in seconds
  • Eliminates grammar mistakes and plagiarism in your content
  • Offers a free trial before you become a paying user
  • Starters can use it to write novels and improve their writing skills


  • You need to provide clear and accurate inputs to generate quality content.
  • The free trial does not allow you to use most advanced features.



The various plans that Writesonic offers are as follows:

  • Free Trial ($ 0/mo) – Generates 10,000 words per month.
  • Small Team ($15/mo) – For 100,000 words.
  • Freelancer ($16/mo) – For unlimited word generation.
  • Enterprise (starting at $500)- Custome Quote

You can also contact sales for custom packages that offer more premium features based on your specific writing needs, starting at $ 1,000/month.

Bottom Line:

Writesonic is a great selection if you want to generate high-quality, original text faster without making grammatical mistakes.
It is among the best AI writing tools for long-type content like ebooks and reports, so it can thrive in writing novels.

5. Copy.AI.


Copy.AI is among the top AI novel writing software tools that thrives in generating ideas and long-form content in minutes.

I found this AI software to be effective in several tasks. It simplifies the content creation process for novelists with its powerful machine-learning techniques.

The second thing is the ability to write highly engaging content.

Copy.AI is among the best novel writing software options if you don’t have enough story ideas because it can generate ideas in seconds.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Copy.AI provides over 90 templates to make your writing process a breeze, whether you want to write an entire novel or a story outline.
  • You can optimize the voice, tone, and style to write creative text, such as science fiction.
  • It offers up to 2000 free words monthly to start your novel writing journey.


  • Most Copy AI templates are not suitable for writing novels.


  • Free Plan (0$) -2,000 words per month, and no credit card is required.
  • Pro Plan ($36/mo) – For 5 user seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, and 500 Workflow Credits
  • Team ($186/mo) – 20 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, API Access, 3K Workflow Credits.
  • Growth ($1,000/mo) – 75 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, and 20K Workflow Credits.
  • Scale ($3,000/mo) – 200 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, and 75K Workflow Credits.

Bottom Line:

Copy.AI is a good selection if you want an AI writer that allows you to create long-form content, like novels using a trial version as you enhance your creativity continually.

6. Novel AI.

Novel AI Home Page

Novel AI is an innovative and powerful AI writing tool that helps to bring your ideas and thoughts to life in the form of novels.

It is dedicated to authoring stories only. I like this tool because it is meant to generate unlimited words to suit the length of your story.

Whether you want to create novels about childhood memories, love, lust, or fiction, this AI story writer will be a helpful tool.

You need to indicate what you want to write about, and it will produce professionally written content in minutes.

Key Features and Pros:

  • It has a customizable editor that lets you design a personalized writing space with your preferred fonts, sizes, and color scheme.
  • An accessibility feature ensures you access Novel AI from anywhere to continue writing your novels.
  • Secure servers enable you to secure your content and prevent others from accessing it before you publish.
  • Thanks to machine learning abilities, you can use famous writers’ themes or create specific themes for creative stories.


  • Be aware that Novel AI is not designed for writing long-form content only, such as a whole novel, and may not be the best tool for other content types.


Novel AI Pricing

Novel AI pricing plans are as follows:

  • Free Trial ($0) – Get 100 Free Text Generations and 6144 Tokens of Memory.
  • Tablet ($10/mo) – Unlimited Text Generations and 3072 Tokens of Memory.
  • Scroll ($15/mo) – Unlimited Text Generations and 6144 Tokens of Memory.
  • Opus ($25/mo) – Unlimited Text Generations and 8192 Tokens of Memory.

Bottom Line:

Novel AI is among the best AI novel writers because it is designed to generate human-like writing regardless of your creativity ability, and it adapts to your unique input, maintaining your style and perspective.

Plus, I like its free Plan because it shows you what is possible once you upgrade to a premium plan.

7. Sudowrite.


Sudowrite is an excellent AI writing software tool that supports your novel writing by reading and correcting your drafts to produce a masterpiece.

It’s a convenient AI novel assistant that can read up to 30 drafts to ensure your write better.

Sudowrite is one of the AI writing software options that promises to make you fall in love with writing.

This tool has excellent features that help you to beat writer’s block.

When you have a blank or feel your writing is flat without creativity, this novel writing software tool can help you generate unlimited words effortlessly.

Key Features and Pros:

  • The in-built plagiarism checker helps you identify and rewrite plagiarized sentences to ensure your novels are original.
  • Expanding and describing features help to write more realistic stories without gaps and inconsistencies to keep readers engaged.
  • It has an auto-complete feature that auto-generates the next 300 words for your story after analyzing your characters, plot arc, and tone.
  • You can rewrite a sentence up to 100 times using the rewrite feature without jeopardizing your writing process.


Even though the Sudowrite tool proofreads your content in about 10 seconds, it can only read a limited number of drafts.



To experience the many capabilities that Sudowrite offers, you can start with a 3-day free trial and later purchase any of the below plans suitable for you.

  • Hobby & Student ($$10/mo) – For 30,000 AI words/mo.
  • Professional ($25/mo) – For 90,000 AI words/mo.
  • Max ($10/mo) – For 300,000 AI words/mo.

Bottom Line:

Sudowrite is your number one AI story writer if you want all-around support in writing your stories because it offers that kind of assistance.

It supports your writing process from the first sentence to the completed novel that readers will like.

8. TextCortex.

textcortex Home page

TextCortex is a unique AI novel writing platform that adapts to your writing style to support your communication through stories.

I found that it is a unique AI writer that analyzes your distinctive needs, inputs, and style before starting to generate content.

To get started with TextCortex, you can unlock your potential in about 4 minutes. This process involves giving this tool your name and listing your capabilities and limitations.

Apart from creative writing, you can use it to write academic articles and blog posts.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Grammar checker helps in writing grammatically correct sentences regardless of the length of the content.
  • You can summarize lengthy texts and lengthen content by adding new sentences with a button click.
  • About 25+ languages allow you to write novels that target different audiences, such as Swedish, German, French, and Spanish speakers.


You may not produce highly creative content with this AI software if your personal limitations outweigh your capabilities because it seeks a balance between the two to write content.



Textcortex offers a free plan to help you understand the various features and capabilities of the tool before you choose the Plan right for you.

Other plans include:

  • Lite ($23.99/mo) – For 1000 creations, up to 125,000 words.

During purchasing, you can adjust the number of creations and amount of total words you want to create to suit your budget and needs.

  • Unlimited ($83.99/mo) – This Plan offers unlimited words and additional essential features.

I prefer yearly billing as it is 30% cheaper than monthly billing.

Bottom Line:

TextCortex is the number one choice if you want a tool that tailors content based on your unique personality, including your capabilities and weaknesses.

It will generate original content that reflects what you would have written in person.

9. AI-Writer.

AI-Writer Home page

AI-Writer is among the few artificial intelligence tools that give citations, allowing you to verify the information.

As you might have guessed now, AI-Writer is a great tool for writing factual novels rather than science fiction.

It is one of the novel writing tools that can be used to generate content for biographies and scientific-orientated ebooks.

It offers a 3-step wizard workflow to generate content: You start your writing process by choosing keywords, adding subtopics, and determining the word count.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Researches and writes content you can verify to ensure it is factual and not fabricated.
  • Text rewarding using AI-Writer takes two minutes to help make your content fresh and more relevant.
  • Topic discovery features can improve creativity by suggesting the next topics and what your target audience is searching for on Google.


  • AI-Writer does not adapt to your writing style and might write original content that does not reflect your unique voice and tone.


AI-Writer Pricing

AI-Writer pricing is as follows:

  • Basic ($29/mo) – The Plan grants you 40 articles up to 5000 words each (Suitable for starters and bloggers).
  • Standard ($49/mo) – You get 120 articles up to 5000 words each (Suitable for busy freelancers).
  • Power ($375/mo) – This Plan gives you 1000 articles up to 5000 words each (suitable for bulk article generation).

Bottom Line:

AI-Writer can be your number one AI novel writing application if you want to generate well-researched, original content for your novels.

If you choose this AI writing assistant for authoring your novels, you will enjoy a 7-day free trial and two free months annually.

10. Sassbook AI.

sassbook Home page

Sassbook is a powerful AI software application that serves as an AI novel writing assistant to automate content creation.

With this AI writing software, you can generate awesome stories through your preferred style using the AI story writer feature.

I found Sassbook useful because it allows one to check several variations and styles of a story before making a selection.

Its auto-complete technology is great if you want to beat writer’s block when writing novels.

Key Features and Pros:

  • The AI Summarizer supports your writing process by making long texts short and snappy to make your story plot believable.
  • This tool has an AI paraphraser that can help you repurpose sections of your story or write grammatically correct sentences.
  • An AI-Story-Writer feature is dedicated assistance for writing because it supports your content creation process and beats writer’s block.


  • Sassbook AI is relatively complicated to use, and its user interface is not friendly to starters.


Sassbook Pricing

Sassbook pricing is as follows:

  • Free ($0/mo) – 50 Words per generation.
  • Standard (39/mo) – 70 words per generation.
  • Premium ($59/mo) – 100 words per generation.

Bottom Line:

Sassbook AI is a great AI writing software tool if you want an advanced tool to write your novels.

Note that the free version of Sassbook might not offer the exciting features to produce professionally written content.

11. AI Dungeon.


As an aspiring novelist, I bet you’ve spent ages dreaming up the next great book idea in your head.

But actually, sitting down to write can be tough. That’s where AI Dungeon comes in handy!

This creative AI text generator software can help turn your vision into a book draft one scene at a time.

Just describe your characters, settings, genre – anything to set the stage. AI Dungeon will generate passages of narrative to continue the story.

If you’ve got a book idea bursting to escape, give this inventive AI a try. Before you know it, you’ll have the next bestseller on your hands!

Key Features and Pros:

  • You have the option to create or use predefined backgrounds when creating stories. Predefined backgrounds come in handy if you want to create stories fast.
  • Use your directions and commands to produce your desired tale.
  • Predefined backgrounds help users to generate ideas and avoid writer’s block.
  • Multiple story templates and ideas for your novel help you to get started once you sign up for a free trial account in this AI novel tool.


  • You might not integrate higher creative writing into your stories when using this tool because it mainly uses templates.



Below is AI Dungeon pricing:

  • Adventurer ($9.99/mo) – 480 Monthly Credits and Unlimited Premium AI.
  • Hero ($14.99/mo) – For 760 Monthly Credits and Unlimited Premium AI.
  • Legend ($29.99/mo) – Unlimited Image Generation, 1650 Monthly Credits, and Premium AI Speed Boost.

AI Dungeon will be your best choice if you want to gamify your content creation process and like working with avatars rather than words.

Bottom Line:

However, you cannot use it for other purposes, such as creating blog posts.

What is AI Novel Writing Software?

It is a tool that uses natural language processing algorithms and artificial intelligence to help writers write, edit, and publish novels.

These powerful AI writing tools can help you to beat writer’s block by suggesting ideas based on what you want to write about.

They can create human-like and creative content for novels regardless of the topic. If you want story outlines and plots, these innovative AI tools can be the source of inspiration.

Remember that different AI novel tools come with diverse features based on pricing and needs. For example, some tools create stories that reflect your unique voice, tone, and style.

Others help with automatic completions, create generic stories or support creative text creation.

The primary goal of most AI text generators is to complement and improve a writer’s skills and enhance the content creation process. Due to these factors, selecting a tool that suits your needs is good.

How Does AI Novel Writing Software Work?

These innovative writing tools are powered by machine learning technology that utilizes huge datasets to analyze, understand, and produce human-like content.

They analyze writing style, vocabulary, grammar, tone, and voice to enable them to create creative and contextually correct content.

For instance, AI tools will adapt to your writing style, language pattern, and tone to generate coherent stories. Writers interact with AI writing tools by inputting instructions, commands, directions, or asking questions.

On their part, AI writers generate suggestions as requested or complete the given prompts.

AI novel writing software improves their abilities through continuous learning. After some time, they can produce more helpful and accurate content for your stories.

Most popular AI writing software tools on the market allow writers to create stories using their preferred styles and offer support for starters or those exploring different story genres.

The best thing is that you do not need technical skills to use these novel writing software tools.

What are the Limitations of using AI Novel Writer?

Even though AI writing software options greatly assist writers, they have several limitations that you should know.

A significant concern is the lack of originality for AI-generated content due to the use of existing data.

Due to this limitation, I often advise writers to scrutinize the generated text before publication.

You can also use the content to get inspiration and run it through a second plagiarism checker if you are concerned about its originality.

In addition, common novel writing software tools might not comprehend niche or complex storylines, resulting in inaccurate texts.

You also face the risk of writing inaccurate content if the tool fails to understand the topic.

Increased reliance on AI writing software can stifle your distinctive style and voice. They may not use language devices like literary fiction in the generated content.

Despite these limitations, AI software offers valuable support for novel writers.

What to Look for When Choosing AI Novel Writing Software Tool?

When choosing the best AI novel writing software, you should focus on your needs. Look for superior machine learning and language processing software to ensure you generate contextually appropriate and accurate suggestions and text.

At the same time, you want to consider AI writing software that provides creative texts based on the genre.

Remember that your genre as a novelist is critical to engaging and maintaining the target audience.

Another thing you will want to consider is the usability of the tool. Regardless of your needs and genre, you want a user-friendly AI novel tool that supports your content generation process.

You might also want to check whether the software integrates with other tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Other important factors that I believe are important include the pricing plans like a free version and unlimited word options because they enhance your novel writing efforts.

Final Thoughts: Best AI Novel Writers

If you’re exploring different writing tools for storytelling, AI novel software should be at the top of your writing software list.

AI platforms have changed how people create and consume stories, and you shouldn’t be left behind.

The Best AI Novel Writing Software will benefit your creative journey by making your writing simple, enjoyable, quicker, and predictable.

They can support you in just what you want to write. Regardless of the writing software that you select, you should retain your creativity, voice, tone, and style.

As an author, embrace an innovative AI writer to improve your writing skills and stay ahead of the storytelling field.


Is there an AI that can write a novel?

Yes, you can use Jasper, Anthropic’s Claude, Sudowrite, and NovelAI to write an entire novel.

To do this, you would provide the AI with detailed prompts about plot points, characters, settings, themes, and more.

The tool would then generate outlines and drafts for you to edit into a finished novel.

An AI writing assistant like QuillBot has novel writing capabilities and features such as a paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, proofreader, plagiarism checker, and summarizer.

However, the content generated from these tools still requires human creativity, but AI can accelerate the writing process significantly.

Can I use AI to write a book and sell it?

Yes, you can use AI to help you write a book you can sell and publish. However, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • The book must be edited and polished by a human author. AI can help generate drafts and outlines, but human creativity is still essential. You’ll need to add your style, voice, messaging, etc.
  • Cite the AI as a writing assistant tool, not a co-author. The AI is a tool, while you, as the human, are still the author.
  • Review copyright/plagiarism rules. The AI may pull data from online sources, so double-check whether the AI-generated content is original or properly attributed.
  • AI-assisted books can be sold just like any other self-published or traditionally published book.

Can Jasper AI write a novel?

Yes, Jasper AI can help you write a novel through its outlining and long-form content generation capabilities.

By providing detailed prompts about the plot, characters, themes, etc., Jasper can produce multi-chapter drafts that you could then edit into a finished book.

However, please note that AI text generators accelerate the writing process, but human creativity, polish, and style are still essential.

Think of Jasper as an AI writing assistant, not the sole author.

How fast can AI write a book?

There is no doubt that AI can draft a book significantly faster than human authors could.

While speed varies based on length and complexity, some AI tools like Sudowrite claim to write a 50,000-word draft novel in less than 5 hours.

However, substantial human time is still required for editing, revising, and polishing an AI-generated draft into a publishable book.

The AI provides a strong starting point, but the human touch is crucial for creating a coherent, high-quality final novel. The combined efforts of AI and the author can expedite the whole book writing process.

Do AI-generated books make money?

The short answer is absolutely but with the right approach. Books generated with the assistance of AI can make money if marketed and published strategically. The key factors are:

  • The human authors contribute significant editing, revising, and adding their own style. AI is a generative tool, not the sole writer.
  • Genres like sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and formulaic genres tend to see more viable commercial success for AI-assisted books.
  • Publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct allow self-publishing of AI books.
  • The book should not be published verbatim from the AI without human creativity. It is crucial to perceive AI as just the jumping-off point.

See, the key isn’t just letting an AI tool spit out some generated text and calling it a day. To write an AI book that sells, you, as the author, must invest time and creativity.

Think of the AI as giving you a chunk of digital clay – it’s providing raw material for you to mold into an awesome final product.

You’ll want to take those AI-generated outlines and drafts and put your own spin on them.

Add your unique voice, flair, editing, and style. Reshape the characters and story arcs in your own way.

If you follow these above points, you will transform the product from an AI book into YOUR book.

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