9 Best Jasper AI Alternatives in 2024 (Vetted & Tested)

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As a Jasper user, I am amazed at how quickly this AI tool allows me to create original, high-quality content, overcoming writer’s block in minutes.

After its launch, Jasper AI became a popular AI writing tool, attracting thousands of users quickly.

However, I know this revolutionary tool isn’t the ideal fit for every writer’s needs, and finding the perfect AI writing assistant can be tough.

Through extensive testing and vetting many copywriting tools as a writer myself, I discovered amazing yet affordable Jasper alternatives for different goals.

Whether you need blog posts, social media captions, or persuasive marketing copy, there’s an AI writing tool tailored for you.

In this guide, I’ll share the best Jasper AI alternatives I recommend based on hands-on experience to ensure you have an easy time choosing similar tools that are more affordable, easier to use, and better suited for your content writing needs.

Let’s dive in and explore the wide world of alternatives to Jasper! But first, what is Jasper AI?

Understanding Jasper

Jasper AI is among the leading GPT-3 tools that automate content creation using natural language processing (NLP).

As you interact with this AI writing tool, you will realize it generates human-like responses.

I have used Jasper AI severally to write blog posts because it generates original content as opposed to other content generation tools that rely on pre-written templates.

Using this AI tool is easier than you think! You only input your desired topic and instructions, and it will seamlessly generate unique content.

So far, I have sought its assistance in writing marketing copies, high-quality market posts, email subject lines, long-form blog content, and other types of content.



Jasper offers various plans, plus 7-day free trial l that you can cancel anytime.

After the free trial and satisfied with what Jasper AI offers, I would recommend you choose a yearly billing to save 20% compared to monthly billing.   

  • Creator Plan: $49/mo ($39/mo billed yearly).
  • Teams Plan: $125/month ($99/mo billed yearly).
  • Business Plan: (Custome Quote) – A personalized package with additional features, tech support, and team training.  

For more on Jasper’s comparison with similar AI tools, visit:

After months of testing multiple content generation and bulk AI content creation platforms, I rank and review the best Jasper AI alternatives.

What are the Best Jasper AI Alternatives?

1. Copy AI.

Copy AI Dashboard

Copy AI is an excellent AI writing assistant that uses machine learning to analyze information and auto-generate content types, including ad copies, long-form blog posts, and product descriptions.

I view it as one of the leading Jasper AI alternatives because it analyzes language critically, understands contexts, and uses the right keywords to produce content that suits your needs.

The content from this Jasper AI alternative is informative, engaging, and optimized for SEO.

Key Features:

  • Blog Post Title Suggestion: You can use this tool to generate ideas and brainstorm topics for whatever content you need to produce.
    It’s a powerful Jasper AI alternative for generating unique topics regardless of your niche.
  • Content Creation: I find this AI copywriting tool to have good content generation abilities when you need to complete a piece of work quickly.
    You can use it to create marketing copies, high-quality blog posts, long-form content, and even content for landing pages.
  • SEO Optimization: Copy AI will be a worthy selection if you want a better ranking on search engines because it recommends effective keywords for content.
    Its SEO optimization abilities can help generate content for marketing campaigns.
  • Style and Tone: Of course, you can use this tool to create types of content that match your brand’s styles and tone.
  • Spelling and Grammar: You can end spelling and grammatical errors if you choose this AI article writer because it detects errors and suggests corrections.

Why I like Copy AI

Copy.ai is a popular copywriter that has an easy-to-use interface friendly to users of all levels, including starters. It’s highly affordable, making it suitable for content creators and businesses with small budgets.



Copy AI offers these pricing plans:

  • Free (2000 words in Chat): $0.
  • Pro: $36/mo.
  • Team: $186/mo.
  • Growth: $1,000/mo.
  • Scale: $3,000/mo.

Bottom Line:

As a perfect Jasper AI alternative, Copy AI can be used to create different forms of content, but it will suit you the best if you want conversational-style posts with a human touch.

2. Writesonic.

Writesonic homepage

Writesonic is a powerful AI writing software that can help you generate ad copy, product descriptions, LinkedIn posts, and other long-form blog posts.

I included Writesonic as one of the best Jasper AI alternatives because it’s easy to use and generates content up to 10X faster.

You can expect high-quality content in a few. I found this Jasper AI alternative useful because it offers a free trial of 10,000 words/month, and you can enter more customized elements like your desired topic, audience, style, and tone.

The shortcoming I found in Writesonic is that a user may need to do more manual input and spend more time creating content than when using Jasper AI and other AI alternatives.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Content Generator: As high-quality content becomes increasingly important, Writesonic can help you generate content for your content marketing efforts.
    The content you generate will be informative and engaging.
  • Built-In SEO Optimization: Content creators and marketers will find this feature highly useful. You can use it to create content that ranks your website higher on search results.
    I tested this feature to increase my website visibility on Google search results and attract more visitors.
  • Multiple Content Types: Writesonic is beneficial if you want to circulate content on different platforms like landing pages, ad copies, and social media sites because it can generate different content types.
    Businesses of all sizes can improve how they generate content by using this tool.
  • User-Friendly Interface: You can instantly create high-quality content using Writesonic without technical knowledge or skills.
  • Customizable Templates: The tool has built-in customizable templates to enable users to generate content quickly.
    I like this feature because it allows me to integrate creativity into writing content.


writesonic Pricing

Writesonic offers these pricing plans:

  • Free Trial ($ 0/mo) – 10,000 words/mo.
  • Small Team ($15/mo) – For 100,000 words/mo.
  • Freelancer ($16/mo) – For unlimited word generation plus more advanced features.
  • Enterprise (starting at $500)- Custome Quote

Bottom Line:

Writesonic proves way more affordable compared to Jasper AI, making it a better alternative for starters and those under budget.  

3. Rytr.

rytr Home page

I recently discovered Rytr and liked it instantly. The process of using AI-powered copywriting tools like Rytr to create quality content is easy.

Once you’re on board, select your desired content, like product descriptions, landing pages, or a blog post, input your topic and target audience, and the tool will create the content.

I noted that Rytr’s algorithms always create content within the provided specifications. An important aspect of this AI tool you will quickly like is its adaptability.

You can use it for unlimited projects in various topics, such as travel and tourism, business, technology, and healthcare. This AI copywriting tool will adapt its algorithm to match your needs.

Key Features:

  • Content Customization: The ability to create customized content makes Rytr one of the best Jasper alternatives.
    It allows you to select your preferred voice, tone, and style to ensure your content matches your brand’s persona, like a marketing copy.
  • Multiple Languages: If you want unlimited AI words that target an international audience, Rytr might be the best choice.
    It allows you to select the language you wish to create content in. This ability means you can create personalized content based on the target audience’s culture and language.
  • SEO Optimization: Rytr allows users to create content focusing on particular phrases and keywords.
    You will like this feature if you want to attract organic traffic to your website and attain a higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).
    High organic traffic may increase earning potential through monetization options like Google ads. You can also generate SEO-optimized meta titles for your website and blog posts.
  • 24/7 Availability: This AI tool allows you to work and create content anytime because it is available 24/7.
    Once you sign up, you can create content conveniently based on your schedule.
  • Easy Integration: You can integrate different platforms like HubSpot and WordPress.
    Thanks to this feature, you can write content without leaving your favorite applications, saving time and the effort of flipping from one tab to another.


  • Free Plan ($0) – Generate 10000 characters per month.
  • Saver Plan ($9/mo) – Generate 100,000 characters per month.  
  • Unlimited Plan ($29/mo) – Generate unlimited characters per month.

Bottom Line:

Rytr is one of the best AI alternatives to Jasper if you want an affordable AI writing tool, as its pricing plans are cheaper and has a free plan for starters.

However, the free plan will not generate Jasper AI or Copy AI-level content. You must subscribe to the Saver Plan or Unlimited Plan to create that level of content.

4. Frase.oi.


Frase.io is one of the AI-powered copywriting tools that are both an AI writer and SEO researcher.

I found Frase.io useful in writing content that integrates the background and facts of a particular topic from search results.

Another element I like about this tool is its ability to search competitors and offer customized suggestions about content outlines and SEO optimization.

Frase.io crawls the pages of your website to determine gaps in content strategies and offers deeper insights into what your target audience is actively searching for.

These insights are valuable as they guide you to identify the main topics, subtopics, and questions that should form part of your content strategy.

Key Features:

  • Content Optimization: Frase.io delivers good results for on-page SEO through its powerful content optimization feature.
    Once you input the target keywords, this tool analyzes your information and suggests adjustments to improve your website’s ranking.
  • Research and Analysis: You can use Frase.io to find the most popular and relevant topic ideas for a specific niche.
    And, of course, you can analyze competitors’ content and pinpoint gaps and opportunities to create better content.
  • Content Creation: Frase.io provides you with an AI-powered editor that generates content based on the facts of the topic.
  • Tools Integration: You can integrate Frase.io into several tools, including Google Analytics, WordPress, and Hubspot.
    I noted that it allows users to export and import content and track performance using these analytic tools.


Explore Frase.io pricing options and plans.

As a beginner, you can try a 5-day trial for only $1, which you can cancel anytime.

Other plans include:

  • Solo Plan ($14.99/mo) – Write and optimize 4 articles/mo.
  • Basic ($44.99/mo) – Write and optimize 30 articles/mo.
  • Team Plan ($114.99/mo) – Write and optimize unlimited articles.

In your subscription, you can also incorporate the Pro Add-on for an additional $35/month, where you get more premium features and unlimited AI-generated words.

Bottom Line:

Frase.io should top your list of the best AI alternatives if you want content for your blog. It mainly focuses on researching and writing blog posts.

5. Copysmith.


Copysmith is a sophisticated AI writer that thrives in creating content for marketing and e-commerce purposes.

You can use it to generate high-quality and tailored product descriptions for your target market.

It supports tone adjustments to suit the unique needs of marketing teams, which you might not achieve with Jasper AI.

Key Features:

  • Content Optimization: This tool offers you a range of content optimization features, including tone, creativity level, and keyword inclusion. You can use this feature to generate unique and highly personalized descriptions of your products.
  • Output Languages: It allows you to create content using different languages, enabling you to reach the target audience using a language it understands the best.
  • Output Variants: Copysmith is an AI tool that allows you to select the number of output variants for each product description.
    I liked this feature because it enables a user to compare several descriptions of the same product and choose the best one.
  • Platforms Integration: It is one of the best marketing tools as it integrates with major platforms, such as HootSuite, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Zapier, and Magento.
    This tool also supports Google Ads integration.
    You can easily integrate these tools and platforms to ease and quicken the process of generating descriptions for your products.


  • Starter Plan: $19/mo.
  • Pro Plan: $49/mo.
  • Enterprise Plans: Custom Quote.

Bottom Line:

For e-commerce and other product marketing forms, you can instantly select Copysmith because it thrives in creating exceptional product descriptions.

6. Dashword.


Dashword meets the needs of those who want to create high-quality content fast.

Your blog posts and articles will be SEO-optimized to help you increase organic traffic and clicks on Google ads.

Key Features:

  • Content Builder: Dashword allows you to write content without spending much time researching due to its powerful content builder.
    It generates content ideas based on your competitors’ content, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.
    I found this AI writer interesting because the interactive builder allows users to edit and add content easily and share content with one click.
  • Content optimization: You can create high-quality, optimized content effortlessly because this tool shows all relevant keywords and real-time feedback, such as readability score and content grade.
    It offers a sure way of ensuring your content has the correct score because the feedback appears before you publish it.
  • Content monitoring: One out-of-box feature I have used repeatedly is the ability to monitor content after publication.
    This option allows you to pinpoint underperforming pages, produce automated keyword reports and ranking, and even automatically add pages to your website.


  • Startup Plan ($99/mo) – Content briefs and outlines and generates 30 content reports with an AI-powered writing assistant.
  • Business Plan (349/mo) – This plan suits teams where they enjoy Bulk report creation, content monitoring, and API access.

Bottom Line:

Dashword will help you generate blog posts faster and monitor them after publishing.

It will allow you to visualize the performance of content, update it to boost ranking on search results, and prepare your website for Google ads.

7. Content At Scale.

Content at Scale Webpage

Content At Scale is an advanced IA application that can help you create SEO content without employing human work and the pain of research.

You can use it to create original long-form content for any niche. The content is near human-like to the extent that it bypasses AI detectors, meaning it won’t be flagged as AI-generated content.

It is a good alternative to Jasper AI to support your content marketing because you can integrate it into WordPress and Shopify.

Key Features:

  • SEO-Optimized Content: Content at Scale writes content based on your keywords and what is performing great depending on top-ranking content in your niche, saving you the pain of searching for human writers.
  • Keyword-to-Blog: Content at Scale is an AI writing that allows you to create a long blog post from a single or even hundreds of keywords.
    You can simply input the keyword(s) that you want to appear or rank for on your website, and the tool will create a 2,600+ word post.
  • Multiple ways of content creation: You can create fresh, original content from an existing URL, podcast, YouTube video, or document.
    I particularly found content creation from podcasts and YouTube videos useful because it saves time turning media into long-form content.
  • Zero Plagiarism and AI Detection: Your content will have no plagiarism because the tool has a built-in plagiarism checker called Copyscape.
    Content at Scale also generates AI undetectable content.



Content At Scale offers a 7-day trial plus two articles at $39.99.
The other plans are as follows:

  • Solo ($31 per post ) – 8 posts/mo (equivalent to $250/mo).
  • Starter Plan ($25 per post) – 20 posts/mo (equivalent to $500/mo).
  • Scaling Plan ($20 per post) – 50 posts/mo (equivalent to $1000/mo).
  • Agency Plan ($15 per post) – 100 posts/mo (equivalent to $1500/mo).

Bottom Line:

My verdict is that Content at Scale is a good selection if you want to create high-quality blog posts that won’t appear as AI-generated content from other forms of media, including YouTube videos, podcasts, or Google Docs.

Note that this AI alternative doesn’t have a free plan.

Learn more about Content At Scale and similar undetectable AI content writing tools.

8. SurgeGraph.


SurgeGraph is a powerful AI writer developed to help users create high-quality, long-form content.

It’s among the leading Jasper AI alternatives if you want to attract organic traffic for your website using long blog posts and place Google ads in posts naturally.

Even though this writing assistant is meant for long posts, you can use it to generate informative content for landing pages and niche articles.

Content created using this tool ranks high on search engines, such as Google, because of its SEO tools.

SurgeGraph’s natural language processing capabilities and SEO features create attractive content for search engine rankings.

Key Features:

  • Long-Form Content: SurgeGraph generates long posts, thousands of words, without going off-topic.
    However, you should input the right keywords or contextual terms based on your topic.
    The tool naturally integrates these terms into the content to create relevant and fluent posts.
  • In-depth Content: SurgeGraph helps you create detailed posts by crawling the content of the top performers for a particular keyword and analyzing top-ranking pages.
    You can select the information you need to include in your posts from the information provided, saving you time for research.
  • Researched Outlines: This tool provides an Outline Builder to tailor and customize information to develop well-researched outlines.
    Its research ability helps you to gather rich data and information to create top-ranking pages, like landing pages.
  • Optimize titles and URL slugs: SurgeGraph has Auto-Optimizer that allows you to optimize URLs and titles to match your targeted keywords to save time brainstorming how to write them.
  • User-friendly: It’s among the easy-to-use AI writing tools because it requires no technical skills.
    Once you are on board, you can start creating content right away.
  • Scalable: It can handle hundreds or even millions of data points due to its exceptional processing power.
    This Jasper AI alternative is meant to be scalable to support your content creation needs at each milestone of your business growth.


  • 1-Month Plan (43.99/mo ) – suitable for long-form content generation on an as-needed basis.
  • 12-Month Plan: 24.90/mo – Suitable for consistent long-term content generation.
  • 36-Month Plan ($14.69/mo) – Suitable for long-form content generation on a steady basis

Bottom Line:

SurgeGraph is among the best jasper AI alternatives for creating SEO-optimized long blog posts, such as posts with thousands of words.

9. Smart Copy.


Smart Copy is a great AI writer that you can use to create distinctive and attractive content for your brand. The tool is meant to help brand owners and marketers “bring content to life.”

It can write about virtually any topic and industry, meaning it’s not limited to a specific type of content.

Key Features:

  • Multiple templates: You can choose a specific template for content, such as taglines, Google ads, landing pages, and product descriptions.
    Each template is designed to ensure your content is tailored based on your needs and audience.
  • Built for All Everyone: I like how this tool meets the content generation needs of startups, agencies, enterprises, and content teams.
    Regardless of your level in brand building, you can use this AI software to produce your content.
  • Content in three clicks: Smart Copy saves you time by creating content through three clicks only.
  • Human-Like content: It is an AI tool of choice if you want to create human-like content quickly.



These are the plans that smart-copy offers:

  • Free ($0) -This is a 3-day trial that can generate content for one project, where you get up to 10 credits refreshed weekly.
  • Essential ($8/mo) – You get 200 credits/mo for 3 projects.
  • Unlimited ($40/mo) – You get unlimited credits to generate all your desired content.

Bottom Line:

Smart Copy will be your choice if you want access to multiple templates to write different content types for your brand or marketing purposes while retaining a human touch in your content.

Why You Might Consider Exploring Jasper AI Alternatives

Although Jasper AI is a great writing assistant, I know it is not a one-stop solution for everyone. You might be interested in checking helpful AI alternatives to this AI writing assistant for these reasons:

  • Cost: Jasper AI can be relatively expensive if you are new to AI tools. It’s a good idea to consider other cost-effective options or those that offer a free trial.
    Even though comparing pricing from a basic plan to an unlimited plan is good, note that the price often correlates to features you will get from certain writing software.
    When trying various tools, I like to select a basic plan over a free plan to access more features.
  • Compatibility: Even though Jasper AI has been around for some time, it may be incompatible with some infrastructures or systems.
    If you experience this challenge, an alternative to Jasper AI might be what you need.
  • Customization: Jasper AI is arguably one of the best AI writing software, but its key features may not suit all needs.
    Trying out different Jasper AI alternatives may save you the pain.

Final Thoughts: Alternatives to Jasper AI

After reviewing the top Jasper AI alternatives, it’s clear there are many excellent options for AI-powered writing assistance.

While Jasper is a leader in conversational, natural language generation, tools like Copy AI, Writesonic, and Rytr offer similar functionality at more affordable prices.

The key takeaway is that your specific needs should drive your chosen solution. If you want optimized marketing copy, Copy AI is a top pick.

For long-form blog content, tools like SurgeGraph and Content at Scale are the right choices as they generate high-quality drafts. If you aim to create and monitor posts, Dashword can be a good option.

No matter which tool you select, apply a human touch by editing AI outputs to match your brand voice.

Think of these tools as AI co-writers, not sole authors. With the right prompts and edits, they can accelerate writing tremendously.

The future is bright for AI content creation. But for now, test a few alternatives to find the right match.

The options highlighted here are all perfect choices to consider if Jasper isn’t the perfect fit. Just be sure to balance helpful AI aids with your skills and perspective.


Is there a free alternative to Jasper AI?

Yes, Anthropic’s Claude is an excellent free alternative to Jasper that offers similar functionality like generating human-sounding content.

Claude can be used to write high-quality blog posts, social media captions, emails, and more at no cost.

The free version has limited capabilities, but it’s a great option to test out AI writing.

Which is better, Copy AI or Jasper AI?

Copy AI excels at marketing copy, while Jasper is better for natural conversations, so it depends on your specific needs.

If you need promotional materials like ads, landing pages, emails, etc., Copy AI would be the better choice.

However, Jasper creates more human-like conversational content.

How much is Jasper AI (Jasper AI price)?

Jasper AI starts at $39/month for the Personal plan, but you’ll get more features and customization with higher-priced Teams and Business plans.

The Business plan unlocks the most advanced features like customized branding, team management, integrations, priority support, and unlimited word generation.

Can I write a book using Jasper AI?

Yes. You can utilize this AI text generator to write an entire book by providing prompts about topics, characters, plot, settings, etc., and then editing the AI’s outlines and drafts.

Jasper can help with everything from developing the initial concept to completing a full first draft.

You’ll still need to edit the generated content, but the tool accelerates the writing process.

How do you use Jasper for content writing?

To use Jasper for content writing, start by giving it a few sentences describing the topic and purpose of the content you need.

Jasper will then generate a draft article or post. You can have Jasper write blog posts, social captions, white papers, emails, scripts, and more.

This amazing AI writing tool excels at creating informative, easy-to-read content quickly.

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