Copy AI Review (2023). Features And How it Works

Copy AI Review

AI writing tools have been increasingly helpful in simplifying the content creation process. If you look around the internet, you will find many AI copywriting tools that promise to boost your content-writing efforts. I don’t use random AI tools because I prefer high-quality content.

In this article, I will present Copy AI review and everything I have learned about this AI writing tool. I have been using it to get AI-generated content for my blogs since it was launched.

If you create content often, you will know how awful it feels to experience writer’s block. You are not alone because many writers experience it often. Copy AI is one of the AI tools that can help you overcome writer’s block completely.

I will cover several elements in this Copy AI review;

  • What is Copy AI?
  • Key features of Copy AI
  • Copy AI tools
  • Examples of Copy AI uses
  • Pros and cons of Copy AI
  • Copy AI pricing
  • Copy AI alternatives
  • Copy.AI review: final thoughts
  • FAQ

Let’s get to the Copy AI review without further delay.

What is copy AI?

Copy AI Homepage: Copy AI Review

Copy AI is one of the leading AI writing tools that is currently used by thousands of professionals and teams to create high-quality content in minutes.

Once you input a few words, this AI writing tool generates your content 10X faster than common writing tools. You can use it to write high-converting social media posts, long-form content, and catchy email subject lines.

Copy AI shortens the time of creating content from hours or days to minutes. Unlike other writing tools, it has templates so that you can easily find the type of content you want.

Who Can Use Copy AI?

Content creators can use this AI writer to create engaging content for different purposes. However, some individuals might benefit from it more than others.

Bloggers and Freelancers: Copy AI is an instrumental tool if you want to write content and generate blog outlines and Meta descriptions.

Social media managers: It’s an excellent tool to generate social media content, such as engaging captions and social media posts.

Email marketers: You can create engaging emails that read and sound like the content of a human writer.

Creative writers: Copy AI is a great writing assistant whether you want to write a cookbook or a fictional novel.

Copywriters: It’s a leading copywriting tool that you can use to create a highly converting digital ad copy.

Startups: Copy AI is among the startup tools that can help to save costs by creating content without relying on human writers. Generating product descriptions is quick and cost-effective.

Large Businesses: Owners of large businesses can use Copy AI to create product descriptions and quality content for their websites because it offers access to the top language models.


Key Features of Copy AI:

Copy AI has multiple features that help you to generate high-quality outputs at your convenience. In this section, I will talk about all the features of this tool and show you how they work.

Tools and Templates:

Copy AI has about 90+ templates and tools to boost your writing process, whether you want to write short-form content or long-form content. The templates are categorized into business, careers, HR, marketing, personal, sales, and real estate.

I have found that Copy AI offers a tool for virtually every piece of content I want to write. The top templates have a Freestyle tool that allows you to make your desired edits.

Another aspect I like about Copy AI is that it allows you to create custom templates for special needs. If the available tools and templates are unsuitable for your needs, you can create a template based on your parameters.


Copy AI is outstanding AI writing software that allows you to create content in 29+ languages. You can create digital ad copies or long-form and short-form content to target different audiences without the need for translating services.

Plagiarism Checker:

This AI copywriting tool does not have an in-built plagiarism checker but guarantees original content that will bypass AI content detectors. Its technology meets basic plagiarism-checking needs.

Google Chrome Extension:

If you are a content creator, you understand that switching between tabs is a time-consuming task. Copy AI saves you this pain because it has a Chrome extension.

Without switching tabs, you can use the tool alongside other productivity apps, such as Google Docs. The most interesting thing is that you can start writing with Copy AI features through the extension and don’t have to visit the official website each time.

Brand Voice:

Only the best writing tools will allow you to generate content using your unique brand voice. Copy AI allows you to write in your distinct voice, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

Copy AI Tools:

Copy AI tools

This AI copywriting tool has multiple free tools to make your content creation process more convenient. I will highlight the top 21 tools in this section to give you a deep insight into the unique features of Copy AI.

  • Instagram caption generator: This AI-powered caption generator can improve social media engagement through engaging captions.
  • Email subject line generator: You can create a perfect email subject line that stands out with this free tool and increase the effectiveness of your blog post, newsletter, and other marketing materials.
  • Content and blog Ideas generator: Forget writer’s block because this tool is meant to help you generate new ideas with a click of a button.
  • Outline generator: Copy AI will generate an outstanding outline in under five minutes, regardless of the content you want to write.
Outline Generator
  • Bio generator: You can get a better way to introduce yourself across social media platforms through AI-generated bio. The bio generator can also update your bio to keep it fresh.
  • Blog title generator: Need a great title for your new blog? You can generate SEO-optimized ad catchy titles in seconds.
  • TikTok caption generator: Once you create a TikTok video, this tool will help you generate an amazing caption.
  • TikTok content ideas: Not sure what to cover in your next TikTok video? The TikTok content ideas generator can tell you what to focus on for your topic and niche.
  • LinkedIn headline generator: Turn your LinkedIn into a lead generation platform through engaging headlines that drive traffic to your website and give you a higher ranking on search engines.
  • Paragraph rewriter: If you want a certain paragraph in your content to sound different, this tool will come in handy.
  • Blog post wizard: I use this tool often to create posts for my blogs because it creates clear drafts in under five minutes. You only need to input your blog title and keyword and Copy AI will produce an entire, original post.
Blog post generator
  • Product description generator: You can have effective and great product descriptions in minutes.
  • Sentence rewriter: It rewrites whole sentences based on your instructions to make them sound differently or pass the right message to your target audience.
  • Cold email generator: Once you have LinkedIn URLs, you can generate personalized cold emails in seconds and increase the chances of conversion.
  • Meta description generator: Want to rank higher on search results? You can quickly create Meta descriptions that increase your website ranking.
  • Call to Action generator: Copy AI can help you create great CTAs that boost conversion rates and sales.
  • Business name generator: Struggling to identify a beautiful and exceptional name for your business? This tool will help you do it in minutes.
  • Paraphrasing tool: Refresh your content in minutes using the paraphrasing time.
  • Ad copy generator: The ad copy generator is a simple way to get ad copies that attract potential clients and increase conversions.
  • Resignation letter generator: Copy AI is great for creating cover letters, and you can use it to create a resignation letter without having to think about what to write.
  • Instagram hashtag generator: This tool is meant to create beautiful hashtags for your Instagram to save you time and increase social media engagement.
  • Sales copy generator: Generate high-converting sales copy with this tool.
  • Startup Tools: Copy AI is one of the AI writers you should have on your list if you’re a startup. Unlike other AI writers, Copy AI has free tools to help you generate a blueprint for your business in minutes. These tools include audience refiner, brand mission, brand voice, Motto generator, and value proposition.

Examples of Copy AI Uses.

I thought it would be good to highlight my experience using this AI writer so that you see how it works. In this section, I will discuss some of my real examples!

This copywriting tool is instrumental to my content creation efforts alongside other writing tools.

Bullet points to blog:

An incredible hack is turning bullet points into a blog in seconds. However, you have to give a detailed prompt for the tool to understand your desired output.

You only need to write the blog title and the paragraph’s purpose and select the preferred tone. Then you click the Create Content button.

Bullet points to blog

Product descriptions:

You can supercharge your online sales by creating product descriptions that convert. I recently tested Copy AI for product descriptions, and the results were satisfactory.

I like this tool because you can write up to 1000 words to explain your product, giving Copy AI a good context to produce quality product descriptions.

Product descriptions

General Ad Copy:

Here is an example of the interface that can help you create a converting digital ad copy. Sometimes, you want an ad copy that can be used on different platforms.

Copy AI caters to this need through the general ad copy tool. You can use it to create a copy for several platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

I find it useful because you save time if you want to post the ad without repurposing it. If you find it too general, you can select a specific ad generator, like LinkedIn and Google ad copies.

General Ad Copy

Landing Pages:

Landing page templates create an impression on your website visitors and determine whether they will purchase your products, subscribe to your program, or even do business with you.

Copy AI is a good selection to create a lasting impression on your website visitors. It develops “landing page hero text.”

landing page hero text

As with other tools, I found this tool allows you to instantly select your preferred tone, which is a creative way to connect with your target audience. Through experience, landing pages created with this tool lead to a higher conversion rate than those written by humans.

Copy AI Templates.

Copy AI Templates

When you click the template button, you are ushered to a page where you can select your preferred template. I want to confess that I have not used all the templates in this tool! But at the same time, I have tried many of them to give you a feel of their interface.

Customer testimonials:

Generating content to showcase customer testimonials with Copy AI is simple and quick. It has a template that allows you to create social proof in minutes.

You can include details like customer name, background, and success story. A unique aspect of this tool is that you can write in 1st or 3rd person.

Customer testimonials

Story Template:

Do you want to create a long-form story for fun or business purposes? Do you want to generate a long-form story for fun or business purposes?

Or are you a novelist or blogger looking to turn your long-form pieces into a story? The story template offers a great way to bring your imagination to life with the same input.

You start by determining the title of your story and the genre. You can input additional topics and themes to make your story more interesting and real.

The template also allows you to input additional instructions, such as a plot twist, which I find helpful in ensuring the output reflects what you have in mind.


About Us Template:

One of the most important aspects of a business is explaining what you do and why customers should choose you. Copy AI allows you to do it through the About Us template.

You only input the most critical aspects of your business and will have a well-written “About Us” page. The basic things you input include brand name, target audience, mission, and problems you are trying to solve and how you are solving them.

When browsing the internet, I find many businesses that do not have well-crafted “About Us” pages and end up losing clients because they do not define the problems they solve. This template is a good step to handle this trouble.

About Us Template

What are the pros of Copy AI?

  • Creates quality content drafts and entire long-form content in minutes.
  • You can have contextually-correct content with minimal input and the touch of a button.
  • It addresses writer’s block completely and makes you appear as an authority in your niche.
  • Offers access to numerous free tools that make content creation efforts seamless and enjoyable.
  • Offers custom templates feature, allowing you to create your preferred templates in seconds if the available tools do not meet your needs.
  • Blog post wizard allows you to create engaging and informative blog posts without having to write detailed outlines and offering detailed inputs.
  • Copy AI allows you to generate new ideas in seconds so that you can supercharge your writing or content creation.
  • It saves you the pain of finding reliable writers because you don’t have to go through a lengthy search and vetting process.
  • It gives you the convenience of setting up a business through the startup tools

What are the cons of Copy AI?

  • I found some tools are not very useful because of limited use. For example, the audience refiner and motto generator are less beneficial, but this is my opinion.
  • Copy AI offers basic plagiarism checking, meaning you may have to run the content through a plagiarism checker, which may be inconvenient.
  • You cannot use AI copywriting platform for writing scientific content because it does not offer sources. However, you can search the internet to find sources if the output contains some statistics.
  • Copy AI may not produce a fully refined copy for instant use. You may have to proofread and edit the content before use. The most interesting thing is that Copy AI offers a simple content editor, allowing you to easily improve any part of the content you want.
  • Copy AI is not generally great for short-form content because it thrives in creating long-form pieces.

Copy AI Pricing.

Pricing is a critical factor if you are looking for premium content. Most AI copywriting platforms that generate quality content, specifically long-form content do not provide a free plan.

Copy AI is distinct in this aspect because it offers a free plan. You can create up to 2000 monthly words for free on this tool. Copy AI free plan is a great start to learning how to use the tool before you upgrade to a paid plan.

However, I don’t usually use a free plan because it has limited features. Paid plans allow me to access all the premium features and generate unlimited.

Copy AI pricing

Copy AI has three pricing plans: free, pro, and enterprise:

  • Free Forever ($0)- 1 User Seat and Unlimited Projects.
  • Pro ($49/mo)- 5 User seats, Unlimited Brand Voices, 95+ languages and Pre-built Prompt Templates, and API Access
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote)- All features in Pro plan plus Unlimited Seats, Dedicated Account Manager and AI Training, and SSO & Infosec review.

The free plan is meant to show you how the tool works and get you started.

On the other hand, most individuals and businesses will be comfortable with the Pro Plan because it gives you full access to all features and unlocks unlimited characters.

Businesses with more content creation and customization needs can select the Enterprise Plan. This plan allows you to work closely with the Copy AI team in creating your content and automating different aspects of your business.

Top Alternatives of Copy AI.

So far, I have highlighted the key features of Copy AI and everything that makes it a great AI copywriting tool. You might be interested in comparing it to some other AI tools available on the internet today.

As a daily user of AI software, I know not every tool will be a good alternative to Copy AI. So, I want to highlight several options I have used alongside Copy AI in AI writing.

Jasper AI: Jasper is an outstanding tool for creating all types of content, such as product descriptions, website copies, and novels. It thrives in creating long-form content, but I have also used it to write short-form pieces. You can learn more about Jasper AI alternatives in this article.

Unlike Copy AI, Jasper has a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is original but does not perform great in creating SEO-optimized content. Feel free to check out for a detail on Jasper AI vs Copy AI.

Content at Scale: Content at Scale is one the top alternatives of Copy AI if you want to create SEO-optimized content.

It’s unique because the content is well-researched, meaning you can use it for scientific writing. In addition, it is the right tool to select if you want to increase the writing process by up to 10X.

Writesonic: Sometimes, you want a solution to create short content to boost sales and social media engagement. Writesonic will be a great AI assistant at these times.

It is good for creating SEO-friendly copy for Google ads, Facebook ads, Shopify, and blogs. Like Copy AI, this platform has a paraphrasing tool to help you repurpose or improve your content.

Rtyr AI: Rtyr AI is a great selection if you want a simple tool with a user-friendly interface to write creative, marketing, or scientific content.

You can use it to create content for your social and professional networking platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can write using popular scientific copywriting formulas like PAS and AIDA.

The similarity with Copy AI is the availability of different templates, tones, and languages. It offers 40+ templates, 30+ languages, and 20+ tones, allowing you to write content tailored to your target audience.

GrowthBar: SEO and Content marketers can use GrowthBar to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. It helps you to create SEO content that ranks high on search engines 10X faster than common AI tools.

You can quickly identify the best-performing keywords of your competitors and backlinks. A unique aspect of GrowthBar is the ability to research keywords comprehensively and give you a report before you publish it.

You can determine whether your content is ready to go live, which is a good idea to predict whether it will rank high on search results.

Copy AI Review: Final Thoughts

AI writing tools have become increasingly important for bloggers, freelancers, novelists, startups, big businesses, and even everyday internet users. I bet you’re exposed to AI-generated content daily on the internet, even if you are unaware.

You might have also used some of these platforms to create content. Copy AI is a game-changing AI writer that you need to try to supercharge your content writing efforts and improve the performance of your business.

It offers great features you cannot access with common and free AI platforms. Particularly, you get access to 90+ templates and tools and 29+ languages to write content that meets your needs and those of the target audience.

Plus, this tool allows you to select the tone you want to use, which I think is a great way to create a real connection with the target and retain consistency in your content.

Do I recommend Copy AI for you? Yes, I do because it has great features despite its shortcomings. With continued use, I have understood how it works and identified ways of circumventing those shortcomings, and the outputs are satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Copy AI replace copywriters?

Copy AI is a great assistant in writing but not a replacement for human copywriters. In some instances, this AI tool writes better than humans.

However, I often proofread and edit the content to ensure everything is accurate and a real reflection of the information I want to publish. It will assist you in writing content, and I recommend you edit it to suit your needs.

Can Google detect copy AI content?

Copy AI generates content that is not easily detachable by Google AI content detectors. I have found this problem with AI tools where the entire content is flagged as AI-generated.

With advancements in AI content detectors, Google may detect some sections of content generated through Copy AI.

Don’t worry because Copy AI produces unique content that might beat some detectors since they are designed to check generic content. You can also do minimal edits to your content to make it hard to detect.

What content can I generate with Copy AI?

Copy AI can produce short and long-form content for your blog, newsletter, cold emails, social networking platforms, landing page, and more.

It has 90+ tools and templates to help you create nearly every type of content for individual use, startup, and business. Creating content of any type is effortless because Copy AI offers a dedicated content editor.

Is Copy AI the best copywriting tool?

Copy AI is arguably one of the best tools today. It ranks higher than many other AI writing tools due to its exceptional features, user interface, and pricing.

Its free tools and numerous templates help you to save time writing content, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your brand. My productivity has increased since I started using Copy AI.

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