Content at Scale Review (2024). Best AI Copywriting Tool?


A few years ago, writing quality content would take several days.

Today, AI writing tools have changed how we create content completely, and I bet you’re often exposed to AI content online.

Most content writing platforms promise to increase the speed of producing high-quality content but do not deliver these expectations.

Selecting an appropriate AI writing tool is important to avoid these shortcomings and overcome the challenges of writing content.

Forget the tedious process of hiring human writers and using content marketplaces and try an AI tool. However, I have been using these AI tools and know not all online AI platforms deliver quality output.

In this article, I will explore an AI tool that delivers the highest quality AI output each time to ensure you cut across the online noise and avoid mediocre writing platforms. I am talking about Content At Scale review.

With Content at Scale, you can produce human-like content using your preferred keywords.

It can also generate keyword suggestions for your content to rank high on search engines.

The AI-generated content from this tool does not have any traces and bypasses AI detectors, so it is original content you can use as your own.

What is Content At Scale?

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Content at Scale is a great AI writing tool meant to support your content production process, whether you’re an experienced writer, blogger, or brand seeking to establish its authority.

This tool uses semantic analysis algorithms and natural language processing to produce human-like content that requires minimal editing.

If you are coming across Content at Scale for the first time, you might wonder how it differs from other AI writing tools on the internet.

I describe Content at Scale as the solution you have been waiting for to scale your content generation efforts.

Once you start using this tool, you will realize it is more advanced than common AI tools like ChatGPT, which does not offer a content editor.

It produces more quality content than the basic plans of Jasper AI and Writesonic.

The ability to write or translate content into multiple languages is another game changer. You can quickly create content using hundreds of languages.

A unique aspect of this feature is that it generates natively written content in your preferred language.

Content at Scale can transform or repurpose any media into blog content, like long-form articles. It allows you to turn just a keyword into long-from SEO content.

More items that can be repurposed to a blog include existing URLs, podcasts, YouTube videos, and a doc, like a PDF or PowerPoint.


Content at Scale is an incredible AI platform that can handle the heavy lifting of developing content so that you can focus on other critical elements of your business.

When it comes to the finer details of creating content, this tool can help you create blog titles and Meta descriptions.

With this tool, you can instantly double or triple your content output efforts.

The best thing you will realize after reading this Content at Scale review is that you can achieve great results without spending more. It’s a cost-saving solution if you’re in the dilemma of creating content.

Top Features of Content at Scale.

Content at Scale has several features meant to boost your content creation. I found that the features are incredible, although you might find some aspects are not so superior to scale alternatives.

Excellent Content Writer.

Content at Scale uses natural language processing to understand your input and develop content in just a few minutes.

The tool was primarily created for long-form content, but you can also use it to create short-form content.

Despite this, you can quickly create long-form content of about 2,975 words, which is vital if you care about the word count.

With this word count, you can easily create an entire blog post with a single click. It’s nearly like human writers because it delivers the highest quality AI output.

I often get a question like, what happens if you don’t like the article? Don’t worry! You re-run the prompts, and the AI will generate another unique content without using credit.

You might also wonder how content at Scale differs from ChatGPT or Jasper. This tool creates nearly human-like and truly unique content.

Plus, the creators and founders have over 15 years of experience in SEO marketing. So, you can be sure that the content will be SEO-optimized and ready to rank high in search engines.

In addition, it excels in content writing because it uses your unique writing style and voice.

You will appreciate its distinct features in content writing, like producing long-form blog posts from custom audio files, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

You can start the writing process with a single keyword or even hundreds of keywords.

Content at Scale has human writers who can optimize and edit 20-30 posts daily, so you can have your content checked before you use it.


Extensive Research.

Content at Scale produces research-backed content, so you can be sure it’s not developed from random ideas collected from the internet.

Once you input your unique keywords or prompts, this tool embarks on research, which involves crawling the most authoritative sites to deliver content that you can trust.

You will not achieve this accuracy with common AI writing platforms like ChatGPT.

The AI-generated content suits your needs with minimal editing or no editing. Its ability to generate content is comparable to that of a human writer.

Although it might not beat the best copywriter in creating long-form content, you get about 90% of what human copywriters can produce.

If you want to create a factual piece of content or a scientific blog post, Content at Scale is helpful because it does not give false references.

Plagiarism Checker and AI Detector.

It has Copyscape integration, which is a powerful plagiarism checker.

Copyscape allows you to scan the AI-written content with the click of a button and highlights any plagiarized section.

This integration is meant to ensure you produce 100% original content that you can use as yours without the worry of being penalized. You change any section that is plagiarized with minimal editing.

Content at Scale creates content that is human-like and bypasses AI content detectors.

Many AI content writing platforms do not have this feature. This feature ensures you can create content that is entirely original and undetectable by the strongest AI content detectors.

Content at scale also integrates an AI detector, helping you to check content originality and ensure you publish high-quality human-like content.

This tool has a 98% AI detection accuracy, as it has been trained on billions of pieces of data and thoroughly analyzes content to ensure it gives you just the right results.

This feature is very important to bloggers and anyone aiming to rank high and maintain rankings, as it is against Google guidelines to publish AI-generated content


WordPress Integration.

AI tools have enhanced the convenience of writing content, but a few allow you to continue using your trusted software.

Content at Scale is made to boost your writing process without additional inconveniences.

The WordPress plugin syncs the content to your website, allowing you to ensure live updates to your blog.

It offers a fast way to write long-form blog posts and other types of content each time. The exciting aspect is that this plugin allows you to access all Content at Scale features.

User Interface.

User Interface.

If you are starting to use AI platforms, you can choose a lower plan and upgrade as you become more familiar with the interface.

It’s a leading content automation platform where you can learn quickly and become an expert AI user.

Despite the plan you select, Content at Scale offers a user-friendly interface to support your writing process.

Once on board, you only need to input the target keywords or the prompt. If you experience writer’s block, the software can generate keywords.

Then, with a button, the AI magically generates your content. Thanks to a simple-to-use content editor, you can make desired edits to the content.

SEO Content.

Content at Scale is made for generating high-quality content that Google loves.

One question I often encounter is whether AI-generated content will rank high on search engines. This platform is meant to address that concern.

It uses semantically relevant keywords when writing content to make it friendly for any search engine.


This feature is helpful for those struggling to write content that ranks high.

SEO content marketers will also find it extremely useful because it eliminates the burden of optimizing human-written content.

It’s also a helpful approach to simplify content marketing and make it more profitable.

You will also save the costs of using third-party SEO optimization tools. It’s a sure way to ensure you rank for more than one keyword.

Who can Use Content at Scale?

Bloggers and Freelance Writers.

If you are a blogger or freelance writer, you will find Content at Scale helpful. It’s a great AI writing software that fits into your workflow despite the word count you want to produce.

Bloggers can use it effortlessly for long-form articles, short blog posts, and even brief outlines.

It’s even a handy tool for content creation if you are operating multiple sites needing continuous updates.

You can use Content at Scale to create fresh content cost-effectively. It will save you the high cost of getting evergreen content for multiple sites.

Plus, you will be sure to establish authority in your niche through high-quality and SEO-optimized content.

You will achieve all this while attracting large organic traffic to your website.

Brands and Start-ups.

As a brand or start-up, you need an AI tool that will meet your content needs without compromising your authority and brand voice.

Content at Scale generates content using your unique voice to ensure your brand or start-up voice is consistent.

It also uses your distinct writing style, ensuring your clients don’t doubt the nature of your writing.

These aspects of Content at Scale are instrumental when trying to write content for a particular target audience.

In addition, this AI tool can be your solution to writing targeted content because it will use the right words and phrases like this Content at Scale review for that target.

Brands and start-ups struggling to establish authority in a specific market can get immense assistance from this AI tool.

Content at Scale will write well-researched posts for your field and position you as an authority who understands the nitty-gritty of what you do.

Marketing Agencies.

Content at Scale will fit nicely into the high demands of marketing agencies due to its excellent features.

At the onset, you can use it to generate engaging content that resonates with the pain and needs of the target audience.

It will also fit the demand for high volumes of long-form content that would be challenging to achieve with a human writer.

Content creation has never been this simple! However, you may have to make marginal edits to your content to make it more fit.

It’s also the right tool for marketing agencies because it has a Shopify plugin. With this plugin, you can connect Scale’s projects to Shopify effortlessly.

You will enjoy the convenience of writing and publishing great content without switching sites. The plugin allows you to publish content directly from the app.


Content Creators.

If you’re a keen content creator looking to boost your work, Content at Scale is a good choice.

This AI tool speeds the content creation process to ensure you don’t lag behind deadlines or produce mediocre content.

You can trust its AI writing services because each piece of content is well-researched and written using the most appropriate language. The ability to produce natural language text makes it a great addition to your top content writing tools.

Content marketers can also add Content at Scale to the list of their loved tools because it does not fail. You can use it to generate content that will rank on search seamlessly. As I noted in this Content at Scale review, it is an instrumental application to spur your content marketing efforts.

Content at Scale Pricing.

Content at Scale is a premium AI writer that does not offer a free plan.

Even though this tool does not have a free version, I believe it provides great features at a great price point.

You can access outstanding features, like SEO optimization, thoroughly researched content, external and internal linking to authoritative sources, and a table of contents for your content.

Other AI writing software does not offer these good quality articles at such affordable plans.

Plus, other tools require you to use several prompts before you write an entire post. Content at Scale allows you to write a full post using a single prompt.

You also save a lot of time if you choose this tool because it supports quick research. It generates well-researched content, which is premium.

You would pay a high price to get such premium content using a human writer.

Content at Scale Pricing

You can start with a 7-day trial at $39.99, allowing you to access all the features and capabilities of this AI tool plus two long-form articles (2 credits each ranging from 1,000 to 7,000 words).

You might wonder whether you can cancel your subscription or ask what Scale’s refund policy is. Note that you can cancel your trial anytime, and upgrading the trial before 7 days grants you two additional credits.

You can also get a refund for the most recent month if you have unused credit.

Other pricing plans include the following, where you will be auto-billed after the 7-day trial for your chosen subscription plan.

  • Solo ($250/mo) – 8 posts/mo.
  • Starter ($500/mo) – 20 posts/mo.
  • Scaling ($1000/mo) – 50 posts/mo.
  • Agency ($1500/mo) – 100 posts/mo.

Pros and Cons of Content at Scale.

I have been using Content at Scale for a long time now and understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Each time, I note what works perfectly and where improvement is needed. My honest submission is that I don’t take note of these things so that I can share them!

Instead, knowing the tool better will improve my content production experience and help me get excellent output.

I am sharing these findings so that you can also become a better user of Content at Scale and improve your content creation and content marketing efforts.

Let me dive into the pros and cons to see how Content at Scale performs in different aspects.


  • Content is natural and human-like, making it more believable.
  • Excels in producing long-form content with word counts of 2,000 to 3,000.
  • Has CopyScape to ensure content is original and final output has no plagiarism.
  • Content bypasses advanced AI content detectors because it reads and sounds like a human.
  • Can produce content with over 100 languages, and the content will be native.
  • Produces SEO-optimized content to boost ranking on Google.
  • Has WordPress and Shopify plugins to increase the convenience of creating and publishing content.
  • A friendly interface and content editor make the writing process quick and simple.


  • Content may require editing to make it more suitable for your needs.
  • The pricing plans may not suit those with limited budgets.
  • It might repeat some sentences, but you can delete them simply.
  • Content at Scale might take a little bit longer to achieve perfect keyword research.

Personal Experience.

I embraced AI when most people were skeptical about their usefulness and abilities.

After testing free tools, I quickly transitioned to paid platforms because I wanted to access premium features.

Content at Scale is one of the tools that I have interacted with the most. I was among the first users of this platform, even when it had few features.

It became my dedicated writing assistant since its early days. I have used Content at Scale to boost my content creation efforts for my blog and marketing agency.

I often use Content at Scale to create long blog posts like the size of this Content at Scale review.

However, I often proofread the entire article and edit it where it does not meet my expectations.

My content creation process has become more seamless because I mainly focus on creating schedules, meeting clients, and having fun!

Initially, it would take me about a week to develop two quality articles for my marketing agency.

I have reduced this time to a few hours because Content at Scale can produce content in minutes.

Content at Scale has become more adapted to my writing style and tone.

I thought it would not achieve this milestone in a short time, but it has been possible.

As you continue using the tool, it becomes more effective in writing content that reflects your uniqueness.

Free and open content writing tools cannot attain the quality that Content at Scale produces.

FAQ About Content at Scale.

How does Content at Scale work?

Content at Scale is an excellent GPT-3 tool that uses semantic analysis algorithms and natural language processing to generate human-like content.

Although it works like many premium AI writing tools, it produces higher-quality output regardless of what you want to write.

The content creation journey using this tool is effortless. You can use it to develop content using one or more than one keywords.

One unique aspect of how Content at Scale works is the ability to repurpose or convert other media into content.

Once you identify your target keywords, Content at Scale will produce the content.

Should I Subscribe to Content at Scale?

You need Content at Scale to address your content needs and avoid the frustrations of working with human writers.

If you need an AI writer who can create SEO-optimized content in just a few minutes, you may need to consider Content at Scale.

You may also need this tool because it offers a user-friendly interface appropriate for novice and advanced users.

It’s an excellent selection for AI-written content that sounds and reads like human-written content.

What can I do with Content at Scale?

You can use Content at Scale for all your content needs, but it is more appropriate if you want to create long-form content.

I found it is great for creating an entire blog post. The primary use is to produce AI-generated text whether you are a blogger, freelancer, content marketer, business, or start-up.

Even though it produces long-form content, you can determine your desired word count.

Is Content at Scale Better than Other AI Writing Tools?

I believe this Content at Scale Review has by now confirmed that this AI writing software is better than other tools in several ways.

It has a friendly content writer that allows you to edit the output to create content that meets your needs.

The alternatives do not offer an editor, which inconveniences editing content. Other AI writing software do not use your voice and tone.

The AI-generated text from Content at Scale is better than what you will get from most standard tools.

I have used Content at Scale alongside other tools and found that it has superior performance.

Content at Scale Review: Final Thoughts

AI writing tools are flourishing, and content creation is becoming simpler and quicker.

Content at Scale is one of the leading tools because it offers exceptional features you cannot achieve using free AI tools.

I have found that it delivers its promise of supporting the content production process and giving quality output each time.

That is why I mainly use Content at Scale alongside other tools, like Jasper AI, to support my writing process.

As AI writing software becomes part of everyday life, it is crucial to understand what a particular platform produces, its pros and cons, and pricing plans, as I have highlighted in this Content at Scale review.

These factors help you to make an informed decision and spend your money on the most appropriate solution.

It will also help you to avoid platforms that deliver poor-quality articles or leave traces on the content.

I have several key takeaways that make Content at Scale a great selection. It produces natural language text that reads like human written content.

The content is original and bypasses advanced plagiarism and AI detectors. Your audience will not realize that content is AI-generated.

Content at Scale performs in-depth research to produce quality and authoritative content. It’s a unique feature that most other tools do not have.

You can be sure that the content is well-researched and consciously written to reflect your needs rather than a collection of extracts collected from the internet.

The other element is the ability to produce SEO-optimized content to increase your ranking on engines like Google.

You can create great content using just a keyword or hundreds of keywords. The content is also consistent with your unique tone and voice.

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