11 Best AI Chrome Extensions In 2024 (Tested and Vetted)


Feeling like you spend more time searching than actually getting work done online? What if your browser could work smarter for you?

AI Chrome Extensions are here to help. These handy plugins tap into powerful language models to simplify research, content creation, editing, and more. You no longer need to aimlessly wander the web and manage distractions yourself.

I have personally used AI-powered Chrome extensions such as Perplexity to write professional emails and cite evidence-based research papers, and the result was remarkable.

It is time to embrace these loyal extensions because they bring multiple possibilities for enhancing your productivity as a marketer, businessperson, student, researcher, or content creator in the writing process.

In this article, I will review the features, pros, and cons of the best AI Chrome extensions to help you determine the right one.

What are the Best AI Chrome Extensions?

1. Perplexity AI.

An Image showing perplexity-ai dashboard and Chrome extension.

Are you struggling with generating new ideas for your marketing ads? Do not worry!

Perplexity is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions that use GPT -3’s LLM to answer queries and provide valuable insights.

Not only does it provide ideas, but it also provides sources for citations to ensure the writer gives credit to the original authors.

In this sense, Perplexity AI is a superpower ChatGPT useful for intensive academic research and marketing because it is selective regarding content sources in webpages.

I have tested this tool and confirm it is a good tool for extensive academic research and evidence-based marketing ads.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Follow-up questions: I found this feature useful because, with a single click, the user can get answers to a follow-up query regarding their contextual research
  • A link for sharing answers: Perplexity AI is useful for a marketing team in seamlessly sharing tips or ideas to promote the achievement of team content creation objectives. The portal search links can be shared on social media platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • Content summarization: This feature is useful because it simplifies bulk text for fast reading and understanding.
  • Domain-specific information: The most interesting thing about tool is that its answers are not generic but are cited from web pages.


  • Even with all these features, Perplexity AI is sensitive to any particular evaluation model: It is challenging to make assumptive comparisons of data used for specific tests because each set has unique parameters and words.


Perplexity-ai price, stipulated monthly and yearly.


I would use Perplexity AI in generating predictive marketing content because it considers the complexity of datasets used to interpret context and provide domain-specific information.

2. Compose AI.

compose aI dashboad

Compose AI is an essential tool for content generation when writing mass marketing emails for companies with limited time to reach their target audience.

This extension automates and accelerates content creation through its autocomplete feature. It is useful in writing research articles, website copies, emails, and blog posts.

It is available on Google Docs and Gmail and is set to be integrated into many other sites.

What I liked most about Compose AI technology is that it helps users beat writer’s block by providing keyword suggestions.

All a writer has to do is input Compose’s code (//) and type keywords to find personalized suggestions with the potential for 1000 words of content in 30 seconds or less.

It leverages machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to create unique user insights.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Email integration: This feature is useful because users can seamlessly write emails from a few phrases and send them to recipients. Compose has email templates that make email writing efficient.
  • Editing and rephrasing: It allows users to highlight erred parts and provides autocorrect suggestions.
  • Multiple languages: I also found multiple language suggestions.
  • Autocompletion: This feature enhances speed and efficiency in high-quality content creation.


  • Since Compose AI is good at personalized suggestions, users may neglect developing creative writing skills.


View compose.ai pricing options and choose the best plan.
  • Basic ($0) – 1500 words/mo.
  • Premium ($9.99) – 25000 words/mo.
  • Ultimate ($29.99) – Unlimited AI-generated Text.


I would recommend Compose AI for marketing teams because it ensures the brand’s tone and writing style personalization.

3. Scalenut AI.

Image showing Scalenut AI dashboard.

Are you a marketer looking for a Chrome extension that can generate engaging content?

Well! Scalenut works across social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gmail, to create artificial intelligence-powered and engaging SEO content.

I have used Scalenut to create freelance SEO articles for an e-commerce startup using the inbuilt templates to rank it high in search engines.

Key Features and Pros:

  • SEO-powered assistance: Users can scrutinize chosen keywords for the best suggestions for content optimization.
  • Auto-complete command: Scalenuth is an autocomplete command that expounds simplified input into relevant text.
  • Templates: Scalenut also has inbuilt templates that ensure that the content generated ranks high on Google pages.
  • Simplification capability: I could transform complex data into simple texts that are easy to understand and interpret.
  • Rephrasing capability: Scalenut also rephrases repetitive content to eradicate redundancy


  • While it has multiple templates, users cannot customize them.


Scalenut.ai showcasing various plans and features.

Get started with a 7-day free trial to access this AI writing tool’s features and capabilities.

Scalenut comes with other payment plans based on your requirements:

  • Essential ($16/mo) – 100,000 AI Words, 10 SEO articles/mo, 40+ AI Templates, 400-page analysis/mo SERP Analysis, and more.
  • Growth ($32/mo) – Unlimited AI Words, 60 SEO articles/mo, Unlimited Tone of Voice, 400 web pages analysis/mo, Build 60 Keyword Clusters/mo, and more.
  • Pro ($60/mo)- Unlimited AI Words, 150 SEO articles/mo, 1000 web pages analysis/mo, 150 Build keyword Clusters/mo, and Dedicated CS Manager.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote).


Scalenut’s features make it SEO-friendly, such that it can generate desirable traffic for marketing sites.

4. Otter.ai.

A screenshot showcasing Otter.ai subscription plans, features, and pricing details.

Otter is a suitable extension because it writes articles, summarizes long-form text, captures slides, and records audio.

I found it useful for marketing teams because Otter Assistant connects people through Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for transcribed virtual meetings.

In this sense, marketing teams can share live transcripts for collaborative deliberations.

It is also useful for reminding users of virtual meetings because it detects links for calendar events or in the Chrome browser. Otter is compatible with Google Meet and Zoom, too.

Key Features and Pros:

  • AI-powered transcription: I found the voice-to-text capability an interesting valuable feature in the current era of diversity and inclusion in business and education. It enhances information sharing for marketing teams, particularly in virtual meetings.
  • Otter AI-powered meeting Assistant: I still get notifications for impending virtual meetings scheduled in my iOS calendar from Otter AI Meeting Assistant.
  • Seamless integration: I found it easy to switch to Zoom immediately after being notified of an ongoing or a starting virtual meeting that concerns me.
  • Capturing of slides: Otter has a capture slides feature for easy content compilation.
  • File synchronization: I found the documentation of content in Otter organized because it synchronizes files from Zooms, Dropbox, and other integrations and keeps them up to date.


  • Otter does not eliminate filler words used as input to direct the user’s style and tone, words such as “aah” and “umm.”


otter ai-pricing

Otter.ai comes with these pricing plans:

  • Basic ($0)for free, you enjoy 300 monthly transcription minutes (30 minutes per conversation).
  • Pro ($10/mo) – The package includes 1200 monthly transcription minutes (90 minutes per conversation), plus more.
  • Business ($20) – Here, you will get 6000 monthly transcription minutes (4 hours per conversation) and more.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote).


Otter is suitable for business marketing because it integrates the most important tools for enhancing collaborative decision-making, including Google Meet and Zoom.

5. Grammarly.

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly’s Chrome extension is suitable for business professionals, students, educators, and marketers because it improves written content and communication.

I have used Grammarly to remove costly grammar errors, such as wrong punctuation and spelling, from pitching emails and social media posts.

It is an essential software for enhancing content clarity and ensuring text aligns with a user’s tone and style. Its suggestions are real-time.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Grammar auto-correction: Grammarly’s autocorrection is engaging because it highlights erred words and punctuations where the users can click and select the right word replacement.
  • Fullrewrites: I found it useful in cleaning sentence structures to fit the intended tone and style.
  • Auto-citations: I found Grammarly useful in generating citations from web page sources.


  • Some of Grammarly’s auto-correct suggestions may be inaccurate based on the context of the content.


Grammarly is free for basic grammar checks and writing suggestions. Its premium and business subscriptions come with more advanced features.

  • Premium ($12/mo) – Vocabulary ideas, full sentence rewrites, and tone suggestions.
  • Business ($15/mo) – Premium features suitable for teams.


I recommend using Grammarly for professional writing because it fine-tunes written communication to align with the desired tone and style, making communication effective.

6. Jasper Chrome Extension.

Image for Jasper Everywhere Extension

Jasper is an AI assistant that reduces the time required to draft marketing content by 80%, reflecting businesses’ return on investment regarding marketing costs.

Jasper works in Google Docs and emails, making writing short-form and long-form social content efficient.

I found that users do not have to copy directly from the Jasper platform and paste it into their preferred editing and publishing tool.

Jasper also emulates a user’s style and tone to ensure content relevance for consistency in marketing campaigns.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Templates: I found over sixty templates on the Jasper Chrome extension, making content creation efficient and enhancing SEO optimization.
  • Content personalization: The capability to write desired content in the right tone and style makes Jasper extension a winner in marketing consistency.
  • Boosting Ad Conversions: It allows users to test multiple keyword and format variations, making creative writing easy and promoting sales conversions.
  • Personalized responses: Jasper uses natural language processing to interpret users’ contexts to generate patterns of ideas that suit the best email responses.


  • Content created may not be accurate depending on the accuracy of users’ data.


Jasper's website pricing page - find the perfect plan for your business.

Jasper comes with three pricing plans:

  • Creator: $39/mo.
  • Teams: $99/mo.
  • Business: Custom Quote.


Jasper is suitable for diverse marketing campaigns because it allows users to use open-ended commands.

7. ChatGPT.

Chat GPT webpage.

The latest ChatGPT Chrome extension is a revolutionary tool that displays creative results alongside search outcomes from Bing, Google, Opera, and other browsers providing insights from multiple sources.

ChatGPT, as an AI writing tool, leverages large language models to provide appropriate answers to contextual searches to save time and energy.

Users can use the OpenAI site to access the ChatGPT portal quickly and extend their searches to Chrome for instant results.

What I like about ChatGPT is that you do not need special prompts or commands to do relevant searches in real-time scanning.

Much like Chrome, ChatGPT provides instant responses, which helps users save time.

It suits marketers and businesses because it helps design logos, write content, visualize content, and optimize keywords.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Conversational chatbot: ChatGPT conversations are fascinating because they mimic human conversations in content creation.
  • Language prediction capability: ChatGPT is modeled in an advanced generative pre-trained transformer model of OpenAI that predicts users’ language, styles, and tones in a way that leverages natural language processing to provide human-like text and blog ideas.
  • Art generator: it is essential in composing fictional outlines, visuals, and audio to suit the content created.
  • Summarization capability: The extension can generate summaries and debug long and complex computer programs.
  • Automating repetitive tasks: It can increase efficiency for marketers and businesses by automating redundant tasks to increase customer satisfaction.
  • SEO optimizer: I found it useful in generating engaging content that enhances brands’ visibility in Google search engines.


  • Users must interrogate ChatGPT’s search results because it is not updated to cover data beyond 2021.


  • ChatGPT add-on is suitable for promoting teams’ learning in active and supervised training settings.

8. Merlin.

'Merlin': the ultimate extension for writing, summarizing, coding, and playing, all in one.

Merlin uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data patterns and determine repetitive activities requiring automation.

I have helped a friend improve his marketing company’s workflow by using Merlin to reduce the backlog created by repetitive tasks.

It provides insights for task shortcuts without compromising content accuracy.

Merlin integrates with tools like Scalenut, increasing its coding quality efficiency, content generation, and task automation.

Users have to enter keywords to their queries in Merlin and then enter the command Ctrl+M in Windows or Mac devices to get instant results.

It is most suitable for summarizing long content and YouTube videos.

Key Features and Pros:

  • ChatGPT Prompt Genius allows users to use preferable prompts to save redundant tasks in advanced mode.
  • Ctrl+M command: This command auto-completes searches based on phrases to generate relevant information
  • Social media integration: Merlin extension integrates with Twitter and LinkedIn, allowing users to post their content directly.
  • Summarizer: Merlin has a content summarizer for Gmail, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


  • Merlin’s features are limited to only short-form content generation.


Explore Merlin's pricing options, featuring clear and concise plan details.

Below are the three Merlin prices:

  • Starter: $14.25/mo.
  • Boost: $22.75/mo.
  • Elite: $69.42/mo.


Merlin is suitable because it saves time in text simplification for ad campaigns and professional communication.

9. Murf.


Are you a website developer seeking to increase your site’s SEO ranking? Well!

Murf Chrome extension analyzes your keywords and offers useful insights for quality advancement, which is useful in optimization.

It uses ML algorithms to personalize suggestions based on real-time analytics to increase site visibility and ad conversions.

It also converts text into studio-quality voiceover useful in marketing campaigns.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Speechify: Murf Chrome extension is essential in converting videos and text into explainer audio files with natural-sounding voices.
  • Grammar assistance: Murf’s SEO capability relies on grammar correction to ensure keyword consistency.
  • Multiple languages: Murf extension offers more than twenty languages useful in content diversification.
  • Google Slides: Murf integrates Google Slides to make it easier to transform audio explainers into presentations.


  • Murf’s video editor has limited features.


Check out Murf's pricing options
  • Free ($0)- No downloads, 10 mins of voice generation and transcription, and Up to 3 Users
  • Basic ($19/mo)- Unlimited Downloads,  access to 60 basic voices and 10 languages, ·  8000+ licensed soundtracks, and Chat & Email Support.
  • Pro ($26) – Unlimited Downloads, access to all 120+ voice and 20+ Languages, Voice Changer, and High Priority Support.
  • Enterprise ($75/mo)- 5 users, Unlimited Voice generation, Transcription & Storage, dedicated Account Manager, and many more features


Murf is a good text-to-speech enabled Chrome extension for marketers using explainers for competitive advantage.

10. Synthesia.

A glimpse of Synthesia's video editing tool interface.

Synthesia is a video-generating extension that allows marketers to create videos.

I have used several of the more than 70 video creator avatars on Synthesia to create short clips for marketing campaigns, and I can attest that users do not need filming equipment to create video ads.

Moreover, the Synthesia extension offers multiple templates and languages, a media library, and screen recording capabilities.

Like Murf, Synthesia also creates voiceovers for social media text and captions. The voiceovers can be synced with videos for professional marketing.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Over sixty languages: In the current era of increased globalization, marketing professionals need easy access to AI tools with diverse languages to enhance inclusion strategy.
  • Video avatars: I used about four avatars to create professional marketing video ads.
  • Video templates: Users find it easier to synchronize voiceovers and videos created.
  • Media library: Backed by the SAML SSO feature, Synthesia provides ample resources for video projects and backs up all created projects for easy access when users log back in.


  • Users experience limitations regarding the number of avatar videos they can create because Synthesia has no API access.
Pricing page for Synthesia showcasing various subscription plans and their corresponding features.


  • Starter ($22.50/mo) – 1 editor and three guests, 120 minutes of videos/year, 70+ AI avatars, and 120+ Languages and Voices.
  • Creator ($67/mo) – 1 editor and five guests, 360 minutes of video/year, 90+ AI avatars, and 120+ languages and voices
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote) – Custom number of seats, unlimited videos, 140+ AI avatars, Built-in screen recorder, dedicated customer success team, and many more privileges.


I like Synthesia because it allows even non-professional marketers to create marketing videos, edit them, add text, and synchronize them with voiceovers.

11. Fireflies.ai.

Fireflies.ai. dashboard.

I have personally tested Fireflies.ai in capturing virtual meeting videos on Bubbles and Loom and Google Meet calls.

I can confirm that Fireflies is one of the top AI-based tools marketers and business people can use to stay organized.

It can integrate with Google Calendar to automatically suggest meeting scheduling and other tasks.

It also transcribes meetings and lists follow-up items if a developer is disposed to multiple projects.

Fireflies.ai offers an in-depth analysis of data on developers’ activities and schedules them in a way that promotes productivity.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Auto-capturing of virtual meetings: For future reference, I found Fireflies useful in recording Google Meet calls and virtual meeting videos on Bubbles and Loom. Instead of manual note-taking, teams can record the meetings.
  • Sentiment filters: Depending on the developer’s prioritization of tasks, Fireflies uses sentimental or smart filters to determine which tasks come first.
  • Speaker transcriptions: It helps users understand every detail by transcribing meeting videos.


  • Accent barriers on the part of speakers may lead to Fireflies being inaccurate in transcribing meeting videos.


Explore pricing plans for Fireflies.ai.
  • Free: 0$ Forever.
  • Pro: $10/mo.
  • Business: $19/mo.
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote.


Fireflies is a powerful tool for marketing teams’ collaborative functioning because it provides them with opportunities for deliberations.

What are AI Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are plugins with capabilities such as NLP, virtual meeting transcription, and collaboration assistance designed to help users accomplish designated tasks on the internet.

Each Chrome extension has unique capabilities. For instance, Fireflies.ai can transcribe virtual meeting videos, while Murf can convert texts into audio explainer files.

Others, such as Jasper and ChatGPT, can generate emails and SEO social media articles for ad campaigns.

How Chrome Extensions Work?

Chrome extensions use deep machine learning algorithms and NLP to make predictive suggestions based on users’ contextual questions regarding content creation and SEO optimization.

They understand and interpret users’ keywords to offer efficient answers, reduce repetitiveness, offer creativity, and streamline developers’ and marketers’ workflows.

Each extension has unique features that enable it to simplify content creation and SEO optimization. For instance, ChatGPT uses NLP to write, rephrase, and summarize text, while Merlin is used to summarize YouTube videos. 

Final Thoughts

Every Chrome extension is useful, but its suitability depends on how well it satisfies the needs of business owners, marketers, educators, and students.

If a developer seeks an extension with video production and editing capabilities, then Synthesia would be the best tool.

Fireflies.ai and Otter will be the best tools if a marketing team requires collaborative tools. Voila! You are now well-informed on the best AI-based tool that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best AI-powered Chrome extensions in 2024?

They include many powerful tools designed to enhance productivity and simplify online tasks.

These extensions utilize advanced AI technology to optimize your browsing experience.

For example, ChatGPT, an AI-powered text generator, is among the top picks. Others include Merlin, Grammarly, and Jasper.

What is ChatGPT, and how does it benefit as a Chrome extension?

ChatGPT is a robust writing assistant that helps you create content more efficiently.

Whether you’re drafting an email, article, or a script for a YouTube video, ChatGPT can help you generate precise and articulate content.

It uses Artificial Intelligence applications to understand context, thus saving you time.

What advantages does an AI-powered Chrome extension bring to browser productivity?

Browser extensions can significantly boost your browser productivity.

They streamline video, communication, and content creation as they can automate tedious tasks, help you create high-quality content, and enhance your web explorer experience.

For example, a writing tool like Jasper helps you create better content quicker.

How to use ChatGPT as a Google Chrome extension?

You must first install it from the Chrome web store.

Once the installation is complete, launching the extension will prompt you to log in or sign up. After successful login, the ChatGPT extension will be ready to use.

You can then use the assistant as your writing aid in Google Docs or any other text editor.

What Chrome extensions are available for boosting productivity?

A variety of Chrome extensions can help boost your productivity.

For example, ChatGPT, a popular AI writing assistant, eases the writing process by offering contextual suggestions.

Other top options include Otter.ai for speech-to-text, Jasper for summary information alongside web pages, and Grammarly for automated proofreading and grammar corrections.

Are Chrome extensions safe to use?

Legitimate extensions from trusted developers that access limited data only with user permission and employ encryption are generally safe tools.

I would advise you to look for these tools from reputable developers that encrypt information and clearly explain how they utilize your data.

Taking the time to understand permissions protects your privacy as you enhance productivity.

How do I know if Chrome extensions are safe?

You can ensure safety by installing only from the official Chrome Web Store, scrutinizing permissions and verifying developers’ reputation, analyzing user reviews, regularly updating, and scanning for malware. Install only the add-ons you need and stay continually informed on cyber threats.

Being selective and proactive reduces privacy risks inherent in any add-on.

How do I install Chrome extensions?

Adding extensions takes just a few user-friendly steps.

First, select desired extensions from the Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome”.

Then click “Add extension” on the confirmation page.

Finally, follow any additional prompts to grant necessary data permissions and access extension features from the Chrome toolbar for an AI-enhanced browsing experience.

Is it bad to have too many Chrome extensions?

Yes. Having too many extensions can negatively impact your browsing experience.

Every additional extension uses more memory, slowing down page loads, especially with multiple tabs open.

More add-ons mean additional entry points for potential malware, browser crashes due to conflicts, and more data vulnerability risks.

Moreover, extensions, especially those that run constantly in the background, can drain battery life faster.

Fewer, targeted extensions prevent sluggishness, crashes, security issues, and undue system burdens.

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