5 Best AI Humanizer Tools To Bypass AI Detectors in 2023

Best Undetectable AI Content

Are you using the best AI assistants to support your content creation efforts? If you use AI to generate text, you’re definitely faced with the question of whether creating truly undetectable AI content is possible.

AI content humanizers are developed to give you the convenience of using AI-generated text. When you use artificial intelligence tools to write an article, story, SEO content, sales copy, or blog post, you can turn it into original AI-free text with content humanizers.

In this article, I will discuss the best AI humanizer tools to help you select one that suits your needs and ensure you continue using AI-generated content without worrying about detection.

I explore some of the best and newest content humanizers frequently. After researching the 60 top AI humanizers, I narrowed it down to the best few.

Let’s go directly to my recommended list.

What Are the Best AI Humanizer Tools?

1. HideMyAI.

hidemyai-homepage. Best AI Humanizer Tools

HideMyAI is an incredible AI tool that humanizes AI text and makes it undetectable. A distinguishing feature of this tool is the ability to maintain a high readability score for your content.

It’s a great content humanizer with a money-back guarantee if your content is detected by any of the leading AI content detectors.

Its advanced AI algorithm makes AI content undetectable and bypasses AI detectors. The algorithm works by rewording content and making it read like human-created text.

You can make your AI text bypass Turnitin, Originality.AI, Content at Scale, CopyLeaks, GPT Zero, and Proprietary Checkers.

I tested HideMyAI to see how it works, and here are the results. The box to the left below contains AI-generated content. The box to the right shows the same content humanized using HideMyAI.


I then used Originality.AI (the most accurate AI-content detector) to check for the humanized content and detect the presence of AI-generated content. Below is the result; the content turned 100% human-written.


Picture: hidemy.ai Results

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Shows probability of detection by different detectors: You will see which AI detector is likely or unlikely to flag your content for AI. It’s a great feature that gives you confidence that text will bypass AI content detection tools.
  • Bulk Upload documents: Upload all the documents you want to humanize at once to save time and improve your productivity.
  • Multilingual support: This feature is meant to support native writers or individuals who produce documents in different languages, and it currently supports English, French, Spanish, and Russian.
  • Select content generator: You can choose which generative AI was used to create the content for more tailored humanization.
  • Copy customization: HideMyAI can humanize content to suit the level you want, like professional, Ph.D., or master, type of content like marketing or essay, and perspective like first or third person.


  • It offers limited language selections and is more useful if you want the best AI humanizer for English text.


Although HideMyAI is not a free AI platform to humanize AI text, it has a free trial plan. You can use this AI technology to make AI content human-like without a subscription and then advance to a premium plan.

  • Starter ($0) – 300 credit added to your account and community support.
  • Pro (4%/mo) – Process 10,000/mo, Bulk Upload documents, and Email and Multilingual support.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote) – Everything in pro plus Unlimited words/mo, API access, Multiple seats, and Priority support (e.g., Slack and Email).

2. Undetectable AI.

Undetectable.AI is the most accurate content AI humanizer for content creators, writers, researchers, and bloggers. When you use an AI writing tool to write content, there is a high probability that AI detectors will flag it.

Undetectable.AI can scan the text using free and paid AI detectors and reword it with quality and consistency.

A unique feature of Undetectable.AI is the ability to show the percentage of human and AI-generated content in your text. It is one of the best tools for your task if you want to humanize text for different audiences because you can select the text’s level of readability and purpose.

Content creators and marketers generate content that ranks high across search engines like Google. When you click humanize, Undetectable.AI turns your AI-generated text into human-like, keyword-rich content. It prevents your SEO content and emails from being flagged as spam.

I tested the Undetectable.AI and placed the AI-written text and humanized text side by side for comparison. The output was undetectable AI writing. It offers a great way to express creativity with original content and the burden of AI detection.

AI-Generated content:

undetectable ai-content-to-be-tested

Humanized content:

undetectable ai-humanized-content

Picture: Undetectable.AI humanized content

I then checked the humanized content using Originality.AI, and below is the result.


Undetectable AI is a powerful yet simple tool designed for serious content creators.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • AI content detection: Undetectable.AI is a helpful tool to help scan whether your text has AI traces through its comprehensive analysis. Plus, it can detect output from all top AI writing assistants, which is an important step to determine whether you should adjust it.
  • Humanize content for your target: You can use unlimited AI text in your blog or marketing content without detection because Undetectable AI humanizes it to read like human-written text.
  • Intuitive user interface: Undetectable AI is a powerful humanizer AI, yet it is easy to use regardless of your experience with AI tools.
  • Readability score: It shows whether the content is readable so that you can edit it to suit your target audience.


  • It does not have Optical character recognition (OCR) technology, so you cannot upload pictures and scanned documents.



3. Netus AI.


Netus AI is the fastest and most versatile AI humanizer. It combines multiple capabilities, including technology to generate text and a one-click paraphrasing tool. You can write high-quality text or even paraphrase AI-generated text 10X faster with Netus AI.s

AI content detection has become critical in all sectors. Netus AI meets this need because it’s suitable for all types of creators, including founders, digital marketers, content marketers, SEO specialists, bloggers, and copywriters.

The powerful AI detector and AI bypasser integrate to boost your content marketing efforts. It scans text to detect sections that are AI-generated and presents you with an opportunity to adjust it to bypass detector tools.

A unique feature of Netus AI is the ability to improve sentence structure and vocabulary. Unlike other AI text humanizers that focus on replacing words with synonyms, this tool rewrites the entire text by changing the structure of sentences and integrating relevant vocabulary.

The best thing is that it will show you the vocabulary richness and sentence structure, AI detection probability, and plagiarism level.


Netus AI produces content that beats all the major AI detectors. The summarized or paraphrased text will bypass AI content detectors, like GPTZero, Content at Scale, Originality.AI, and Crossplag. The tool helps you achieve authenticity, originality, and content integrity.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful AI detector: It can detect traces of AI-written content from any AI model to help you determine whether it needs adjustments before publishing or sharing.
  • Paraphrasing: Netus AI turns flagged AI content into high-quality text through a paraphrasing tool that changes sentence structure and vocabulary.
  • Summarization model: This feature is beneficial if you want to generate undetectable text by AI from long-from content or any other type.
  • Highly versatile: It’s meant for any creator who uses an AI-powered writing tool to produce their content and wants to beat AI detection tools.
  • The tone of Voice: Netus AI allows you to paraphrase text in your own voice and tone to retain the original meaning and connection to the target audience.


  • The free plan offers limited features to get you started, so you must select a paid plan to access all premium features.



Netus.ai Offers these four prices:

  • Detector ($0) – 50 Netus AI credits, humanizes 500 words, paraphrases 50 words, and has Chat GPT watermark removal – 50 words.
  • Starter ($19/mo) – 10,000 Netus AI credits, humanizes 100,000 words, paraphrases 10,000 words, and has Chat GPT watermark removal – 10,000 words.
  • Premium ($39/mo) – 30 000 Netus AI credits, humanizes 300 000 words, paraphrases 30 000 words, and has Chat GPT watermark removal – 30,000 words.
  • Premium+ ($99/mo) – 100,000 Netus AI credits, Humanizes 1,000,000 words, paraphrases 100,000 words, and has Chat GPT watermark removal – 100,000 words.

4. Stealthwriter.


Stealthwriter is the easiest-to-use content rewriter and paraphraser. It allows you to humanize AI content in three steps: input your content, click the “humanize” button, and your content will be rewritten in seconds.

These steps are made so simple to ensure anyone can use it regardless of their experience with AI tools.

The humanizing process helps to improve your content because it infuses it with nuance and creativity. Apart from allowing you to humanize AI-generated text, it also improves it to capture the target audience’s attention.

The tool is focused on creating content that will be undetectable by AI detectors and suitable for your purpose.

Stealthwriter gives you simple options to make the humanized content authentic and high-quality. For instance, you can rewrite only three levels, including easy, medium, and aggressive.


If you use AI assistants to create huge volumes of content, Stealthwriter is a dependable AI companion to transform that content into original, high-quality writing.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unlimited words with the Ninja Model: This feature is made for content writers who generate or receive huge volumes of AI-generated content.
  • Built-in AI detector: It protects you from AI writing because anyone can use an artificial intelligence writing tool to generate content and share it with you.
  • Content generator: Stealthwriter offers access to an undetectable AI writing tool.
  • Fluent vocabulary: It promises to rewrite your content to achieve a high-quality, authentic copy with no random or weird words.


  • It does not allow you to choose the level of writing, such as university, general, and PDH.
  • It does not have an option for writing content using your tone of voice.


Stealthwriter offers a free plan, allowing you to rewrite 300 words. The premium plan allows you to rewrite up to 100,000 words per month and 2,000 words/month.


5. QuillBot.

QuillBot is an incredible tool to humanize AI text through paraphrasing. This AI helper is an all-in-one tool that features a paraphraser, summarizer, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, translator, and citation generator.

These AI writing tools are meant to customize your writing, increase productivity, and generate original content.

Even though it was not initially created as an AI humanizer tool, QuillBot is among the best AI tools that make AI text undetectable. The paraphrase makes your writing faster, better, and smarter.

Paraphrasing improves fluency, tone, style, and vocabulary. It quickly rephrases essays, sentences, paragraphs, articles, and more.

QuillBot allows you to track the changes made during the paraphrasing process so you can determine whether they are right. It shows the changed words, structural changes, and longest unchanged words.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple writing modes: It has eight predefined modes and unlimited custom modes to suit your writing needs.
  • Grammar checker: QuillBot ensures your content is high-quality by checking the grammar and offering suggestions to improve it.
  • Summarizer: It can create a short conscience copy of a long text or humanize AI through the summarizer tool.
  • Plagiarism checker: This feature ensures that your content is original and not copied randomly from the internet.
  • Integrations: You can integrate QuillBot into the tools that you already love, like Microsoft Word and Chrome, to save time and increase the convenience of rephrasing content.


  • It sometimes integrates random or irrelevant vocabulary in a text, affecting its readability.
  • It doesn’t detect AI percentages in a piece of text.  



Quillbot offers a free plan, allowing you to paraphrase 125 words and summarize 1,200 words.
The premium plan allows you to paraphrase unlimited words, summarize 6,000 words, check 20 pages/mo for plagiarism, and more. This pricing plan comes in three forms:

  • Annual: $4.17/mo.
  • Semi-Annual: $6.66/mo.
  • Monthly: $9.95/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are AI humanizers?

They are tools that paraphrase or rewrite content without changing the meaning. It creates a new version of the text, such as AI-written text, using different sentence structures, syntax, vocabularies, and synonyms, so you get undetectable AI content that bypasses detectors.

Who needs AI humanizers?

Content creators who need to humanize text and turn AI content into high-quality writing need these tools. These include writers, copywriters, content marketers, founders, researchers, freelancers, SEO specialists, educators, and students.

Do AI humanizers bypass AI content detectors?

Yes. While AI humanizers are particularly developed to make AI writing more human, they use AI algorithms to beat AI content detectors. They support content creation by ensuring your text is original and authentic.

Best AI Humanizer Tools: Final Thoughts

You don’t need to stop using the best tools for AI-generated text because humanizer software helps you to make AI content undetectable.

The use of AI writing platforms will increase significantly due to the adoption by individuals in different fields. Using AI for content generation is a great way to increase productivity and save time.

When choosing tools for your task, you should not ignore AI humanizers because they help you turn AI content into original text and increase authenticity.

However, you should not select any AI software that pops up on the internet. It would be best to have a content humanizer tool that offers value for your money.

In this article, I have discussed the list of AI tools I love and use to humanize text. My recommendations are based on the best 60 AI tools available today. Among those tools, I have focused on the best few.

Proceed to pick one of these AI humanizers to improve AI-generated content and share your thoughts.

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