The 11 Best AI Audio Enhancers for Singer-Songwriters in 2024 (Tested & Vetted)

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Audiences love high-quality professional audio in audio and video content. But you might have challenges recording polished content with pristine sound if you’re not in a studio.

I welcome you to the world of AI audio enhancers. An audio enhancer combines AI technology and audio engineering capabilities to improve audio quality.

They also offer excellent outcomes in audio restoration and noise reduction. You don’t have to worry about unwanted noises like traffic sounds, wind, colleagues’ chats in the office, or even a baby crying at home!

Artificial intelligence-powered audio enhancers transform samples to audio in seconds or minutes to save you hours of technical work.

You can create audio for all popular streaming platforms and devices with automatic audio conversions.

In this article, I will review the top AI audio enhancers available on the internet today to help you select one to create professional, studio-quality audio and enhance the overall audio experience for your audience.

What are the Best AI Audio Enhancers?


Veed.oi website: Create professional videos easily. Choose templates, add text and music. is an excellent tool to supercharge your video content production and deliver professional-quality videos.

It is also a powerful audio clarity enhancer that helps you enhance audio from video with one click. uses Dolby technology to detect and remove unwanted sounds in your videos to improve the quality.

It is a productivity tool that uses AI to provide the highest-quality enhancement for any audio, and you can use it to clean audio quality for various uses like online classes, zoom recordings, and webinars.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Background noise remover:  You can remove noises like ticking clocks, wind, rain, and traffic from your videos to achieve studio-quality sound.
  • Audio replacement: This tool helps you to improve your video quality by replacing audio or adding sound effects, background music, or voiceovers.
  • Highly versatile: It provides professional-level audio quality for online courses, business meetings, or other videos and can handle all popular video file types.
  • Intuitive user interface: You can get crisp audio in two steps: upload your file and click Clean Audio.


It enhances audio in videos only.


You can access this tool through the Free plan, Basic for $12/mo, Pro for $24/mo, Business for $59/mo, or Enterprise for a custom quote. pricing page showcasing various subscription plans and their corresponding prices on a website.

Verdict:                       is the right AI Audio enhancement software to achieve noise-free and flawless audio in your videos.


lalalai. Website for audio editor: sleek design, intuitive interface, powerful tools. Edit audio effortlessly.

LALA.AI is the most versatile audio enhancer that can improve your productivity instantly if you’re working on an audio project.

It’s among the best AI editing tools that help you extract a pleasant and beautiful voice from video or audio.

The versatility of LALA.AI gives steamers, journalists, musicians, and transcribers a quick solution to extract voices from different media.

You can try this tool using the Starter Pack and see how it works before selecting a paid plan.

Streamers can eliminate background music from video streams to avoid legal issues and copyright claims.

Musicians can reduce the background voice and noise that microphones capture during recording.

Transcribers can find the tool helpful in extracting dialogues and monologues from videos, movies, shows, and series for translation and speech-to-text decoding.

Journalists will find LALA.AI helpful in cleaning interviews and general audio recordings for better voice clarity and fast speech deciphering.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Voice cleaner: LALA.AI has a distinct algorithm that removes unwanted sounds to ensure you get tracks with crystal voice.
  • Interface: It provides a user-friendly interface that makes audio editing to improve the quality a breeze regardless of your expertise level.
  • Batch upload and faster processing: A unique feature of this AI-based audio enhancer is the ability to handle up to 20 uploads simultaneously and process your audio faster.
  • File formats: LALA.AI allows for automatic audio conversions, and you can output content in different formats, like MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG, AVI, WAV, and FLAC.


  • LALA.AI does not give a spectral display.


This audio enhancer provides several pricing plans, including a one-time fee of the Lite pack for $15, the Plus pack for $25, and the Pro pack for $35.

Explore the latest offers and packages for lalalai.


LALA.AI is a great selection if you want to produce audio for various media because of its advanced noise-cancellation technology.

3. Krisp.

An image showcasing a voice productivity AI tool called Krisp. It enhances productivity through voice commands.

Krisp is an incredible solution to enhance the quality of voice for online meetings, conferences, and video calls.

If you work and attend online meetings in a noisy environment, the number one challenge is undesired sounds and disruptions.

Krisp is an online audio fixer that improves the productivity of your virtual meetings by improving voice clarity.

It uses your device as an audio input or output to cancel voices around you and ensure your conversations are clear.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Improve audio quality: This tool processes your voice to improve its quality so that you have an enabling environment to converse with colleagues and build strong teams.
  • Audio super-resolution: You can eliminate background voices, like barking dogs, fan sounds, keyboard clicks, colleague chats, or a crying baby with one click for high audio resolution.
  • Create a professional atmosphere: Virtual teams need a distraction-free environment to remain productive.
  • Improve communication skills: Krisp captures and shares insights from your calls to help you improve your communication skills.


This tool is only used to improve voice in online meetings or conferences and can’t be used for other audio projects.


You can access this tool using the Free plan for individuals, the Pro plan for professionals and small businesses at $8/mo, or the Enterprise plan at a custom quote.

Explore various pricing options for Krisp's services.


Krisp is an AI audio fixer solution that improves the productivity of all types of online communications by removing background voices.

4. Simplified.

Simplified interface for video editing, enhanced accessibility and ease of use.

Simplified is a superior AI-powered tool that elevates the quality of your audio files to give you a quality finish from an amateur audio recording.

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your recordings and eliminate unwanted buzzing sounds and pops.

This audio enhancer software gives you professional-quality audio regardless of the recording room or space noise.

It’s a game-changer if you want to improve the quality of your audio recordings, like podcasts, TikTok videos, and IG reels.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Remove background noise: Simplified fixes audio recordings by canceling unwanted sounds to deliver studio-quality audio.
  • Customize audio levels: This feature eliminates the guesswork in editing sound by customizing the sound for a consistent and accurate experience. You can playback the audio to ascertain if it meets your needs.
  • Inaudible speaking levels fixer: This AI-powered noise reducer has an auto volume feature that identifies and fixes low speaking levels in your audio, making speech enhancement a breeze.
  • Intuitive user experience: The user-friendly interface guides you to upload audio, and the tool does the rest without requiring any settings.


  • It’s unsuitable for handling several audio projects as it lacks multitrack editing technology.


It offers three plans, including the Video Editor Free ($0), Video Editor Pro ($12/mo), and Video Editor Business ($32/mo).

simplified. clear and concise pricing information displayed.


Simplified is an AI-powered audio enhancer if you want to create quality recordings for podcasts, YouTube videos, and reels without worrying about technical settings.

5. Descript.

Descript. A way to make video and podcasts.

Descript is a powerhouse that combines video and audio editing technology to give you a futuristic experience if you’re a podcaster.

It’s a simple, fun, and powerful approach to simultaneously editing your audio and visual content.

When you choose Descript, you can access a single tool to supercharge your full workflow.

You can use it alongside other tools like AI Album Cover Generators to seamlessly record, write, edit, transcribe, collaborate, and publish podcasts and video files.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Multitrack editing: It’s an AI-powered audio tool that allows you to edit multiple tracks to save time and focus on content creation.
  • Screen recording: You can record and improve audio on the Descript platform using the speech enhancement and noise removal features to attain studio-quality sound.
  • Audio transcription: Descript transcribes audio for various platforms faster and more accurately, costing pennies per minute.
  • Clip creation: This tool supports the enhancement and audio conversions using subtitles and templates to ensure you create and circulate more content.


  • Descript offers better results when editing files recorded on the platform and inferior outcomes for uploaded content.


This AI audio enhancer is available on several plans, including a free plan ($0), Creator plan ($12/mo), Pro plan ($24/mo), and Enterprise plan for custom pricing.

Descript. Easy-to-read layout with clear pricing information.


Descript offers quality output for podcasters who want a powerful tool to enhance their video and audio content and publish it with a click.

6. AI Mastering.

Discover AI Mastering's free mastering services on their dedicated webpage.

The number one Audio clarity enhancer if you’re looking to start improving the quality of your music for free.

AI Mastering allows you to produce a pleasant audio file with a drop-and-drop UI, which saves you hours of editing.

It’s a useful audio enhancer tool that can improve your audio input in seconds. New musicians with a limited budget can improve their music without spending on expensive tools. I found it’s a tool that saves you the costs of going to the studio, just like AI headshot generators.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Get audio enhanced: You can get quality music by targeting factors like loudness customization and output format customization.
  • Audio quality enhancement: Spectrum analysis allows you to view the audio better and achieve sound quality that brings your music closer to your desired commercial quality.
  • Loudness and dynamic range: This tool has a powerful limiter that makes it possible to balance the dynamic range and loudness of your music.


It doesn’t offer background noise reduction capabilities, meaning you might have to use another AI tool to cancel noise.


It allows you to enhance audio clarity with a free plan, $0.


AI Mastering is designed to help new musicians and those with a limited budget revamp the quality of audio.


Audoai webpage showcasing one-click audio cleaning tool, simplifying the process of enhancing audio quality effortlessly.

You get an easy-to-use tool that you can use whether you’re a novice or have broad experience in audio engineering. provides a One-Click Audio Cleaning solution for your YouTube, podcast, and video files.

It uses AI technology to cancel background noise and enhance your speech automatically. This audio tool cleans your audio in seconds, saving your work hours.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Advanced Noise Removal: You can avoid the agony of finding a quiet recording space because this tool uses the latest advancements in audio processing to remove background noise intuitionally.
  • Echo Reduction: Enhance your audio by automatically reducing the reverb or echos in your voice recordings. You save money because you don’t need to purchase acoustic foam panels for the recording space or studio.
  • Auto Volume: It uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the sound of your recordings and make them pleasant with a single click.
  • Free samples: is a unique audio enhancer application that lets you listen to free samples before selecting your preferred subscription plan.


  • doesn’t offer features to edit your audio.


You can select the Starter plan for free with 20 minutes of voice enhancement, the Creator plan for $12/mo with 600 minutes of voice enhancement or Pay As You Go+, a one-time purchase of 600 minutes of voice enhancement. page for audio studio showcasing rates for services, equipment, and packages.

Verdict: is a great selection if you want a minimalist audio tool that cleans your recordings in one click.

8. Audioalter.

Audioalter Dashboard. A collection of top-notch online audio tools designed for musicians to enhance their musical creations.

Audioalter is a free and easy-to-use tool to get better audio clarity from any audio recording. It’s an incredible AI tool if you want to preserve the quality of voice recordings.

Audioalter allows you to upload or drag and drop several file formats, like OGG, MP3, FLAC, and WAV. You can get started without subscribing or registering.

It offers other AI audio enhancement tools, such as bass booster, equalizer, 3D audio effect, pitch shifter, tempo changer, and volume change.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Eliminate background noise: Audioalter uses AI-based technology to reduce background noise in audio recordings with a few clicks.
  • Clean voice recordings: You can decrease unwanted audio noise from recordings and maintain the good quality of your audio.
  • Audio enhancement: Enhance your audio using studio equivalent tools like reverb, stereo panner, and auto panner.
  • Spectral display: You can create spectrogram and waveform images from your audio for better visualization and editing.


  • The size of files is limited to 50MB only, which might not meet your needs if you want to enhance a larger file.


Use Audioalter for free because it is available for everyone.


It’s a great suite of audio manipulation for beginners.

9. Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition - audio workstation for professionals.

Adobe Audition is a one-in-all AI audio enhancer designed to meet a wide range of broadcasting purposes.

It’s an audio enhancer that has revolutionized the industry. You get access to a high-end audio workstation that accelerates audio finishing and video production.

Audition provides access to a toolset that combines multitrack, spectral, and waveform display to help you create, mix, restore, and edit audio content.

Listen to tracks as you edit to get quality results and save time producing high-quality audio projects.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Excellent audio editing: A spectral display allows you to make excellent edits and even apply effects to audio clips.
  • Multitrack Editing: You can record, edit, and mix several tracks simultaneously to improve your audio files.
  • Noise reduction: Audition offers a noise reduction feature so you can clean and polish audio tracks.
  • Repair and restore plain audio files: It’s an AI tool that gives a wide array of tools for you to fix audio, including the Amplitude Statistics panel, Diagnostics panel, and DeHummer and DeClipper effects.


  • Audition is used predominantly by professionals, and beginners need to spend time learning how it works to enhance the audio.


adobe-audition. various pricing plans and features.

Feel free to visit the website to view all the prices for all the categories.


It’s one of the best tools that will suit your needs if you work multiple products simultaneously without sacrificing quality.

10. Izotope.

Izotope. Music Production Suite 6, the all-in-one solution for music producers.

Izotope is the right AI audio enhancer for professional audio engineers who want to enhance audio.

Get powerful audio at your convenience. It restores, improves, and cleans up recordings to ensure you get a high level of audio quality.

Get access to unique tools that help you to cancel background noise, remix an audio file, or enhance the clarity of dialogues.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Remove background noise: Noise canceling technology helps you to automatically eliminate buzzes and hums or other intricate noises that affect the audio pitch without sacrificing quality.
  • Multi Speaker Detection: Izotope guides you in finding and tagging specific voices in an audio featuring several speakers without background noise.
  • Repair Assistant Plug-in: It uses machine learning technology to detect and fix audio issues, which is a quick solution to improve the quality of your audio without exiting your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
  • Precision edits: Selection feathering and spectral repair enable you to precisely identify, select, and repair unwanted sounds or problem frequencies.


  • Izotope is complex, but you can leverage the First Time User Experience feature for a quick guide through the software.


You can improve the quality of audio using the Monthly plan for $19.99/mo or the Yearly plan for  $16.58/mo ($199/year).

Izotope. A visual representation of the best plans for you, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


Izotope is a good choice if you want a high-end audio noise reducer and audio editing software that gives a studio experience.

11. Landr.

Website for the company, Landr, displayed on screen

Landr is the AI audio enhancer for artists and musicians who want to create a crispy, clear audio track.

Its AI mastering technology allows you to master your audio file in minutes using a mastering chain that adapts to any music genre.

Unique plug-ins like RePitch Elements, VocAlign Project 5, 5-multi sound effects, and Chromatic give you professional audio each time. Plus, you can access individual audio samples for motivation and guidance.

Key Features and Pros:

  • AI-driven mastering engine:  A powerful engine listens and masters your track without presets.
  • Collaborate using this AI: Landr lets you connect with other musicians in real time to record audio and share feedback through videos and notes.
  • Exclusive plug-ins for audio improvement: Industry standard plug-ins help to manipulate and control audio to transform your inspiration into creation and bring your musical dream to life.
  • Distribution: You can directly release music to about 150+ streaming platforms from Landr, like Spotify and Apple Music.


Not appropriate for beginners because its features are designed to help professional musicians produce top-notch audio.


You can choose the Studio plan for $11.99.00/mo or the Studio Pro plan for $15.99/mo.

An overview of Landr Studio and features and package options


Landr is an excellent selection for musicians and artists because it will give your audio a professional finish.

Which is the Right AI Audio Enhancer?

Selecting an AI audio enhancer depends on your needs and the audio projects you work on.

For example, you will choose if you want to edit audio in videos or Landr if you’re a musician.

You also want an online audio enhancer that integrates into your workflow or other platforms.

Adobe Audition is a powerful and good choice if you use other Adobe products. A suite of audio restoration plug-ins is suitable if the audio has inconsistent volume and noise.

Final Thought

An AI audio enhancer is an incredible tool for audio processing to achieve a quality output.

It’s helpful if you have audio editors that use AI to detect noise and issues in your audio and fix them automatically.

An audio enhancer tool that focuses on cancelling background voices can help you avoid the embarrassment or inconveniences of poor-quality sound.

You don’t need advanced AI knowledge to use audio enhancers. They use algorithms to improve audio quality with just a click.

These tools can also help you to mix audio clips and change background music.

Audio enhancers can be used by podcasters, journalists, vloggers, streamers, and educators. You can integrate it into any audio project that needs clear sound.

Go ahead and try your preferred audio enhancer from the above list and elevate your content production efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an AI Audio Enhancer?

An AI Audio Enhancer is a digital audio tool used to enhance the quality of your audio.

It is designed to improve the sound quality and audio experience by making subtle changes and tuning.

These tools use advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to enhance audio in previously challenging or impossible ways with traditional editing approaches.

Why should you use AI Audio Enhancers?

With the increasing demand for high-quality audio in both audio and video production, you should use powerful AI audio enhancer tools to ensure that your audio meets these standards.

These tools can significantly improve audio quality in ways that may be difficult or time-consuming for a typical audio engineer.

By using AI, these tools can analyze, understand, and modify your audio at a level of detail and speed that is impossible through traditional audio enhancement methods.

What are the best AI Audio Enhancer tools in 2024?

The right AI Audio Enhancers include those that offer both top-quality audio enhancement and user-friendly interfaces.

Some leading tools include MixGenius LANDR, Auphonic, iZotope RX 7 Standard, and Krisp.

These tools have unique capabilities, such as audio restoration and AI mastering, making them top picks in the quest for captivating audio.

How do AI Audio Enhancers Work?

AI Audio Enhancers use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to understand and improve the quality of audio files.

They add time-domain samples to an audio signal to improve sound quality.

AI algorithms are implemented in these tools to analyze the digital audio file and directly adjust to the file, enhancing its overall quality and clarity.

Can AI Audio Enhancers improve the quality of a recorded audio file?

Absolutely! Audio restoration software can significantly improve the quality of a recorded audio file.

By analyzing the various elements within the audio, the AI will make the necessary adjustments to improve clarity, reduce noise and balance levels, and enhance the audio experience.

This can be especially helpful in cases where audio was recorded in less-than-ideal conditions.

Are AI Audio Enhancers applicable in audio and video editing?

Yes, AI Audio Enhancers are highly applicable in audio and video editing.

Sound quality is integral to any audio or video production, so using an AI-powered audio editor can significantly improve the final output’s quality.

Video editing often helps increase the audio’s clarity, making the whole video experience more enjoyable. 

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