11 Best AI Album Cover Generator Tools (2023): Honest Review

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Do you want to create stunning AI album covers for your upcoming album? Are you tired of working with costly graphic designers to generate album covers?

I want to introduce you to the world of album art generators.

With an AI image generator, you can design outstanding covers that promote your music and engage with your followers and fans.

The success of an album will depend on the production and how you present it to the audience.

Maybe you’re searching for the best AI album cover generator or a free online tool to design an eye-catching AI album cover.

In this article, I will present the best AI album cover generator tools available for musicians and artists to help you create a cover that will elevate your music.

What are the Best AI Album Cover Generator Tools?

My recommendations for the Best AI Album Cover Generators

1. Fotor.

fotor-album-cover-generator-homepage - AI Album Cover Generator

Fotor album cover generator allows artists to easily create stunning photographic style, minimalistic or mixed media album covers with a user-friendly interface.

Album cover maker for Fotor provides you access to intuitive features and tools that make it straightforward for new and professional musicians to design eye-catching album covers without technical skills.

Making a cover for your album is simple once you’re on board.

Click the option for Create Album Covers and upload your image or input text in the text bubble describing what you want.

The final step is to click the option for Generate. Fotor allows you to adjust different aspects, like light effects, details, and ratios.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Artist’s preferences: You can experiment with color combinations, graphical elements, and typography styles to design covers that stand out and capture attention.
  • Unlimited customization: Fotor lets you customize your album covers with an array of editing tools and graphic design features, such as adding text or font or changing the background color of your covers.
  • Effortless designing: It saves professionals and content creators time with a streamlined design process and user-friendly interface.
  • Album cover templates: Fotor allows musicians to create unique covers for their albums using predesigned templates that showcase the diversity and complexity of their music.


  • It offers a limited number of styles for album covers.


  • Fotor Album cover generator is free to use.


Fotor is a great selection if you want access to various album cover templates to create a cover that suits your distinct music genre.

2. Nightcafe studio.


The AI album cover generator merges creativity and futuristic features to bring your imagination to life.

Nightcafe Studio generates album covers from text without misinterpretation to ensure you get the actual covers that you need.

It uses artificial intelligence to generate unique and eye-catching album artwork in seconds.

AI art challenges on this platform challenge you to improve your imagination. It’s an opportunity to create a better cover for your album whenever you have a new release.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Versatile AI art: Nightcafe Studio allows you to use an AI art generator to create diverse images to select the one that reflects your music identity.
  • AI art generator community: One of the best things about Nightcafe Studio is the community it creates among art enthusiasts, where you can explore and react to the work of others on the platform.
  • Detailed art: It allows you to create an expressive album artwork with finer details to create a lasting impression on the audience.
  • Collaborate with friends: You can create or join chat rooms to create with friends.


  • You can’t add text to the generated artwork.


  • AI Beginner ($4.79/mo) – 100 credits.
  • AI Hobbyist ($7.99/mo) – 200 credits.
  • AI Enthusiast ($15.99) – 500 credits.
  • AI Artist ($39.99) – 1400 credits.


Nightcafe Studio can help you generate images based on text to give your album a distinct identity.

3. ArtGuru AI.


ArtGuru AI is an incredible AI album cover generator that allows you to create a masterpiece from text or selfie in seconds.

It’s one of the tools that can help you create stunning album covers quickly without the inconvenience of hiring a photography and photo editor.

Advanced artificial intelligence technology helps to create realistic images based on your input.

You can also use the advanced settings option to give ArtGuru AI an additional description of the album cover you want to design.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Text prompt: It delivers the best AI album cover design using your text and refines it based on the text you type in the negative prompt.
  • Ratio Choices: You can create an appealing album cover for any platform, including Instagram, because this tool allows for different ratio aspects, like landscape and square.
  • Multiple design styles: ArtGuru allows you to create captivating artwork using a variety of styles like 3D, freestyle, and anime.


  • Generating art requires a detailed and vivid description, which might be time-consuming.


  • Weekly ($3.99/week): 400 credits.
  • Annual ($0.77/week/$39.99/yr): 20,000 credits.


ArtGuru generates an AI album cover quickly and customizes it for different platforms.

4. VEED.io.


The best AI album cover maker if you want parental advisory, explicit, or custom artwork.

VEED is a tool for professional musicians and artists to give their music to life with stunning album images that represent the true essence of the music.

You can use VEED free video editor tools to combine the AI album cover with your audio.

It also allows you to create a teaser video using your album images to generate curiosity and interest among the audience.

Key Features and Pros:

  1. Text to image: VEED transforms your text into a visually appealing cover image for your album.
  2. Intuitive tools and features: You can access a huge library of fonts, design elements, and customizable templates to generate impressive artwork that portrays your music’s essence.
  3. Export or make a video: It lets you download the cover image, add text, sound effects, and music, or even create a short video using VEED’s video editor.
  4. Personalized album cover: VEED has a streamlined design process to help you design individualized album covers regardless of the level of your design skills, and you own the creations.


  • VEED integrates video editor tools into the cover generator, which might confuse beginners.


  • Free ($0) – Essential editing, exports with watermarks.
  • Basic ($12) – Ideal starter plan; remove watermark.
  • Pro ($24) – For pro creators, AI-powered editing.
  • Business ($59) – For up to 5 users and custom templates.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): Tailored to your needs.


VEED is an excellent option if you want to create an eye-catching Ai album cover and a teaser video for your music.

5. Dream AI by WOMBO.


WOMBO specializes in providing AI-based entertainment and has become popular with musicians.

The company launched a top-notch album cover generator named Dream AI because it understands musicians’ needs.

Dream is the best AI album cover generator for captivating album images to announce your music to the world.

Your album cover art is generated in two steps. Enter your prompt, select the desired art style, and Dream AI will bring it to life in seconds.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Multiple outputs: You can create custom album covers faster because Dream AI allows you to make 4 at a time.
  • Cover variations: It’s a unique creator that gives you 3 alternative options to fine-tune your best output.
  • Convert album cover to video: You can download your art as an image or save it as a video to share with your audience.
  • Exclusive art styles: Dream AI provides exclusive styles, enabling you to create outstanding album cover art based on your imagination.


  • It offers a few customization options.


Dream gives you access through several plans, including a Monthly plan for $9.99/mo, an Annual plan for $89.99 per year, and a lifetime plan for a one-time payment of $169.99.



Dream AI is an excellent AI art generator to create covers of your album if you’re looking for a solution tried and tested by other musicians.

6. Adobe Firefly.

Adobe Firefly himepage

Adobe Firefly is an AI image creator that can help you design authentic and attractive album covers.

It’s made to push creativity and art to new horizons for users without sophisticated design skills.

Adobe Firefly provides various generative AI tools to suit use cases, workflows, and creative needs.

The tool is trained on public domain content, Adobe Stock images, and openly licensed content. So, you can use it to create captivating album artwork.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Customize your album image: You have more ways to improve your album images, like text effects, color variations, positioning of 3D elements, and repositioning of your objects in the image.
  • Visually stunning album: Adobe Firefly gives you the highest quality output using fresh color palettes and unlimited customization options.
  • Believable image maker: It allows you to make beautiful images and new content based on existing real images, such as Adobe Stock images.
  • Over 100 languages: This tool brings generative AI to global audiences because it supports all major languages.


  • Adobe Firefly’s team admits that the tool might translate some prompts inaccurately or unexpectedly.


Adobe Firefly is a good choice to create high-quality covers for your album while taking advantage of other Adobe products, like Adobe Stock images and Fonts.

7. Craiyon.


Craiyon is the former DALL·E mini and uses an AI algorithm developed over the years to create album covers.

It leverages natural language processing (NLP) to interpret your prompt and create personalized album covers.

This tool can draw an AI album cover based on your dream in seconds. Plus, you can revamp your album cover with AI photorealistic designs and art styles.

Plenty of options enable you to experiment until you attain album covers that reflect your desires.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Multiple cover alternatives: It lets you use AI to generate 9 free album images and unlimited art with the Pro plan.
  • Boundless possibilities of AI tools: Craiyon allows you to try infinite possibilities for techniques, themes, and styles to generate breathtaking AI covers.
  • Upscale option: You can get a higher resolution album art by clicking the upscale option during the art creation process.
  • Negative words: Input words of things you don’t need in your cover in the negative words section when using this generator to create an image cover


  • You might have to wait in the queue to get your cover when Craiyon is experiencing too much traffic.


  • Supporter ($5/mo) – 45 seconds for nine images, high priority.
  • Professional ($20) – 15 seconds for nine images, highest priority.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – Custom models, custom integrations, dedicated support.


Craiyon can help you design impressive album covers in seconds using unique photorealistic designs and art styles.

8. Picsart.


Picsart is a versatile album cover generator that can help podcasters, DJs, upcoming bands, and solo artists introduce their creations with a bang!

Advanced AI technology saves you time and the cost of designer fees. Open the editor, select your preferred template, customize it, and you’re done.

Picsart helps you to put more time and money into producing your album instead of creating its cover.

It’s also a great way to express and extend your artistic vision.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Express your creativity: Creating an AI album cover with Picsart gives you the power and freedom to design a truly unique cover.
  • Striking album covers: Picsart’s photo editor is an intuitive tool that guides your design process so that you can spend more time on the album production and less time worrying.
  • Intuitive templates: You can use multiple predesigned templates to generate images without starting from scratch.
  • High-resolution output: It generates high-resolution album cover art once you finish the desired touches.


  • It might be challenging to use this cover generator if you don’t use a template.


You can start creating album covers with the Free plan ($0/mo) before advancing to premium plans. There are two paid plans: Picsart Gold ($5/mo) and Team ($7/mo). The Picsart Gold offers a free 7-day trial.

Picsart Pricing.


Picsart can help you release the next big album in style through an innovative cover.

9. OpenDream.


OpenDream is an outstanding AI art generator meant to offer seamless and quick experiences to all creators regardless of their experience.

Using multiple styles like 3D, animal, building, and anime, you can use it as an album cover generator in seconds.

With this AI album cover generator, you can easily turn the genre name or an album title into a cover.

It offers several image generation models, including Dreamlike Photoreal, Stable Diffusion, Dreamlike Anime, and Deliberate.

Key Features and Pros:

  • User-friendly: It prioritizes accessibility and simplicity to ensure you create art covers with minimum technical expertise.
  • Quick and intuitive: OpenDream is designed to give you a seamless experience and ensure that the designing process is fast.
  • Multiple unique ideas for AI art: You will gain access to a broad range of innovative and unique ideas for inspiration. These ideas include creative prompts and a huge library of artistic resources.
  • Largest templates library: It lets you access the largest template library, helping to ignite your creativity and push your artistic expression limits.


  • OpenDream allows you to create album covers based on text only and does accept image uploads.


  • Free ($0/mo) – 20 credits.
  • Essential ($9.90/mo) – 3000 credits.
  • Pro ($19.90/mo) – 7000 credits.
  • Business ($189.90/yr) – Unlimited credits.


OpenDream is the best AI album cover generator that helps design stunning album images easily and offers unlimited templates.

10. Blue Willow.

Blue Willow dashboard.

Blue Willow is designed as a futuristic AI art generator to create mind-blowing artwork!

It leverages deep learning algorithms to generate digital artwork, photos, characters, and logos.

Musicians and artists can use its incredible abilities to design an AI album cover.

You can create a unique album with Blue Willow due to its customizable prompts that help you produce photorealistic images.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Elaborate AI Studio: This cover generator gives you an elaborate studio where you can turn dreams and your artistic imagination into real, stunning images.
  • AI artwork alternatives: Blue Willow generates several album covers when you input your prompt, allowing you to select the one that suits your desires or imagination.
  • Artwork enthusiast community: You can join Discord, the Blue Willow community where enthusiasts share often, and the Blue Willow team posts news.
  • Inspiration from a large library of AI-generated images: This album cover maker provides access to millions of AI-generated images to inspire you to design covers for your music.


  • The interface is difficult to navigate, and you might take time to understand it.


  • Free ($0/mo) – 20 Images/day.
  • Basic ($9.99/mo) – 2000 Images/mo.
  • Advanced ($29.00/mo) – 7500 Images/mo.
  • Pro ($49.00/mo) – 10000 Images/mo.
  • Pro Plus ($99.00/mo) – 22500 Images/mo.


Blue Willow is the best option for musicians and artists who want to cost-effectively develop futuristic covers for their albums.

11. Leonardo.ai.


Get your hands on a cover generator that will unleash your creativity instantly!
Leonardo.ai is designed to give you high-quality artwork with unprecedented speed, quality, and style consistency.

You will realize Leonardo.ai is simple to use for any artist despite their level. It provides market-leading features for an AI album cover maker.

Plus, you can get started without paying a penny with the free plan and features that make it easy to design covers.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Original and unique covers: Leonardo.ai’s pre-trained AI models merge with your imagination to create stunning covers for music in any genre.
  • Simplified mastery: This software is simple to learn and become perfect, which allows you to create an album cover without much effort.
  • Unprecedented innovation: You get access to innovative features that help you create stunning AI album art that shows the true artistic value of your music.
  • Limitless touches: It allows you to make unlimited touches to your art before downloading it to ensure it meets your needs.


  • Leonardo.ai requests you offer a detailed prompt for the tool to create your personalized cover of an album.


  • Free ($0/mo) – 150 generations/day.
  • Apprentice ($10/mo) – 8500 tokens/mo.
  • Artisan ($24/mo) – 25,000 tokens/mo.
  • Maestro ($48) – 60,000 tokens/mo.


Leonardo.ai is a great selection for solo musicians and professionals who want to design album artwork that matches their imagination perfectly.

What is the Best AI Album Cover Generator tool?

Many AI album cover generators can help you to create a cover for your album.

However, consider tools and features that simplify the design process and allow you to express your creativity.

A generator that uses advanced machine learning algorithms and AI helps you to turn text into a stunning cover.

Consider an AI album cover generator that offers many options to customize the final output.

Remember, familiarizing yourself with the best generator improves your creativity and skills in using that particular AI image generator.

The Best AI Album Cover Generator Tools: Final Thought

Using album cover generators to create artwork for your album can save you time, money, and the inconveniences of working with graphic designers.

An AI album art generator can assist you in creating a captivating and unique cover that will make the audience love your music.

When you use an AI art generator, you access many features, styles, and templates to customize album covers online.

AI album cover generator learns enormously from each creation, allowing you to create art representing your music’s true meaning.

Select a cover generator that suits your needs from my list and transform how you present your albums to be world.

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