8 Proven ways to make money with AI in 2023

Proven ways to make money with AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming ubiquitous and will become even more widespread.

Most voices around AI highlight its disruptive effects but recognize that it presents numerous opportunities for us all.

Many people find innovative ways to make money using free and paid artificial intelligence tools.

If you want to earn money using AI tools, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will explore proven ways to make money with AI to help you get started and ensure you don’t lose out on emerging ways to increase your income.

Whether you want to earn instantly or grow your passive income, this article will be helpful.

It’s the right time to think about whether you want to start making money while using your favorite AI tool.

I am offering sure ways and tips that work to generate money with AI, and you can start implementing them instantly.

Select your preferred method, and you can start to make money today.

make money with AI

What Are the Ways to Make Money With AI Today?

1. Create Educational Materials.

AI technology is a powerful force you can use to develop educational resources for any demographic and topic.

Many people are willing to pay for high-quality content to improve their knowledge of a particular topic or solve their challenges.

For example, you can use AI to create content on topics like gardening, baking, general cooking, farming, sales and advertising, photography and videography, coding skills, and even blogging.

Earning money online through educational materials is only limited by your imagination.

AI tools like Jasper AI and Copy AI can generate ideas that you can immediately turn into resourceful content through the below ways.

Online Courses:

Online courses are among the most popular methods of sharing educational content.

AI can help you develop detailed or brief online courses based on your chosen topic.

AI can generate it in seconds whether you want full long-form or short-form educational content.

You can make money by selling the courses directly to people you know and social media followers or websites that host educational materials.


Another great way to sell AI-generated content is to create one or several websites where you share the content.

Each blog post on your website should offer great value and ideas on your niche.

You can earn money through ad revenue or subscription sales to your website.

2. Digital Marketing Services.

Digital Marketing Services

One of the popular methods that is guaranteed to make money in the comfort of your home or office is digital marketing.

Virtually every business is willing to pay to get customers online.

You can leverage AI to help brands reach the right customers online, and you will be paid for that service.

Using AI for digital marketing is diverse, meaning you can focus on aspects like creating ad copies, marketing plans, and predicting what clients want.

Here are examples of how AI can fit into your digital marketing agency.

Social Media Posts:

Social media posts

Use AI tools to create highly engaging sales posts.

AI software like Copy.AI can help you create social media content that connects to the client’s emotions and pain, increasing the chance of conversion.

Many companies are looking for ways to improve their content on social platforms, and you can be the right person to assist them.

Sponsored Social Media Posts:

You can approach brand owners to create for them copies for their sponsored posts on social media.

Get the right AI tools to develop ad copies that will make people buy.

Data Analytics:

An instrumental aspect of digital marketing is data collection and analysis.

Brands can spend lots of money to get actionable data because it is critical for their operations and growth.

You can use AI to collect and analyze data for businesses.

3. Sell AI-generated software and Artwork.

AI offers unimaginable opportunities for creative people to make money without leaving their desks.

These tools use machine learning algorithms to understand human inputs and create what we imagine.

As the Internet of Things becomes more of a reality, our gadgets need software of every kind to ensure we are better connected.

At the same time, art has become an integral part of our lives.

You can generate thousands of dollars if you take advantage of these opportunities.

AI Software:

AI tools like ChatGTP can generate complete software from scratch if you give them the best prompts.

Draft your prompts and feed them to AI, and watch the magic happen. You can get money by selling the software to brands or through online marketplaces.

Digital Artwork:

Digital artwork

AI-generated art can make you money, and you don’t even need polished skills. AI tools like Midjourney and HotPot.AI help you to produce creative, imaginative or futuristic art in minutes.

4. Creating Content.

Create content

Content creation remains one of the popular ways to make money on the internet.

Previously, bloggers and content creators would take days to write content.

Now, creating a full-length article or story can take minutes to a few hours, thanks to AI technologies.

You only need to identify a specific niche and use AI to create high-quality content.

If you cannot brainstorm ideas fast, you can feed prompts to AI to help with content ideas.

Blog Post:

You can use AI to write informative blog posts that internet users want to read.

Internet users can discover your posts through search engines, or you can direct traffic to them through social networking platforms.

Blog posts can create money for you through ad revenue.

Sell Products:

Creating AI content is a great way to sell products and earn more money.

You can instruct AI tools to generate content about your products, such as descriptions and copies that educate potential clients and request them to purchase.


Apply AI to generate content for websites that offer freelance gigs.

You might have to proofread the AI-generated content to ensure it meets the criteria and guidelines of that particular website.


Writing books online lets you easily turn your passion into a money-generating venture.

Subscribe to tools that support long-form content, such as Jasper or Writesonic, and generate content for your novels.

5. Offer Consultation Services About AI Tools.

Offer Consultation Services

The consultation field is large and limitless because you can focus on virtually any topic. Are you stuck? Start with AI.

As more AI applications continue entering the market, companies and people are not sure which ones suit their needs.

And you can bet that many businesses and companies do not have the time to test all the tools. Spare time to test these tools, determine how they solve different needs and become an expert consultant in this area.

Here are some ways to get started.

Job Seekers:

Inform people of the best AI tool to write better CVs and resumes and generate professional headshots.


Show companies the AI tools they can use to generate content for their landing pages, emails, product descriptions, and social media pages and improve customer service.

Market Trends:

You can consult brands and start-ups on AI tools they can use to track and understand market trends.

Show them how to understand customer behavior and get more customers using AI.

6. Build Websites:

If you have basic coding skills, you can use AI applications to supercharge your art and generate money while doing so.

This method of making money with AI is appropriate for freelance coding because it can turn knowledge into an earning opportunity.

Appropriate AI website builder tools can generate the entire website code so you can test and debug the code.

You save time in creating websites for brands or yourself through AI.

7. YouTube Videos.

YouTube videos

Creating videos is no longer a complicated venture where you have to create long scripts and prepare for professional video recording.

AI can help you to create a great script in minutes, whether you want to create long or short videos.

You can quickly create visuals and human-like narration using AI-powered tools.

Videos can help you to generate passive income or even turn them into your main source of income.

Here are some top video tips to spur your creativity.

How to Videos:

Identify a niche and apply AI software to generate a script to educate your audience on how to do different things.

Ensure to input detailed and elaborate inputs on your preferred AI to ensure your videos are informative and real.

Product Reviews:

AI can help you to draft scripts and video reviews of products.

You need to look around and identify some products that you can review.

Reviewing products you have used is a good idea because you can check and edit errors in AI content.

8. Affiliate Marketing.

In the past, you might have checked online for products you wanted to buy or a service you wanted to subscribe to and ended up with the appropriate recommendations.

Did you know people get money to offer those recommendations? You can also enter this field and get good money.

This form of marketing works because you share knowledge and help people save time searching for what they want.

Affiliate Marketing

However, affiliate marketing is not meant to generate quick money.

Instead, it is a good way to generate passive income over time by recommending products you have tried.

The products you can focus on in your affiliate marketing are limited to your imagination.

You can focus on software, e-commerce sites, online libraries, and everyday products like gardening and kitchen items.

It’s good to conduct a brief research to identify what people are searching online to determine the best products for your affiliate marketing.

Ways to Make Money with AI: Final Thoughts.

Every day, I see new AI tools for writing content, generating novels, making headshots, and managing emails.

Although some people believe AI will replace humans in some fields, it is good to take advantage of this trend.

It is good to identify the best ways to generate income using these tools instead of viewing them negatively.

Regardless of your skill level, you can use tools like Jasper AI, Writesonic and Copy AI to ensure you are making money with AI.

When you want to make money with AI, you can determine whether you want a source of everyday income or a means of generating passive income.

From my experience, some of the methods I shared in this article begin as passive income sources and eventually generate repeated income.

One tip I offer is to start with one method and then diversify to ensure you generate more money in several ways.

The above ways to make money with AI present an opportunity for you to be creative with AI, and you can laugh all the way to the bank.

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