12 Best AI GIF Generator Tools in 2024: Top Picks


GIFs are incredibly popular for social media marketing and digital communication, thanks to their engaging and visual format.

However, creating quality custom GIFs from scratch requires technical expertise and expensive software tools. 

This is where the best AI GIF generator tools come in. These tools make it easy for you to turn video clips, images, and text into lively GIF animations in just minutes.

I have tested and used many AI-powered GIF creation platforms and realized their strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. 

In this post, I’ve rounded up the top GIF maker platforms that utilize AI and automation to simplify the GIF creation process for both unskilled and professional content creators.

From quick mobile apps to robust marketing tools, these solutions can help you customize dimensions, text, effects, and more.

Whether you just want to have fun with friends or generate viral marketing content, these AI GIF generators will amplify your creativity.

What are the Best AI GIF Generator Tools?

1. DALL-E 2 – Imaginative AI Art GIF Generator

DALL-E 2- AI GIF Generator

DALL-E 2 uses artificial intelligence to create animated GIFs from various sources.

While DALL-E 2 is not designed exclusively for generating GIFs, this tool demonstrates the potential of using AI to generate highly unique GIFs simply by describing what you want to see.

DALL-E 2 utilizes groundbreaking AI image generation technology to produce imaginative and wholly original images and art from short text descriptions and prompts.

When using DALL-E 2, I found that its advanced AI capabilities enable it to generate 1-second GIFs as large as 512×512 pixels by inputting creative text that describes your desired animation.

DALL-E 2 has a rich image database that it scans using deep machine learning to create high-quality GIFs based on the text prompts you feed into it.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Text-to-GIF creation– What makes DALL-E 2 stand out from other AI GIF generators is the tool’s capability to create a broad scope of original animated GIF concepts simply by typing text descriptions of the desired scene or action. 
  • 512×512 resolution–DALL- E 2 can output impressively detailed GIFs up to 512 x 512 pixels in size, providing ample resolution for crystal clear playback even on high-resolution screens.
  • AI art capabilities – DALL-E 2 uses advanced AI to create vivid, visually appealing GIF animations from text descriptions of abstract concepts.


  • Limited resolution and frame rate – With output capped at just 512×512 pixels and a lower frame rate, the GIF quality and fluidity of DALL-E 2 can produce significant room for improvement compared to specialized platforms you may require.


Feel free to visit the website, view various pricing groupings and packages, and choose the one tailored to your needs. 


DALL-E 2 offers an exciting glimpse into the future of AI-enhanced creativity in creating GIFs. However, the limitation of limited resolution optimization must be addressed for users to meet the desired capability of optimal expression suitable for social engineering.

2. Mage Space – AI Photo to GIF Converter.


If you are looking for an AI GIF generator that can convert images into GIFs, Mage Space is the right option.

Mage Space is a free AI GIF generator that uses machine learning algorithms to create image-oriented GIFs within seconds.

This GIF AI generator offers creative ways for animating still photos into eye-catching GIFs. 

Upload any JPG, PNG, or other standard image formats, and Mage Space will automatically convert them into engaging, high-quality AI GIFs with ease.

Users can customize GIF duration, size, colors, add filters, and crop to fit the desired visual portrayal of emotions and feelings.

Mage Space does not require users to pay for premium subscriptions. Every online user can access it freely.

Key Features and Pros:

  • AI photo animation — Mage Space’s algorithms can automatically enhance any ordinary still photo by converting it into a compelling, eye-catching GIF using AI techniques.
  • Customization-After the AI generates your GIF, you can further tailor it by adjusting the size, specific length, and colors, adding filters like vintage or futuristic looks, and more to design the perfect creative product.
  • Zero limitations – There are no limitations on GIF length, dimensions, or number of GIFs users can create, allowing unlimited experimentation with the AI GIF animation technology.


  • Single image only – Mage Space is limited to animating just one uploaded image per GIF, lacking support for multi-scene animations or video conversions you may need.
  • AI quality inconsistency – The AI animation does not always render natural, pleasing results depending on the input image quality and characteristics you use.


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $8/mo
  • Pro: $15/mo
  • Pro+ plan: $30/mo


While inconsistent AI quality and limited controls are drawbacks of Mage Space, it streamlines image-to-GIF conversion.

3. Picsart – Creative Mobile GIF Maker App.


Picsart is a powerful AI feature-packed creative editing app with capabilities tailored for iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Picsart offers robust yet easy-to-use tools to create stunning GIFs by converting videos and images.

This AI-powered GIF generator makes it simple for you to turn memorable moments into customized GIFs for sharing on social media and messaging platforms.

Just upload a video or import frames, and this amazing AI tool will guide you through selecting the clip, adjusting speed and frame rate, adding stylish text, applying filters and stickers, and customizing dimensions.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Mobile optimized creation – The easy-to-use iOS and Android Picsart app allows you to access whenever creative inspiration kicks in.
  • Robust editing tools – Picsart provides extensive inbuilt creative controls through features like drawing, adding filters, incorporating text, and overlaying high-quality stickers.
  • Convert videos–Picsart is a fantastic AI because it quickly transforms videos from a user’s camera roll into customized looping GIFs, which reflects the future of mobile animation.
  • Up to 15-second GIFs– Picsart users can generate short single or multi-page GIFs up to 15 seconds long, making it easy to produce micro-video content ideal for social media posts.


  • Watermarks on exports–Picsart has a free package that produces AI GIFs with a small but distracting watermark overlay that users can only address by upgrading to a premium subscription.


  • Free: $0
  • Picsart Gold: $5/mo
  • Team: $7/mo


Picsart’s AI GIF generator has creative tools for easy mobile GIF making, even though it requires advanced customization options.

4. Kapwing.


Kapwing is a browser-based and AI-powered creative platform for producing edited videos, images, and GIFs.

It is a web and mobile app that allows you to create, edit, and share engaging videos, GIFs, and memes.

This AI-powered creative platform makes it easy for you to generate a GIF by uploading images, video clips, or text content.

It has an intuitive editing interface that guides you through customizing the GIF with stylish fonts, trimming clips, adjusting speed, adding filters, captions, overlays, and special effects.

The AI engine optimizes frame rate and compression in the background to ensure your final GIF has the highest quality animation.

Key Features and Pros:

  • 10-minute video imports – Kapwing supports converting longer video clips up to 10 minutes in length into optimized and compressed animated GIFs.
  • Robust editing tools – It provides powerful yet intuitive tools for precisely trimming footage, splicing together segments, resizing, cropping, and adjusting playback speed precisely.
  • Creative overlays – The editor makes enhancing GIFs easy by allowing you to overlay text, filters, emoji, stickers, and other creative elements onto your animation.
  • GIF templates – This AI video generator offers professionally designed GIF templates across various categories, providing an easy starting point for creating GIFs from scratch.
  • No watermarks – Kapwing does not add any watermarks or attributions to the GIF files you create and export, allowing clean sharing and usage.


  • No batch processing – Kapwing can only convert one video into a GIF at a time. It does not allow batch uploads to convert multiple videos simultaneously.


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $16/mo
  • Business: 50/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote


Kapwing has simple and intuitive tools for online GIF creation, making it suitable for amateurs and professionals.

5. GIFJif.


GIFJif is a powerful online GIF editor that makes creating and customizing GIFs easy and intuitive.

This web-based AI GIF generator provides user-friendly design tools combined with AI optimization features.

To create a new AI-generated GIF, you can simply upload a video or import a sequence of images.

GIFJif’s editor allows you to easily trim clips, tweak playback speed, add stylish text, overlay stickers and emojis, and apply filters.

The AI assistant helps select the optimal frame count, frame rate, and compression settings to deliver smooth, optimized GIFs.

Once completed, your GIFs can be shared instantly on social media or messaging platforms with GIFJif’s one-click sharing. 

Key Features and Pros:

  • User-friendly design tools – GIFJif provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for you to trim clips, edit playback speed, add text, stickers, emojis, and more.
  • AI optimization – Built-in AI helps automatically select optimal frame rates, counts, and compression to deliver smooth, optimized GIFs tailored to your needs.
  • Upload your videos or images – Easily create GIFs by uploading your existing videos or a sequence of images.
  • Filters and effects – GIFJif offers a variety of stylish filters for you to enhance your GIFs with cool, vibrant looks.
  • Social sharing – Instantly share your completed GIFs to your social platforms and messaging apps with one click.
  • Web-based access – As a web app, GIFJif allows you to access the GIF editor from any of your devices through the browser.


  • Minimal customization – GIFJif offers minimal options to customize or control the automated AI GIF output, lacking tools to refine the results.


The prices start at $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year. 


With its easy-to-use creative tools and built-in AI optimization, GIFJif empowers both casual users and professionals to turn videos and images into captivating GIFs quickly. The intuitive interface makes it simple for you to customize ai-generated GIFs to their needs.

6. Imgflip – Meme and Reaction GIF generator


Imgflip is a popular online destination for creating and sharing memes, reactions, and trending GIF content.

Its platform makes it easy to generate engaging GIFs using a vast collection of the internet’s most popular memes, reactions, and funny GIF templates as starting points. 

You can upload personal photos and video clips to convert to GIFs.

Additionally, this AI GIF generator allows users to trim, crop, resize, and add custom text captions to templates to personalize animations. 

Imgflip’s responsive web-based interface empowers anyone online to tap into GIF culture for social media.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Massive GIF template library – Imgflip offers an extensive library with thousands of the most popular trending memes, reactions, and funny GIF templates to launch your adaptations of.
  • Customizable – The platform makes it easy to tailor and personalize templates through features like adding custom text, trimming length, cropping, and more to meet your needs.
  • Intuitive interface – The responsive web design and simple controls cater to beginners, allowing easy GIF customization through functions like dragging and dropping clips or images onto templates.
  • Built for engagement – Imgflip is purpose-built to tap into current viral meme and reaction GIF culture that performs well on social media through humor and emotion.


  • 20-second maximum – Imgflip limits all GIFs to just 20 seconds or less in length, and you will need to use paid plans for you to capture longer segments (up to 240 seconds). 


The prices start at 9.95 /mo.


Imgflip makes it easy to use popular meme and reaction GIF templates. It has a huge library and simple tools.

7. GIFski – Professional Command Line GIF Encoder.


GIFski is an open-source command line tool that optimizes GIF encoding using various compression techniques ideal for cinema graphs and animations.

GIFskiAI GIF maker produces high-quality GIFs from video source files through meticulous encoding settings and compression.

It grants users full control over resolutions up to 8K and framerates.

GIFski excels at optimizing high-quality GIFs, cinema graphs, and short video conversions, although technical expertise is required to use it.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Makes GIFs from your videos or images – GIFski allows you to easily create GIFs by converting your own video files or sequences of still image files.
  • Basic editing tools for you – It provides simple yet useful editing options like trimming your clips, adjusting speed, adding text, and applying image filters.
  • Compresses your GIFs – GIFski uses optimization algorithms to compress and reduce your GIF file sizes with minimal quality loss, resulting in faster loading GIFs for you.
  • Create high-quality 4K GIFs – It enables you to render beautiful, high-resolution 4K GIFs for incredibly sharp, vivid animations.
  • Simple and easy for anyone to use – The tool is designed for an intuitive, straightforward user experience for casual users.


  • No built-in sharing – There are no built-in options for sharing your AI-generated GIFs to social media or other platforms.


Start using GIFski for free.


GIFski offers a fast, free, and open-source command-line tool for basic GIF creation from video and images but has limited editing capabilities and platform support. 

8. Midjourney – Imaginative AI GIF Generator Bot


Midjourney is an experimental artificial intelligence bot accessible through Discord that generates limitless GIF concepts and animations from text descriptions.

Midjourney allows users to imagine and describe GIF ideas in simple text prompts or natural language to the AI bot.

This AI GIF generator visualizes the text into short GIFs powered by its advanced generative algorithms and underlying AI models.

You can customize the descriptions by refining the size, length, colors, perspective, and other attributes. 

Key Features and Pros:

  • Text-to-GIF – Midjourney’s AI excels at turning any imagined GIF concept into reality solely from descriptions, providing unlimited options for inventive designs.
  • Customizable–Users can use Midjourney to refine attributes like size, length, colors, perspective, and style simply by tweaking the wording of descriptions to guide the AI and achieve their creative vision.
  • Limitless creativity – Midjourney’s ability to turn any imagined GIF concept into reality solely from descriptions provides unlimited options for inventive designs.
  • Free generations – During the technical preview period of Midjourney, users can generate up to 25 free GIFs daily, allowing substantial experimentation with the novel text-to-GIF technology.


  • Text prompt reliance–Midjourney’s GIF products are inconsistent based on how users craft prompts, requiring trial-and-error refinement to achieve what you envision.


Midjourney allows you to create GIFs purely from description and imagination. However, accessing it through Discord may not suit all creative workflows.


Prices start at $10/mo. 

9. Giphy – Massive Library of GIF Content.


Giphy is the internet’s most extensive library and search engine for GIFs, making it easy for users to find the perfect animated GIFs across endless categories.

With over 2 billion daily searches, Giphy features a massive collection of reaction GIFs, stickers, and emojis for social media, messaging, blog posts, and more.

You can browse, search, share, and upload GIFs with a quick click.

Giphy also provides basic DIY GIF creation features like uploading video clips or images, adding text overlays, adjusting speed, and trimming length. 


Key Features and Pros:

  • Massive media library – Giphy is an advanced AI GIF generator that grants access to an endless selection of popular trending reaction GIFs, clips, and memes to remix and use for inspiration when creating your content.
  • GIF conversion tool – The platform makes converting your photos and videos into properly compressed and looping GIFs as simple as uploading your files and clicking a button.
  • GIF customization – Once you upload clips or images to convert to GIFs, Giphy provides intuitive editing controls for cropping, overlaying text captions, distorting, rotating, and modifying your GIFs to add personality.
  • Seamless sharing – It offers seamless one-click sharing of your finished GIFs to all major social media platforms and messaging apps for easy distribution to the audiences you want to reach.


  • Limited editing features – Giphy offers only basic editing functionality compared to the more robust creative platforms you may desire.

You can start using Giphy for free. 


Giphy makes accessing and tapping into the vast world of reaction GIF culture simpler than ever while providing basic DIY GIF creation.

10. Artbreeder – Surprise AI GIF Generator


Artbreeder is a unique AI-powered platform that allows you to create original GIFs by “breeding” and evolving images.

In essence, “breeding” refers to fusing multiple images together algorithmically to produce new images, while “evolving” refers to improving the breeding over generations to achieve a desired creative result.

By combining and remixing existing image uploads from its community, Artbreeder’s GAN machine-learning algorithms can produce entirely new photorealistic or abstract GIF art.

The interface makes it easy to select parent images, choose genres, and guide the evolution of your GIFs over generations to hone in on your creative vision.

Additional controls like image filters, animation length, and image layers provide advanced customization. 

Key Features and Pros:

  • Community image library – Artbreeder provides a massive library of CC images uploaded by users to serve as breeding stock for your GIF creations.
  • Stylize images – Built-in styles allow you to apply different looks like futuristic, psychedelic, pencil-drawn, and more to your parent images before breeding.
  • Curated categories – Browse curated image collections in categories like landscapes, animals, portraits, architecture to discover fitting parents for your needs.
  • Up to 4K resolution – You can render your GIFs up to 4K resolution for incredibly crisp, smooth animations.
  • Customize your GIF frames – Adjust frame order, duration, layers, and more to perfect your animated GIF creations.
  • Free tier available – You can start using Artbreeder’s core features for free without needing to pay.


  • Limited control – Users have little control over the end GIF result beyond selecting initial image uploads, making precision difficult.


  • Free ($0) – 3 credits
  • Starter ($8.99) – 100 credits/mo
  • Advanced ($18.99/mo) – 275 credits/mo
  • Champion ($38.99) – 700 credits/mo


With its one-of-a-kind AI image breeding capabilities, Artbreeder empowers users to evolve imaginative GIFs through generative algorithms, making it easy for anyone to create original animated art.

11. Simplified. 


Simplified is a graphic design platform focused on easy GIF animation through templates and AI assistance tailored to brand needs.

In this sense, Simplified is a go-to solution for business branding ventures through animated GIFs.

Simplified AI GIF maker aims to streamline professional GIF animation for your brand or business.

Users can quickly convert existing photos, illustrations, and other visual assets into polished GIF animations that automatically maintain consistent on-brand colors and styles.

Simplified AI-powered generator also allows users to generate custom GIFs tailored to their needs by describing concepts through text and letting the AI work.

Simplified outputs high-definition, social-ready GIFs that are up to 60 seconds long.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Image/illustration animation–Users can quickly convert existing photos, digital art, vector graphics, illustrations, and other visual assets into polished GIF animations while retaining brand style.
  • Text-to-GIF–Using Simplified does not require you to have creative skills. You can type a text description like “a dog catches Frisbee in the park” and let the AI generate a matching polished GIF for you in seconds.
  • Sixty-second max–Simplified enables users to produce GIFs up to 60 seconds in length, giving you the flexibility to make short looping clips or more narrative multi-scene GIFs.
  • Brand consistency–Simplified has templates and advanced AI algorithms that ensure your finished GIF animations maintain visual consistency with your established brand identity.


  • Paid subscription – Simplified AI GIF generator places extensive limits on free accounts, requiring you to upgrade to one of the paid monthly subscriptions for full functionality.
  • Text-to-GIF inconsistencies – The AI-generated text-to-GIF results on Simplified can vary wildly in coherence and quality based on your prompts.


  • Design Free: $0
  • Design Pro: 6/mo
  • Design Business: 10/mo


Simplified offers a basic online utility for quickly creating simple GIFs from images and video with limited editing capabilities.

12. Gliastar – Text to GIF Generator


Gliastar is an AI-powered content creation platform designed solely for text-to-GIF generation.

Gliastar allows the generating of limitless custom GIF concepts entirely powered by text descriptions.

The advanced AI analyzes your text to produce GIFs matching your words.

You can specify an ideal length from 3 seconds to 1 hour.

Gliastar outputs up to 4K resolution GIFs, further enhancing GIFs by adding complementary audio tracks from its integrated music library. 

Key Features and Pros:

  • Text-to-GIF generation – Gliastar is a powerful AI GIF generator that excels at producing custom GIF concepts matching your descriptive text through advanced AI. You have to type in text to generate GIFs.
  • Share instantly – Quickly share your completed GIF animations to social platforms or download to your device.
  • Stylize GIFs – Apply different artistic filters and visual styles like vintage, futuristic, psychedelic, and more to your GIF creations.
  • Integrated music–You can choose from the platform’s integrated music library to add complementary audio tracks to your animations before exporting.


  • Results vary based on wording – Small changes in how you word text produce very different results, requiring tedious refinement to achieve what you want.


During this wring, pricing information was not available on the website. You can contact Gliastar for more details.


Gliastar taps the power of AI to create GIFs from text descriptions alone, but the lack of GIF refinement options causes quality inconsistencies.

What are AI GIF generators?

AI GIF generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to create GIFs automatically. 

They allow users to provide input like text, images, or video, and the AI will handle transforming that into a short looping GIF animation.

The AI GIF generator platform trains machine learning models on vast datasets of GIFs to understand the optimal way to convert inputs.

The models can analyze aspects like objects, facial expressions, actions, text, and more in the input to determine relevant animated effects and transitions.

Some AI GIF generators are text-based, allowing you to describe a GIF idea through text prompts.

The AI will then generate a matching GIF through natural language processing.

Others allow uploading images and video content to be converted into seamless ai-generated GIFs.

How Do AI GIF Generators Work?

  • The tools train advanced machine learning models like neural networks on millions of GIF examples to recognize patterns.
  • Sophisticated algorithms analyze source videos, photos, text prompts, and other inputs you provide.
  • The AI detects edges, colors, objects, motion, and other attributes in the sources.
  • AI generates animated GIF matching the desired length, size, style, perspective, and other adjustable parameters you configure.
  • Additional AI capabilities like text-to-GIF creation, automatic image animation, and built-in optimization provide extra convenience for you as the user.
  • The result is a customized, high-quality GIF produced with minimal human effort required on your part.

Final Thoughts: The Best AI GIF Generator Tools

GIFs continue to thrive as a powerful visual communication format, but creating your own has always demanded technical skills.

Today, AI GIF makers have changed the game completely.

As we’ve explored, these intelligent platforms make custom GIF production fast, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

These tools offer unique features and capabilities, such as extensive content libraries, AI optimization, editing tools, and the ability to add sound to your GIFs.

The automation powered by machine learning handles the heavy lifting, while the templates, fonts, and editing tools empower your creativity.

Whether you’re a social media manager, digital marketer, educator, startup founder, or casual GIF lover, the solutions we covered have you covered.

Using these tools, you can create engaging visual content that captures attention and quickly conveys information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which software is best for GIF Animation?

  • Giphy Capture – Giphy’s own app allows easy recording and editing of short GIFs from your smartphone camera. Their massive library lets you add effects, stickers, and text. Simple and intuitive.
  • Kapwing – Robust web-based studio for compositing, editing, and optimizing animated GIFs. Offers templates, trimming, subtitles, and more. Free and paid tiers.
  • Adobe Photoshop – The creative suite allows frame-by-frame animation compositing and advanced GIF export. This tool is best for complex, high-end animations.
  • Ffmpeg – Open source command line tool for developers to create and manipulate GIFs programmatically and via scripts.
  • GIMP – Free open-source image editor with animation package for basic GIF creation frame-by-frame. More manual process.
  • ImgPlay – Intuitive drag-and-drop web app to compile images/video into GIFs.

My top pick for most users is definitely Kapwing. It strikes that perfect balance of power and simplicity.

How to Pick the Right AI GIF Generator

With the growing array of AI GIF generator options, here are vital factors to consider when selecting an AI GIF generator tailored to your needs:

  • Maximum resolution–Consider choosing an AI GIF generator with higher resolutions, like 4K, because they allow more pixel density for crisp social posts.
  • GIF length–Consider whether the AI GIF generator supports longer one-minute-plus GIFs because they are ideal for conveying stories.
  • Editing and customization–Look for an AI GIF generator that lets you exercise more control over result quality and personalization.
  • Sharing and exporting–Look for an AI GIF generator that provides instant social media integration and downloads without watermarks.
  • Pricing – Compare free plans and paid tiers to pick one that fits your budget.

How do I compress a GIF without losing quality online?

  • Use online compression tools like EzGIF, Compressor.io, or GIFsmaller.
  • Enable “lossy compression” to shrink the file through optimizations vs quality loss.
  • Export reduced color palettes and lower frame rates, but not so low that it appears jerky.
  • Visually review compressed GIFs and tweak settings until you achieve the ideal file size reduction with no noticeable quality loss.
  • You can also lower the resolution – ensure it remains crisp for your usage needs.

Can Midjourney create GIFs?

Yes, Midjourney’s AI can generate animated GIFs with the proper prompts and techniques!

You can prompt short clips directly, compile image iterations into sequences, convert AI-generated video to GIFs, and animate elements through prompts.

The quality won’t rival Pixar, but with clever prompting, Midjourney can produce impressive looping GIFs to spice up your projects.

Tips for High-Quality AI GIF

  • Upload high-resolution sources – Inputting high-resolution photos, videos, or other high-resolution media, such as 1080p or 4K, will allow the AI GIF creator to retain more detail and quality in the final animation.
  • Pick engaging moments – Carefully select the video or specific photo segment that focuses the GIF on the action’s most memorable, emotional, or impactful part.
  • Use templates – Take the guesswork out of adequately sizing frames, adding text, positioning elements, and other design choices by starting from professionally created templates.
  • Refine animations – Trim the length, adjust playback speed, crop, re-sequence, and customize your animated GIF extensively until it conveys what you want.
  • Add text carefully – Thoughtfully overlay keywords, phrases, captions, or commentary that complement the visuals instead of overpowering them.
  • Review on all devices – Verify that your finished GIF renders, loads, and performs effectively when viewed on desktop and mobile screens before exporting.

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