8 Best AI Math Solvers in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Best AI Math Solvers.

Are you struggling to solve your math problem? Or do you want a math tutoring chat platform? Artificial intelligence has made it simple to get an instant solution to your math through math solvers.

These AI math solvers are designed for use by students, educators, professionals, and hobbyists.

They can give you step-by-step solutions to math instantly. If you’re a learner or tutor, you can use solvers to get an answer to your math homework.

You can also get solutions to math word and everyday life issues like personal finances and loan management.

In this article, I will discuss the best AI tools for math solutions to help you find the best option for your needs, whether you need AI homework assistance, math tutoring, or a means to handle daily math-related problems.

What are the Best AI Math Solvers?

1. WolframAlpha.

wolframalpha-homepage. Best AI Math Solvers

WolframAlpha is a powerful AI math calculator that is designed for use by everyone, including students, educators, and professionals.

It can compute complex problems in specialized subjects like physics, geometry, algebra, and chemistry.

It also does pretty well if you want to solve math problems in everyday life. This math solver uses AI to handle every math you throw to it at an incredible speed.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Step-by-step solution: WolframAlpha shows the procedure to your math rather than just the final answer so you can visualize how it solved the problem.
  • Accepts multiple data formats: It integrates AI technology, allowing you to upload images, data, and files in about 60+ formats for quick analysis.
  • Build high-impact presentations: You can create a picture of your math problem and customize the appearance for print, web, and other interactive visualizations.
  • Export and share files: WolframAlpha allows you to download data of complex math for your 3D models, spreadsheets, and more.


  • WolframAlpha might not be a suitable tool for math students because it has a complex interface and multiple functionalities that might overwhelm them.


WolframAlpha gives you access to a free basic plan, but this plan does not provide a step-by-step solution. You can upgrade to the Pro plan for $5/mo or Pro Premium for $8.25/mo.

Image showcasing WolframAlpha various packages

Bottom Line:

WolframAlpha is the best selection if you want a helper for handling everyday life problems like personal finances, hobbies, health, and entertainment.

2. Socratic.

Socratic Dashboard.

Socratic is the right math problem solver for teachers and students. It’s designed to help you solve math problems in school subjects like algebra, trigonometry, drama, and biology.

You can use it to complete nearly every math homework problem in STEM subjects. The best thing is that it’s powered by Google to offer you a seamless experience handling a wide range of math topics.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Text input and speech recognition: It’s a great math tutor that supports learning whether you want to use text or speech.
  • Works for multiple subjects: Students struggling with math can easily use it to solve numerical and word problems.
  • Simple to use: You will enjoy the user-friendly interface designed to solve math with a step-by-step guide on how to get the correct answer.


  • You can’t depend on Socratic to solve all your math equations because it’s designed specifically for high school-level math problems.


Socratic is a free tool you can use without any subscription.

Bottom Line:

If you want a free tool to handle high school math Socratic is for you.

3. Photomath.

Photomath Dashboard

Photomath is an incredible problem solver and math tutoring solution that can save you the cost of hiring a tutor.

It offers access to audio-visual learning so students can better understand how to solve math problems.

You can also use it to handle math homework, as it gives instant step-by-step solutions to your problem.

A team of teachers monitors this solver and math tutoring chat to ensure you get vetted answers.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Excellent math tutor: You can use animated tutorials and in-depth instructions for math textbooks to improve your understanding of math.
  • Textbook tutoring: This AI tool allows you to preview math topics, like geometry and word problems so that you’re not stuck on your math homework.
  • Scan tricky equations: It allows you to scan challenging problems or manually input equations using an AI math smart calculator and get instant solutions.


  • Photomath is meant to provide standard math help but not for professional use, meaning it cannot interpret math word problems that are highly complex.


This problem-solving tool has a free plan and a free week’s trial on the premium plans. You can select a 12-month plan for $59.99 or a monthly plan for $9.99.

A Photomath image showing various price packages and features.

Bottom Line:

Photomath is suitable for students struggling with math homework because it offers in-depth audio and visual tutorials.

4. Cameramath.


Cameramath is an AI math problem solver that offers practical assistance to students studying for math tests.

Students struggling with math exam preparation can use it to discover math facts, study for tests, and even find answers.

It’s incredibly simple to use. You take a photo of the page or paper, crop your math problem and upload it to Cameramath for a quick solution.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Expert Tutors: It gives you access to thousands of professional math tutors who can help with your math homework to ensure you succeed in math.
  • Step-by-step solution: You get a clear explanation of every math and know how to do it on your own during tests.
  • Multiple methods: It handles problems with step-by-step solutions using several ways to help students build flexible and deep mathematical knowledge.
  • Suitable for every math question: Cameramath helps students solve simple and complex math problems from elementary school to college and beyond.


It can only solve educational math problems and can’t handle everyday life problems and other subjects.


Cameramath offers a free and premium plan. You can access the premium plan at $3.33/mo (yearly plan) or $11.99/mo (monthly plan).


Bottom Line:

Cameramath offers a great way to learn math if you’re preparing for a test, and its features equip you with great math skills.

5. Symbolab.


Symbolab is an innovative math solver that offers the largest selection of calculators for non-educational purposes.

You can use this it for personal finance, data, time, and cooking. A hobbyist can use it to solve math problems like the round of a cake pan and age.

It’s a math solver that you will need to increase productivity at home.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Instant calculators: Access a wide array of instant calculators to get a solution to your math problems, like loan calculator, 24-hour clock calculator, and weight-to-cups converter.
  • Supports STEM: Symbolab is designed to handle mathematical problems in complex science, including polynomial equations, log equations, and antiderivatives.
  • Personalized learning: You access a tailored dashboard to request step-by-step solutions to math quizzes and continue practicing to improve your skills.
  • Virtual classroom: You can create a virtual classroom and collaborate with others to solve all your math homework.


  • It doesn’t accept multiple input formats like scanned images.


  • You can use the free or Pro plan. The Pro plan provides several payment options, including weekly for $2.49, annual for $0.57 per week, and monthly for $1.66 per week.

Bottom Line:

It’s a choice AI math calculator if you want a helping hand in navigating daily math problems.

6. Tutoreva.

Tutoreva homepage

Tutoreva is a problem-solving tool thriving in solving multiple math problems simultaneously. You can upload an entire book or document, and this AI tool will provide solutions to math problems.

It solves all math problems with step-by-step solutions. You can unlock your math knowledge with comprehensive, guided elaborations for each question.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Doc solver: You can get answers to your math by uploading an entire assignment to this powerful calculator, which will solve the questions in a click.
  • AI solver: This AI-powered math platform solves questions step-by-step and provides personalized tutoring.
  • Textbook solutions: You can access accurately shown solutions for questions in textbooks.
  • Animated and interactive AI tutoring: This tool provides in-depth, colorful explanations and illustrations on a virtual whiteboard to give you a real-life experience.


It’s not one of the best AI solvers if you want a simple calculator with a straightforward user interface.


Tutoreva offers three pricing models: one month for $14.99, 3 months for $35.99, and 12 months for $89.99.

Bottom Line:

Tutoreva solves math problems with step-by-step illustrations, making it a good choice if you want to solve many questions simultaneously.

7. AIR Math.


AIR Math is the fastest solver for every math topic, from algebra to graphs and diagrams. It gives an accurate procedure in just 3 seconds.

A unique feature is that Air Math scans the photo of your math, so you don’t have to input it manually.

It works in three steps: snap, scan, and solve. Once you snap the question on the app, just press solve for an instant answer.

You can install AIR MATH Chrome Extension on your browser, allowing you to snap and crop math problems from the web and get the solutions quickly straight from the web.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Authentic AI technology: Its authentic AI tech will auto-recognize the question from a scanned document and solve it accurately and quickly.
  • Tutor assistance 24/7: You can use AIR Math as a math tutor because it connects you to real tutors who can assist at any time of the day.
  • Bookmark answers: Air Math also provides a history of previous solutions through bookmarks to help you revise.
  • Excellent math AI: You can solve word problems using Air Math because of its advanced AI capabilities.


Air Math cannot solve multiple questions simultaneously and doesn’t recognize handwritten documents.


Air Math is all free.

Bottom Line:

It’s a great math AI homework solver if you want real-time support from tutors.

8. SnapXam.


SnapXam is a versatile math solver that supports over 100 math topics. You can use it to solve elementary-level math and advanced professional problems.

If you’re looking for a helper to pass your test, SnapXam will be an appropriate solver for your homework. It’s a math problem solver and AI platform designed to boost your math education.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Step checker: SnapXam is an AI math assistant that lets you review each step of getting a solution so you understand math better.
  • Book solutions: It offers access to a math problem solver and math textbook tutor. It allows you to review book solutions to improve your math knowledge.
  • Multiple solving methods: It offers efficient solutions to your math using different ways, and you can check these methods to understand the math concepts.
  • Calculators and topics: SnapXam offers access to hundreds of elementary and professional-level calculators and topics.


You need to enter the math equation because SnapXam doesn’t support photos, which might take some time.


It offers access through an annual plan for $39.97 or a 3-month plan for $12.97.


Bottom Line:

SnapXam is a top AI solver that will meet your needs if you want a versatile option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI Math Solvers?

They are calculators paired with AI to generate accurate answers to your math questions.

How do AI math solvers work?

A math solver interprets your input, text, or photo and uses AI to solve the problem. It can interpret math word and give a correct solution. You can scan the math problem or enter text.

What are the uses of AI math solvers?

You can use them to handle math problems for educational and non-educational purposes.

They help in computing answers related to math and give step-by-step solutions to your math.

Is there an AI that solves math problems for you?

Yes, many AI-powered tools can help solve your math problems.

Examples include Photomath, WolframAlpha, Tutoreva, and Socratic.

These intelligent solvers support all levels – from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and beyond.

Do I need an AI solver?

You need one to solve math problems with ease. Besides, problem-solving tools provide a good platform to prepare for tests, handle math homework, and sharpen skills in finding math solutions.

Final Thought

I have discussed the list of best AI math assistants you can use today. You can begin with a low plan and select a premium plan in your desired option as you advance.

A math solver will be a great alternative to a human tutor if you want to handle math problems instantly. Remember, these tools are designed to solve math problems and help you improve your math-solving skills.

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