9 Ways How To Bypass AI Content Detection Tools (2023)

Ways How To Bypass AI Content Detection Tools

AI writing tools are helping content creators to produce content faster and more efficiently.

However, there is one setback! AI content detection tools, including Google’s algorithms, have evolved to detect AI-generated content.

This threat may slow down your content creation process. Nevertheless, you can still make AI text undetectable and bypass AI content detectors.

AI content detectors scan for predictable words and sentence structure in a piece of content. Using several methods, you can avoid predictability when creating your content.

Do you need an AI detection remover, or can you remove AI traces manually? I get this question often because many creators want to create undetectable AI content.

The suitable method will depend on your needs and your time to do it.

In this article, I will share how to bypass AI content detection tools regardless of the type of content you want to create and ensure you circumvent penalties from all AI detection algorithms.

Why do I need to bypass content detection tools?

Understanding how to bypass AI content detection tools is important for your content to appear original and authentic.

Most individuals don’t want to be exposed to content that sounds and seems similar. Apart from these general reasons, there are more pressing elements.

You want to comply with guidelines and policies set by certain platforms or institutions. It’s necessary to ensure content is not flagged by Google and tools like Undetectable.AI and Originality.AI.

It will also help you avoid AI detection and plagiarism. Content generated using AI assistants may be plagiarized if it’s published or shared without appropriate attribution.

Detectors can scan and detect content from the internet without failure. Content detectors are software programs that are emerging and becoming increasingly accessible.

So, most individuals will likely check whether your content will pass AI checkers. These are sufficient reasons for you to remove AI detection before submitting any content.

How to Bypass AI Content Detection Tools.

1. Use AI Humanizers.

AI content detectors have become sophisticated and improved their detection abilities.

One sure way to bypass them is to use tools like Undetectable AI and AISEO because they are designed for that purpose.

Undetectable AI is a tool that can rephrase AI-generated content into human-like text in seconds.

The tool can help you bypass detectors and individualize the content for your specific target using options like readability level and writing purpose.

I tested how Undetectable AI changes content using AI text from ChatGPT. I asked ChatGPT to write a 150-word paragraph on the uses of AI, and here is the output.

generating-ai-content-with-chat-gpt. How To Bypass AI Content Detection Tools

The AI tool humanized the content to a form that can bypass any AI detector, like GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, OpenAI, and Content At Scale.

Undetectable.AI Results

I then checked the results from undetectable.Ai using originality.AI, which, based on my experience, is the most accurate AI content detection tool. The content was completely humanized to bypass AI content detection tools.


The other AI tool is AISEO. AISEO is an AI content detection tool and an AI humanizer that you can use to pass AI detectors.

You can use it to scan content for traces of AI using its detection algorithms and then click the humanize button to change it.

It allows you to adjust the desired tone and voice, improve the readability, and even show a percentage.

I tested how AISEO produces undetectable AI content using the content generated using ChatGPT.

The text on the left shows the output I pasted from ChatGPT, while the right panel is the humanized text that can bypass AI content detection.


I then passed the humanized content from AISEO through Originality.AI, and the result showed 100% human-like content.

originalityai-results aiseo.ai

Bypassing AI content scanners using these AI humanizers is effective because they use several techniques.

They change the sentence structure, word order, and vocabulary to make the content undetectable.

These tools are a good choice if you’re in a hurry and want to get original content within minutes.

So, why should you consider these tools to bypass AI detection software? They can save you effort and time because they do it automatically.

Another reason is their ability to produce human-like text that is less likely to be flagged by AI content detectors.

I encourage you to proofread the content before you publish to correct potential mistakes and make it suitable for your target audience.

2. Edit content manually using human writing styles.

You can manually edit content generated using an AI writing tool to bypass AI content detectors.

As you might have guessed, this method might be a time-consuming process. But it’s an effective way to change AI-generated content into human-like language.

This approach involves rewriting AI-generated content using various human writing styles.

Vary sentence structure to make them appear like human writing. Write sentences of varying lengths and complexity.

Add personal touches to the text to make it more human. Ensure your content has personal touches, like opinions, examples, and anecdotes.

At the same time, avoid limited vocabulary. Use a variety of phrases and words to make your writing sound natural.

This method is effective because AI-written content does not have a variety of vocabulary since AI is trained using limited text.

Editing your text is a sure way to get human-generated content and avoid the inconvenience of AI content detection.

I have realized that texts generated using the best Undetectable AI Content Writing tools, such as Content at Scale, do not require much editing as these AI tools generate human-like content that bypasses AI detection.

3. Hire a Human Writer.


The most effective method to bypass any detector is to hire human writers.

It helps to avoid AI because human writers can generate original content for your niche.

You should identify a writer who is knowledgeable and experienced in your topic.

Here are pro tips for ensuring a human writer’s content is original:

  • Look for a writer with proven experience creating text for your target audience.
  • Ask about the writer’s experience producing content that bypasses AI and plagiarism checkers.
  • Offer the writer succinct instructions and guidelines about the topic and insist that you will not accept AI text.
  • Proofread the content to ensure it meets your needs and the instructions provided to the human writer.

Using a human writer to create content leaves you without the worry of your text being flagged by AI scanners.

The writer also brings their creativity into writing, and you get high-quality that is informative and engaging.

4. Integrate niche-specific expertise.

You can bypass AI content detection by incorporating niche-specific expertise into content before you publish.

A detector will likely bypass this content because most of these tools are trained to detect general content and data.

A great way to circumvent AI content detectors is to use technical and jargon terms that apply to your industry.

Highly specific language can help you to transform AI-generated content into undetectable text.

You can achieve this manually or by giving the AI writer specific instructions to integrate the desired terms.

Here is an example I created using ChatGPT.

The prompt was “Write a 100-word article about the top things to consider when buying a house. Ensure the article integrates specific real estate vocabulary that real estate agents and potential home buyers use.”


The tool generated an article with specific real estate keywords that can evade AI detection.

These include pre-approval, mortgage, proximity to amenities, property taxes, home inspection, and Homeowners Association (HOA) fees.

The terms improve the authenticity of the content, allowing you to create undetectable content by AI detectors. Avoid clichés and generic language.

5. Use your unique brand voice and tone.

Another method to humanize AI text and bypass AI detectors is to rewrite your content using a distinct brand voice and tone.

If you use AI to write content, you will have noted that the text is generic. You can beat detectors if you treat the AI-generated content as a draft.

You can turn AI text into high-quality content if you integrate your voice. I maintain a unique tone in all articles by rewriting them.

In addition to bypassing every detector, the content keeps my audience engaged. Not sure how to do it? You only need to maintain certain elements of your writing process.

Use phrases that your audience identifies often and retain the same writing style.

These tips help you create undetectable AI content that beats a powerful AI detection software like Originality.AI.

6. Integrate information from diverse sources.

Another way to bypass AI content detection is to add information from different sources to your AI-generated content.

This approach makes AI text complex and sophisticated for AI detection tools.

A standard detector will flag content generated from a single source but not from diverse sources.

You can achieve this approach in several ways. Use different AI writers to generate content and then merge it into one piece.

You can use ChatGPT, Jasper, and Writesconic to write different sections of the project.

A manual search of the information to integrate into your content is another way to trick AI content detectors.

You can gather information from online interviews, websites, and articles. Synthesize this information and determine how to add it. Using diverse sources makes your content more undetectable by a detection tool.

7. Use images and videos.

Add images and videos to help you bypass AI scanners.

The detection tools cannot detect text embedded in videos and images as they are trained on text data.

You can upload images you have created or use third-party pictures with permission.

Content creators looking to optimize their content will also find this method beneficial because it can improve search engine rankings.

In addition, it will enhance the quality of AI-generated text. The images elaborate on the content, making it rich and informative.

I often advise creators to use high-quality visuals rather than random images.

Ensure the video clips or pictures are pertinent to the content to make the piece engaging and informative.

Optimize the visuals for Google and other engines to boost the website’s ranking.

8. Decrease word repetition.

Creating unique and informative content is a sure way to circumvent any detector. The trick here is to put content in a less detectable way.

It’s worth noting that AI content often has repeated words and phrases. You can manually delete or change the same terms in the content.

You might spend more time using this approach, but it will turn AI content into high-quality content.

Use less common synonyms for repeated terms. As you decrease recurring words, the content’s flow and structure become less predictable.

But note that not all AI-written text will be repetitive. This approach is effective because you will not need a tool to bypass AI content detection.

9. Fact check and review AI content.

Content written with AI may have errors and potentially misleading information. A detector will flag that content as machine-written due to the lack of facts.

When you produce content that has data, it is important to fact-check it if you want to bypass AI content detection.

AI writing assistants generate flawed content occasionally, so you should review it.

Here is an example. I asked ChatGPT to write a short prompt describing the medal tally of the past Olympics.

And here is the output. A keen look shows possible wrong information.

review AI content.

Review the entire article to ensure the content has no wrong information. It’s an effective method to beat AI content detectors by transforming text into a high-quality piece.

How to bypass AI content detection tools: Final Thoughts

If you produce content on a regular basis, you have probably used or tested AI writers, such as ChatGPT.

The buzz behind artificial intelligence writing assistants is not over. You might even have started using them recently or planning to use one.

You can use AI humanizers or manual methods for your content. Regardless of your method, the goal is to ensure your platforms have not flagged AI-generated content.

It’s worth noting that AI content detectors play an instrumental role in preventing the proliferation of AI text on the internet.

But these AI tools also help us to create high-quality, informative, and engaging content. They push us to generate more useful content for the target audience.

Additionally, you create content that ranks high on search engines.

Are there other ways you’re using to avoid detectors? Share them so that we can become better at creating content.

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