10 Best AI Song Cover Generator Tools for 2024


Are you a content creator, musician, or music enthusiast who wants to create a cover song of your favorite song?

AI song generators can help you to create your own AI cover in seconds. These platforms are a part of generative AI that is transforming the music industry.

You will attest that an AI song cover generator can simplify music production and live performances because you don’t need to spend much time in the studio.

They are incredible AI tools that bridge the gap between creativity and technology. But which innovative AI tool can you use to suit your needs?

In this article, I will discuss the best AI song cover generators to help you make the best choice to generate an AI cover of your favorite tracks.

What are the Best AI Song Cover Generator Tools?

1. Singify.

Singify homepage -  AI Song Cover Generator

Singify is a versatile free AI song cover generator, offering you up to 100+ AI voices. It’s made for content creators, parodists, music fans, and music enthusiasts.

Get this tool to supercharge music creation regardless of your objectives.

With a unique AI Voice Cloning technology, this platform can transform any song into the voice of your desired singers instantly.

Singify allows you to change your song into the voices of legendary and popular musicians like Ariana Grande, Drake, and Michael Jackson.

Key Features and Pros:

  • 100+ AI cover songs: It offers more than 100 high-quality signing voices to transform your favorite songs into your desired voice.
  • Simple cover creation process: The transformation process happens in three steps. Select your desired voice model, add an audio file, and download the transformed audio.
  • Custom AI voice models: Singify empowers you to unleash your creativity because it can help you create a unique AI voice model and use the voices of popular musicians and artists.
  • Accurate cover song generator: It gives you flawless musical fantasies and brings life into your music dreams.


Singify may have a complicated user interface to some people.



You can access all functions for free. Unlock all the other capabilities that Singify offers by choosing the best package for you. 

  • Basic ($5.99/mo): Perfect for individuals.
  • Pro ($11.99/mo): Offers unlimited access to AI voice changer.
  • Enterprise ($31.99): Great for teams.
  • Lifetime ($89.99): Lifetime access to the finevoice and finecam bundle.


Singify is a great choice for a versatile free-cover song generator.

2. VoiceDub.


VoiceDub can be your number-one choice if you want to create AI voice covers for songs, storytelling, and speech.

It uses AI and machine learning technologies to convert your text to speech so you can use it to create a new audio file.

You own the creations made using VoiceDub because it offers access to royalty-free voices.

The artificial intelligence technology allows you to generate voice in seconds. Maximum performance saves you from long processing times.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Generate excellent song covers: With VoiceDub, it’s possible to create clear voice covers using sounds of whimsical characters like Mr. Krabs and Plankton or famous musicians like Ariana and Justin Bieber.
  • Create an original song: The text-to-speech feature can create original studio-quality vocals using text inputs if you don’t have an audio file.
  • Offers unlimited possibilities of AI: Its daily updates bring advanced features to expand AI possibilities in creating audio covers.
  • Voice cloning: VoiceDub can clone your voice if you upload vocals to the platform.


Although this tool allows you to generate voice covers in minutes, you might experience delays if it’s busy.


  • Basic ($2.99/mo): 5 Dubs and 1 cloned voice per month.
  • Starter ($14.99/mo): 25 Dubs and 5 cloned voices per month.
  • Influencer ($24.99/mo): 100 Dubs and 20 cloned voices per month.
  • Pro ($99.99/mo): 1000 Dubs and 200 cloned voices per month.


VoiceDub is an excellent selection if you want to create song covers for your stories or speeches.

3. Voicify.


Access 3000+ AI voice models to develop covers using your favorite voices.

Voicify AI is a great voice cover generator that gives a quality output in seconds and has gained millions of users.

It utilizes the leading AI voice cloning technology to ensure you enjoy the future of music now.

This AI song cover generator offers you access to regular updates, allowing you to use all newly added AI voices.

In addition, you can develop your own model using Voicify AI.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Get your desired voice model: The Voicify community provides access to 3000+ AI models and adds more models regularly.
  • Custom models: It allows users to create song covers using their own datasets.
  • Full history: This tool stores all your conversions, and it’s possible to download them in the future.
  • AI voice model library: Voicify AI has an essential vocal toolkit that can make your music creation process simple.


It might not be very easy to use for beginners.


  • Credits ($7.99/mo): 25 credits/month and 25 conversions.
  • Creator ($24.99/mo): Unlimited credits and 3 monthly custom models.
  • Power User ($89.99/mo): Unlimited credits and 10 monthly custom models.


Voicify is a good choice if you want to make an AI cover song using predefined or custom models.

4. Mubert.


Mubert is a powerful AI cover generator that unites humans and technology to create perfect soundtracks every time.

This collaboration helps you to create royalty-free AI music flawlessly and instantly to fit your purpose.

With an intuitive interface, Mubert can serve a content creator, developer, artist, and even a general listener.

Besides, it provides an earning potential because users can monetize their tracks, loops, and samples.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Versatile: This song cover generator can create songs or background music for various media like apps, podcasts, and videos.
  • Tailored Soundtracks: Effortlessly create your own music based on unique needs like style, length, and mood. The selected parameters can be applied to your future soundtrack to save you time generating music.
  • Get inspiration from Mubert’s play: This feature provides you access to infinite soundtracks for every life moment, and it’s a great starting point if you want inspiration to create unique music.
  • Powerful AI algorithms: It uses advanced AI algorithms to create AI song covers from millions of samples.


Mubert prohibits users from distributing the generated soundtracks on music streaming platforms.


  • Free ($0/mo): MP3 with attribution and 25 songs /mo.
  • Creator ($11.69/mo): For NFTs and social and 500 songs /mo.
  • Pro ($32.49/mo): Commercial use and 500 songs /mo.
  • Business ($149.29/mo): Apps and agencies and 1000 songs/mo.


Mubert can serve different audiences that want to create high-quality soundtracks, like developers, content creators, and artists.

5. Soundful.


Soundful is an incredible application that can create royalty-free background music for commercial purposes at the click of a button.

Select this tool to create quality music for social media, YouTube, digital ads, movies, live broadcasts, streaming services, and video games.

It’s a unique AI that ensures you will never get stuck creatively again. The software generates unique tracks in seconds and protects you from copyright strikes.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Multiple mood templates: Amazing AI-generated templates help to set the mood for your song, like meditation, chill beats, study, and holiday.
  • A variety of themes: Some outstanding themes include hip-hop, EDM, ambient, and Latin.
  • Made for brands: Soundful offers a cost-effective way to create unique, studio-quality soundtracks for your brand needs.
  • Free version: This online AI song cover has a free version for personal use and to help you get started.


The free version is made for non-profit use only and can’t be monetized.


  • Standard ($0/yr): 3 monthly downloads and 25+ templates.
  • Content Creator ($29.99/yr): 100 monthly downloads and 100 templates.
  • Music Creator Plus ($59.99/mo): 300 monthly downloads and 100 templates.
  • Enterprise (custom quote): Customized features.


Soundful supports music production for commercial purposes to meet your needs.

6. Boomy.


Boomy AI cover song generator is made to help you unleash your creativity.

Creating cover songs with Boomy takes seconds, regardless of your experience in music production.

It’s the appropriate tool if you’ve never created music before.

The exciting thing is that you can submit the songs to streamlining services and monetize them.

You will earn when users of these streamlining platforms listen to your songs.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Song ideas: This AI song cover generator creates song ideas to spark your creativity and allow you to flip them to generate your desired music.
  • Boomy auto-vocal feature: An auto-vocal feature can turn your non-pitched or spoken audio into a song.
  • Quick Song Creation: Creating a song using Boomy is simple because this feature produces a perfectly polished song in seconds.
  • Unique music: Boomy helps you to create unique music using your vocals so you don’t sound like everyone else.


It’s not suitable to produce music for commercial purposes like audio clips for movies.


  • Free ($0/mo): 25 song saves and 1 release.
  • Creator ($9.99/mo): 500 song saves and 3 releases.
  • Pro ($29.99): unlimited song saves and 10 releases.


Boomy is a great choice if you want to create high-quality AI covers using your vocals in seconds.

7. Musicfy AI.


Musicfy is your perfect AI music assistant. It’s an excellent AI cover song generator that uses the latest AI technology to create songs with your voice.

Besides, there’s a huge library of AI voice artists to supercharge your music creation.

The software has revolutionary and innovative features to guide you through the music creation journey.

AI-to-text music is an amazing feature that can turn your words into a song in minutes.

It saves you time because you don’t have to endure lengthy recording processes. All these features are accessible using a free account.

Key Features and Pros:

  • AI voice artists: A library of copyright-free vocals helps to create beautiful music.
  • Custom AI voice model: It creates custom AI models based on your upload to ensure the final output sounds like you.
  • Stem Splitters: Musicfy lets you isolate the tracks on a song, including drums, bass, and vocals.
  • Efficient music production: You get access to efficient features to streamline collaboration and support your artistic vision.
  • AI Parody Voices: It can remaster your songs with parody and funny voices.


The free plan produces watermarked songs that cannot be used for commercial purposes.


  • Starter ($9.99/mo): For starting users, 25 text-to-music creations and 1 custom voice model.
  • Professional ($24.99/mo): For professional users, 100 text-to-music creations and 3 custom voice models.
  • Studio ($69.99/mo): For studio members, unlimited text-to-music creations and 15 custom voice models.


Musicfy is appropriate for business owners, content creators, and filmmakers who want to produce royalty-free albums.

8. Covers.ai.


Enjoy the quickest way to generate a high-quality song with the covers.ai song creator.

Covers.ai has the best user interface that you can use instantly, regardless of whether you’re a beginner.

You can create a song in two steps. Select or upload a song, choose your desired voice, and this platform will generate a quality song in seconds.

It lets you create your desired voice cover using a premade AI model or your own model.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Unlimited songs: Users can generate unlimited songs using the premium plan.
  • Create your own voice model: You only need to upload your recorded voice, and this platform will create a personalized voice model.
  • Full song covers and stems: Covers.ai generates an entire song cover and also splits stems based on your needs.
  • Make AI duets: This AI music cover generator can create AI duets using your voice or a different voice.


Covers.ai is not suitable if you want to create multiple AI covers each month.


This AI song cover generator is free but has a premium plan for $2.99/mo (billed $36 annually) or $4.99/mo.


Covers.ai is an excellent selection if you want to create a cover song quickly through two simple steps.

9. AIVA.


AIVA is a free AI song cover generator for individuals, enterprises, schools, and students. It’s one of the few music covers appropriate for students and educators.

However, this online platform allows you to create an AI cover for various needs, just like other advanced song generators.

It provides access to about 250+ different styles, empowering you to generate new songs for your specific needs. Beginners and professionals can use this cover generator effortlessly.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Ultimate customization: It’s a unique AI song generator that enables you to create individualized style models and also allows for audio uploads.
  • Edit generated tracks: Customize your song generation further by editing a track to suit your desires.
  • Multi-format support: AIVA will fit into your workflow because it generates tracks in different formats.
  • A variety of presents and music formats: You get access to AI voice models from various media applications.


You should subscribe to the Pro Plan if you want to monetize the tracks generated using AIVA.


AIVA has pricing plans for students and schools, enterprises, and individuals. Students and Schools get a 15% discount on the monthly plan and 30% on the annual plans.

Enterprises like creative companies get a custom quote based on their commercialization needs. Here are the individual’s pricing plans.

  • Free (€0 forever): 3 downloads/month and track of 3 minutes.
  • Standard monthly plan (€15/mo): 15 downloads/month and track of 5 minutes.
  • Pro monthly plan (€49/mo): 300 downloads/month and track of 5+ minutes.


AIVA is the best AI song cover for creative companies and tutors seeking to create songs for educational materials.

10. TopMediai.


TopMediai is an incredible music generator that helps you generate expressive AI covers of any song.

It’s designed to help you create content faster and spark engagement in your channel if you’re a content creator.

This tool uses cutting-edge AI to generate cover songs in different genres and styles.

Content creators can leverage this feature to enhance content diversity and attract a broader audience.

It offers a unique twist to songs, ensuring you generate cover that is original and fresh.

Key Features and Pros:

  • A variety of input formats: TopMediai supports various input formats like mp3 and WAV to fit your workflow.
  • A rich selection of models: It lets you select models like cartoons, singers, and politicians to create a fresh cover song.
  • Easy to use: This platform allows you to create original AI music in three steps without the need for technical skills.
  • High-Quality Output: It’s a great cover generator that produces polished audio resembling human performance.


TopMediai specifies that the generated song covers are for parody and personal use only, so you can’t use them for commercial purposes.


  • Free ($0/mo): 2 free models
  • Basic plan ($7.99/mo): All voice models, 30 times conversions and unlimited downloads
  • Premium Plan ($19.99/mo): All voice models, 150 times conversions and unlimited downloads
  • Pro Plan ($39.99): All voice models, unlimited times conversions and unlimited downloads


TopMediai is valuable software that can improve content for YouTubers and content creators.


What is a song cover generator tool?

It’s a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique covers based on existing songs or your own audio.

How do song generators work?

They use deep learning algorithms to analyze and reinterpret songs and generate new covers using your preferred styles, voice models, and genres.

Can I use AI cover songs for commercial purposes?

The terms of using AI-generated covers differ from platform to platform. Check whether your preferred platform permits users to use the covers commercially.

Do these AI tools offer a free trial?

You can get a free AI cover generator. However, the free versions may not offer advanced features and mostly generate watermarked songs.

Final Thought: Best AI Song Cover Generator Tools

A cover generator can save you time and enhance your content creation because it uses AI algorithms to give a high-quality output.

You can start using these tools today regardless of your music production expertise.

Artists, Youtubers, and enthusiasts can generate captivating covers in seconds.

This article explores the platforms I have tested and vetted. Choose the best AI cover creator to streamline your workflow and avoid the inconveniences of going to the studio.

It’s good to select a generator that allows you to customize the cover song using different styles and genres.

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