15 Top AI Side Hustles to Try (2024): Skyrocket Your Income


Are you tired of office work? Do you want to learn about the side hustles you can start to increase your income? I was exactly in the same place some years ago before joining Side Hustlers!

Becoming a freelancer is one of the best decisions I have ever made. However, it was hard to get a side hustle and make money during that time!

Artificial intelligence has created opportunities that you can leverage to earn extra cash on the side. Many lucrative AI side hustle ideas are available today.

About a third of freelancers use AI tools regularly. At the same time, AI will be one of the greatest wealth creators in history as it doesn’t care about your background or location. AI has made making money easier in this modern age.

In this article, I will discuss the best AI side hustles in 2024 and beyond to help you use the latest AI tools to find a way to make money regardless of your skills.

What are AI Side Hustles?

There’s no single answer to this question. Depending on your network, talent, interest, and experience, there are different hustles to start.

I have found that there are many accessible AI side hustles for anyone willing to put effort into earning online.

AI tools can help you start hustles in AI engineering, AI video editing, AI consulting, AI writing, or even become an AI digital artist.

Launching side hustles in these areas is simple with AI tools. The demand for people with a deep knowledge of AI tools is significantly growing, and the list of potential clients will continue to increase.

Below are the top AI side hustles to try today:

1. AI Blogging Business.

An AI blogging business is a good start if you are searching for an efficient and lucrative side hustle.

There are virtually no barriers to entering this business. AI tools like ChatGPT can help you generate blog ideas, craft titles, develop article outlines, and even write an entire blog post.

If you want to choose Chat GPT, I highly recommend accessing the GPT4 model through the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

This latest version can help you save a lot of time since it allows for more thorough answers to your inputs or prompts. 

ai-blogging-business - Top AI Side Hustles
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Note that you should not treat ChatGPT’s output as a final copy. I recommend you treat the copy as a draft that needs minimal human touch before publishing.

By personalizing it through examples, the text sounds like human-written content. Don’t forget to double-check to ensure that the information is accurate.

ChatGPT can present incorrect information because it can be prone to hallucinations like other AI text generators.

Ensure you adequately fact-check information or data that sounds misleading or wrong to identify potential inaccuracies.

Note that Google may penalize AI-generated content if it is not informative and sounds robotic and irrelevant.

However, Google has not said it will de-index AI-generated content. Humanizing your AI-generated posts is the best thing to do instead of publishing many blog posts that might not appear in search engine results.

2. Create a Content Calendar.

Another option to make money is by creating a content calendar and ideas if you work as a consultant for other bloggers or content creators.

Blog site owners may struggle to identify and develop new ideas, topics, and content.

This challenge can be an opportunity for you to start a side hustle by offering a helping hand.

Start offering your AI services by creating a schedule for content to be written and a guide to personalize it to fit the intended audience’s needs.

All you need to do is to provide a roadmap for content creators and generate extra cash. Ask Chat GPT or Jasper AI to create a list of titles and topics based on your creative prompt.

There’s a high demand for this service from small businesses because they might not have adequate resources to hire an entire in-house team to create evergreen content.

Jasper AI solutions
Jasper AI solutions.

3. Creating SEO-friendly content with AI.

AI can also assist you in developing keyword-rich content that has a high chance of ranking high on search engines like Google.

Request ChatGPT to create a blog post, optimize it for search engines, and write a Meta description.

However, you should understand the limitations and capabilities of each tool to use them effectively.

I recommend you check the output to ensure it is SEO-optimized without keyword stuffing, which may cause Google to penalize your web pages.

An AI blogging business could become your primary source of income if you have the right approach.   

4. Automation Scripts and Customer Service Bots.

Developing customer service AI chatbots and automation scripts can be an exciting side hustle to help supplement your income.

Start by training automation scripts to perform tasks such as data extraction, reporting, analysis, or file transfers.

AI can constantly enhance and optimize these automation scripts by learning from user feedback and existing scripts. It’s an opportunity to help businesses to improve productivity and efficiency.

Chatbots can be trained to understand and respond to customer inquiries in a contextually accurate and human-like manner.

They can analyze past customer interactions to generate responses that anticipate follow-up questions.

Besides, they can answer complex customer questions to enhance customers’ experience.

However, human interventions may still be needed for complex queries and tasks. You should carefully consider where to use generative AI for these purposes.

Ensuring a satisfactory and comprehensive customer experience should involve balancing AI automation and the human touch.  

Another challenge lies in training AI models such as deep neural networks.

These networks require extensive and high-quality data for continuous training to ensure they function correctly in all circumstances.

You also need to adhere to data privacy regulations when implementing AI solutions.

Another issue is that you should have skills in developing chatbots and automation. But it would help if you didn’t get discouraged.

It’s a side hustle that will pay you for a long time if you put effort and time into creating customer service chatbots.

Automation Scripts and Customer Service Bots
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5. Designing Professional Logos.

Many people are launching businesses because of the proliferation of AI technology. These businesses might need professional logos to stand out from the crowd.

You capitalize on this opportunity by becoming a professional logo designer using different AI tools.

AI-powered logo makers like Brandmark allow you to create visually appealing and unique logos within minutes.

This AI tool uses machine learning algorithms to generate custom designs based on your preference.

Leverage Awesome AI for your electronic design automation to make your work easier in creating a profitable side hustle.

Another way to be a professional logo designer is to use Hatchful. Hatchful is a free logo maker that can be useful, especially for those starting a business.

This program can assist you in designing and customizing any artificial intelligence logo in a few steps.

You don’t have to sign up or have experience in graphic design to use it effectively.

Hatchful free logo maker
Hatchful free logo maker

6. Transcribing Podcasts Using Sonix.

Transcribing podcasts is the best hustle if you are keen on details and don’t get bored quickly listening to audio files.

However, don’t worry about your experience or personality because AI tools can help you transcribe. 

One of these tools is Snix. It’s automated transcription software that enables you to convert audio content from podcasts into written text quickly.

Integrating Snix into customer chatbots is also possible. Integrating this tool into a chatbot interface can make it more user-friendly for customers who prefer reading over listening.   

Transcription using AI can be an eye-catching opportunity for aspiring small business owners and freelancers.

Search for gigs in different transcription sites as a freelancer, like TranscribeMe and Crowdsurf.

You will find these tools beneficial if you are searching for a quick side hustle. Later, you will attract clients that pay well as you gain more experience.

7. Create Images to Sell on Adobe Stock using Midjourney.

Creating images to sell on Adobe Stock using AI tools like Midjourney is easy and fun.

Midjourney offers a free trial version for starters if you only want to practice using the tool. However, you should have a subscription plan to use it commercially.

Visiting Adobe Stock and looking at what has been selling is helpful. This approach can give you ideas on how to create images on Midjourney and sell them on Adobe Stock Photos.

You can quickly search Midjourney in two steps after logging into your Adobe account.

Click Sell, and then click on Insights to see what is selling more.

You don’t need the right to any image generated in the public server of Midjourney. You own the images generated using your prompts and can use them if you have a subscription plan.

Midjourney Community Showcase

Midjourney allows you to upscale images to create high-resolution art. I have used Image Upscaler and found it to be an excellent tool for improving the quality of images.

I recommend it because it’s one of the best tools. But there are other services available to choose from.

Choose the paid package if you want to upscale several images at once, or use the free version and upscale five images per week.

It’s simple to upload your images to Adobe once they are ready. All you need is to go back to Adobe Stock and log in with your Adobe ID.

Remember, you must own every file you upload and must be aged 18 or older.

You will also require a signed release if your content contains recognizable persons or private property. 

Joining Adobe’s creator community lets you sell original photographs, illustrations, video clips, and vectors online.

You enter a non-exclusive partnership that permits Adobe to license and promote your content when you upload it.

Nevertheless, the rights to your work remain intact. It is essential to ensure that your images are found easily by adding relevant keywords and related terms.

8. Effortlessly Creating Professional Presentations.

Why not specialize in creating professional presentations using AI tools for creating presentations?

These tools can help creators concentrate on storytelling while leaving the technicalities to AI. AI automates post-production tasks like color grading, style transfer, and object removal.

You should pick a tool that can help produce professional presentations. Runway uses machine learning algorithms to simplify AI video editing tasks.

It can create quality AI videos to help you generate income effortlessly.

Beautiful.ai has intelligent design automation features that assist in creating professional-looking presentations.

It converts ideas into visually appealing slides in minutes. These generative AI-powered tools have introduced new possibilities for digital enthusiasts searching for AI side hustles on the internet.

With generative AI tools like Beautiful.ai, you don’t need any technical skills to get started. You can use this tool without graphic design or video production skills.

It’s a great option to earn an extra income without investing in costly production equipment. 

These AI tools can help you generate professional presentations without effort, which helps you earn good money.

9. Coding Made Easy with GPT4 Technology.

Coding has ceased being a foreign language to many, thanks to GPT4 technology. GPT4 has eliminated the need to scan and detect code errors.

It will save you the challenge of reading long lines of code to identify a misplaced comma or bracket. You also don’t need to memorize complex lines of code.

GPT4 technology has created new possibilities for beginners to generate code using natural language.

It allows anybody who understands problem-solving and logic to create websites and software applications without formal coding experience or education.

So, if you believe you’ve got what it takes to get started, you should check out platforms like GitHub’s OpenAI page and DeepMind.

These platforms offer AI functionalities for coders of all levels. Such platforms will help you learn more about GPT4 technology and begin putting your skills into practice.

Developing your GPT4 skills can also open you to new career possibilities because they set you apart from other job seekers.

Knowing generative AI technologies such as GPT4 will increase your marketability in the job market since more businesses want skilled software engineers.  

Coding Made Easy with GPT4 Technology
Source: Unsplash

10. Turn Chat GPT into Your Prompt Engineer.

AI Prompt Engineering is another profitable side hustle opportunity with high demand. This side hustle can pay you up to six figures to develop prompts for artificial intelligence.

If you are wondering where to begin your prompt engineering career, ChatGPT can be a good starting point. All you need to do is to put in your desired commands.

Even though creating effective AI prompts can be time-consuming and intricate, it’s a lucrative side hustle.

A unique approach is to craft prompts custom-made for specific niches if you know how to use AI-powered tools effectively.

Specialize in assisting individuals and businesses in enhancing the quality of their AI-generated content.

Besides, developing an AI prompt generator or offering these prompts can be time-saving.

Prompt engineering can even become a full-fledged online business if you put much effort into developing it.

AI Prompt Engineering can be a flourishing business that assists others in creating their voice for their brand by tapping into the potential of prompt engineering.

Creators can sell AI prompts as a digitalized product to earn extra cash because many huge language models require the right prompts.

Selling AI prompts can be one of the AI-driven side hustles if you focus on various AI tools.

11. Revolutionize Your Resume Writing Services with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can help you produce high-quality resumes and cover letters quickly. It’s a good opportunity if you’re considering venturing into resume writing services.

Even though the freelance resume writing market is competitive, the power of generative AI, like ChatGPT, can outperform your human counterparts in quality and efficiency.

Chat GPT is one of the best AI tools available for this work because of the following reasons:

  • Speed: ChatGPT can generate many drafts within minutes, unlike humans, who may require hours to create just one cover letter or resume. AI writing assistants help you to serve more clients and increase your earnings.
  • Consistency: Chat GPT ensures that every generated text is of the same high quality because it has consistent results each time.
  • Natural Language Processing: ChatGPT produces coherent, well-structured, and custom-made content that meets the specific needs of the job seeker. This feature will help your clients stand out from the competition.

Defining Chat GPT’s role will also significantly help in this area. It will generate a cover letter and resume within minutes when you give it a prompt.

Ensure you provide this tool with the context of the applicant, like the client’s qualifications, experience, type of job, and readiness to work.

The best thing is that this AI-based side hustle offers opportunities for upselling related services, such as interview coaching and LinkedIn profile optimization.

12. Transform Your Coloring Hobby into a Profitable Side Hustle with AI Software.

Another opportunity is turning your love for coloring into a profitable business opportunity using AI-generated visuals.

Relevant software can create high-quality and engaging coloring content. However, you need marketing skills to enter this side hustle.

One opportunity is to market the content through social media platforms.   

AI can help you create eye-capturing visuals regardless of your coloring skills.

The process is relatively simple because you only need to make or locate exclusive, attractive pictures for your target audience.

Then, use an AI tool to create coloring pages like Colormandala or ReallyColor.

Upload your image onto their platform and sit back as you let the software do the hard work.

It starts by converting your picture into a black-and-white outline for coloring.

Next, compile your created pages using any PDF editor to form a complete book once they are enough. People will be ready to purchase your book as a digitized item.

13. Promote Your Product Effectively.

AI marketing appeared to have stalled as a concept for a long time. This concept became more popular in 2023.

AI assistants like ChatGPT and Jasper AI are helpful if you want to promote your products effectively. Marketers and businesses worldwide now utilize AI to boost their sales.

Promoting your product effectively can be done with the help of AI, which can entail establishing an online store on platforms like Amazon or Etsy.

AI’s power can help to generate quality marketing materials. Use Jasper AI to generate marketing content and possibly collaborate with influencers in the art community.

Adult coloring books have become popular due to their therapeutic benefits in this digital era.

The rate of people experiencing mental issues like stress has increased globally. So, it is a win-win situation.

On one side, it’s an opportunity to generate income, and on the other side, it helps people reduce stress.

14. AI Content Detection Service.

AI content detection service is one of the most lucrative AI side hustles to venture into today.

The market for this service includes digital creators and content writing agencies concerned with deepfake technology.

You can leverage deepfake detection tools and content detectors to offer solutions for detecting fake content.

These tools can help to generate high-quality text to guarantee online content’s safety and integrity. Selling AI detection tools and services can be a highly profitable side hustle.

There’s a high demand for this service because many individuals are generating deepfakes for fraudulent and malicious reasons.

It can significantly help content creators guard their intellectual property and ideas.

How content detection services can help in both areas:

For content writing agencies:
  • AI text generators: Provide services to assist agencies using AI-powered text generators to develop appealing, relevant, and unique content. The generators can help to enhance their output quality and efficiency.
  • Detecting plagiarized content: Assist agencies in certifying their work’s originality by using AI-driven plagiarism checkers. It’s a good service to help agencies uphold their authenticity and reputation.
For digital creators concerned about deep fakes:
  • Detecting deep fakes: Provide solutions to pick out deepfake content to help creators safeguard their brand from evil acts and protect their digital identity.
  • Educating creators: Helps creators stay vigilant about potential threats by offering guidance and resources on deepfake technology and its associated risks.

You can support digital creators to safeguard their online presence, and content writing agencies produce high-quality text using an AI content detection tool.

With this side hustle, you can grow your income and client base while building a reputation as a deepfake protection and content detection expert.

15. AI Voiceovers.

Providing AI voice generation can be a lucrative side hustle if you want to make money while working from home.

Beginners can use this option to generate income easily. AI-generated speech is a computer-generated voice technology that mimics human voices.

The AI voice generators utilize deep learning algorithms to analyze human speech’s audio recording.

Then, they modify the sounds to create a distinct AI voice with unique speech patterns and intonations.

It’s a low-entry side hustle recording your voice or using AI tools like Murf AI, Synthesia, and Lovo AI to create custom audio clips.

Even as a beginner, with practice and the right tools, you can provide high-quality audio files with less effort.

All you need is to select one of the best AI tools to help in your task.

The ease of creating AI voiceovers makes this side hustle practical if you want to make quick money.

Your service will appeal to those who don’t want to show their faces and use their natural voice in narrations.

In such cases, AI can help you to succeed if well utilized. But ensure you create natural-sounding audio.

Source: Unsplash

Final Thoughts: Top AI Side Hustles to Try

Although AI technology is very dynamic, I have provided a comprehensive list of the AI side hustles that can help you to make more money.

I have recommended AI tools that can assist you in starting a successful AI side hustle.

I have tested these tools and believe they can help you generate some of the best AI side hustle ideas to earn money.

It would be good not to quit your day job early on to consider any side hustle. The power of AI can help you get started while still doing your full-time job.

Nevertheless, it would help if you considered other factors, such as your skills, knowledge, and patience, before choosing any side hustle.

These factors have a great influence on the success of your hustle. One side hustle can be effective for another person but at the same time ineffective for another.

Also, geographical location plays a crucial role in selecting these side hustles.

No one-size-fits-all side hustle exists, even if you use AI tools. For this reason, you should keep trying to find the best one that suits your needs.

But don’t wait any longer because now is the time to make money with AI. Select one side hustle from my list and start earning more money today.

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