How to Create SEO-friendly Content Using AI Writing Tools (2024)


Do you want to boost search engine rankings and attract organic visitors to your website? SEO optimization is instrumental in attaining online success regardless of your business.

If you’re new to SEO, it is the practice of ensuring your content is optimized to gain more visibility in search engine results.

High-ranking content attracts internet users to your website and increases the site’s authority.

You can integrate AI writing tools in your content creation process to write optimized content for search engines like Google.

Using these tools is beneficial because they help you generate converting content and adhere to Google SEO policies. AI can help you to develop a strong SEO strategy and execute it effortlessly.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth guide and tips on how to create SEO-friendly content using AI writing tools to resonate with your audience and give you an edge on search engines.

What are the Benefits of AI Writing Tools in SEO?

Improved content quality

An AI writing tool like copy AI, Jasper AI or Writesonic can help you create high-quality content that your audience will love and rank high on search engines like Google.

AI tools such as Grammarly and QuillBot can also identify and suggest corrections for grammar errors and wrong word usage.

You can also generate high-quality content with better readability. Some tools have a creativity mode that helps you write engagingly.

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Effective Keyword Research

Tools such as GetGenie, Ahrefs, or SEMrush can perform keyword research to identify the terms and phrases related to your topic.

They use advanced algorithms to determine the specific keywords that internet users are searching, trending terms, or phrases that drive traffic to your competitor’s website.

The best thing is that the best AI tools can conduct comprehensive research using a single keyword. You can use the identified keywords to generate content that will supercharge your visibility on search engines.

Consistency in Optimized Keywords

An AI tool can help ensure better optimization for your content. You can ensure that content is optimized based on the keywords you use frequently on your website.

For example, Surfer SEO allows you to create SEO-optimized content consistently. You will ensure that content aligns with search queries and remains consistent with your brand.

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Enhanced Writing Efficiency

Artificial intelligence writing tools like can help you quickly create content based on a topic or keywords.

 Generating content with AI gives you a lot of time to focus on other elements of your SEO strategy, increasing your chances of ranking higher on search engines.

If you’re involved in SEO marketing, AI writing assistants can assist you in producing high volumes of detailed content and boost your effectiveness.


Generated Targeted Content

AI writers are beneficial in content writing when targeting a specific audience. You can ask the AI writer to generate targeted content using particular keywords.

These tools, such as Jasper, are trained to understand the context and your text input, which is a great way to use target keywords.

Competitor Research

Using AI tools like GetGenie or SEMrush, you can boost the performance of your content by leveraging competitor research.

The tools can analyze your content to identify gaps that prevent your web pages from ranking high like your competitors.

You can view valuable analytics and insights to determine where to improve to appear higher on Google search results.

How to use AI Writing Tools to create SEO-friendly content

Generating Topic

The most crucial step in writing SEO content is selecting the right topic. Use AI writing assistants like Jasper to develop great topic ideas for your blog posts, novels, articles, stories, and other types of content.

Advanced tools perform keyword research and detect other high-ranking and trending terms to give topic suggestions.

They also provide a list of related terms to incorporate into your content to rank high.

Using AI allows you to write relevant and fresh content that addresses your target audience’s needs and interests. You also benefit from the ability to effortlessly cover a specific topic in detail.

Research and Content Creation

You can use AI writers like Writesonic to research your topic and create content efficiently and quickly.

A good starting point is to use your preferred tool to plan the content or create an outline, including the introduction, subtopics, and conclusion.


The best practice is to use these tools to generate the initial draft before publishing it. You can create outlines, summaries, or entire blog posts.

AI writing software can generate well-structured and written content ready to publish with minimal or no editing.

You can request the tool to make the content engaging and informative. Some platforms like ChatGPT can integrate statistics into the content, but it’s good to fact-check it.

Using different instructions or methods of framing your input into the tool helps to create a high-quality piece.

Content Optimization

You can optimize your content with AI content tools such as Surfer SEO to rank high on search engines.

The tools analyze your content and suggest improvements, like readability, placement of a keyword and related terms, and content length.

Another way they refine your content is through recommendations for keyword density and structure of your content.

They ensure your content meets Google SEO guidelines by preventing keyword stuffing. Google loves keywords that appear natural in your content.


Promotes SEO Best Practices

Adhering to the best practices for SEO is instrumental if you want to write SEO-friendly content. AI content tools are helpful because they identify areas where to implement the practices within your content.

Different approaches can help to ensure the content meets SEO practices. They include effectively using header tags, engaging meta descriptions, and optimizing images.

Another aspect is to structure content in a way that increases its readability.

Content Uniqueness and Quality

AI writing software, such as ContentBot, allows you to create unique and quality content for SEO.

These tools help you to develop original and valuable content that can bypass AI content detectors. This type of content is indispensable if you want high-ranking web pages.

You can use QuillBot to access plagiarism and grammar errors to ensure the content is unique.

Accessing these features eliminates the doubt that your content has been gathered randomly from online sources.

External and Internal Linking

Your web pages can rank higher in search results if you have proper linking. It boosts SEO results and makes your content appear more credible.

AI tools such as GetGenie can help to identify unnoticeable linking opportunities.

Analyzing SEO Performance

An AI content generator can allow you to monitor SEO results after publishing content.

You can get insights into content performance through tracking metrics like keyword ranking and traffic. Detailed insights can guide you to improve your content and SEO efforts.

Your input to write SEO-friendly content with AI content generators

AI tools are excellent at creating content but might not substitute your input. It would help if you have a plan for the topic you want to create.

It’s good to brainstorm relevant themes and topics. Write a list and narrow it down to the best and most relevant ones.

Identify your target audience correctly. You can request the AI writer, such as Jasper, to create content that addresses the audience’s unique needs or interests.

Demographics, interests, and other pertinent information can guide the tool to use proper tone and relevant keywords and phrases.

Assess keyword difficulty before creating content, and if your site is new or has not gained authority, focus on selecting keywords or topics with low keyword difficulties.

AI tools like Ahrefs can help you assess keyword difficulty and competition to visualize competitors’ performance.

You can achieve your SEO goals by balancing between competition and search volume.

You can opt to use less competitive keywords based on your SEO objectives.

Optimizing your content for local keywords can help your content rank high and make you appear as an expert in your locality or area. Local search traffic will be directed to your website.

Ensure to fact-check and proofread the AI-generated content. It’s good to make your content informative and free from errors.

Proofreading helps you determine and improve the readability level, making it easier for users to find and understand the content.

Which AI tool can I use to generate SEO content?


Surfer Webpage

Surfer is an excellent AI assistant that can help you to achieve your SEO goal effectively. This tool promises to supercharge your organic traffic through AI SEO.

It allows you to research, write, and optimize content with a click. Surfer integrates a grammar checker to analyze articles for errors and correct them.

These features are meant to help you quickly create content that ranks high on Google. You can also use Surfer AI, an exclusive add-on for Surfer SEO subscribers, to generate a long-form and entire ready-to-rank article with one click.


Writesonic is a one-stop AI platform for content creation and customer experience. You can use this platform to boost your SEO efforts because it creates articles based on trends, keywords, your data, and best-performing content.

It helps generate coherent and well-structured content on any topic. Writers, marketers, and start-ups can get up-to-date and factual content using Writesonic. provides a generative AI platform to help you create optimized content smarter and faster.

One of the key shortcomings of is that it does not conduct research to identify trends and potential keywords.

However, using this tool, you can write quality text and execute your content strategies.

You can brainstorm keywords and topics and input them into this platform to create content that ranks on search engines.


GetGenie Homepage

GetGenie offers several great features that you can use to write content for search engines effectively.

The AI SEO performs research and shows you keywords with pertinent data like competition, search volume, and even CPC.

You can check the content score and potential performance before you click publish. It is one of the top tools that deliver excellent results in improving your SEO.

Final Thought: How to Create SEO-friendly Content Using AI Writing Tools

AI-powered writing tools can supercharge your writing process and improve the search engine rankings of your web pages.

These tools use powerful AI technologies to create engaging, quality, and SEO-optimized content faster.

Search engine optimization will help drive traffic to your website and increase sales. If you use AI to write content, you should optimize it for improved search engine rankings.

AI-generated content will increase the performance of your website if you use the right tools, like the examples I have highlighted in this article.

These tools can ensure the content resonates with readers because they use machine learning and NLP algorithms.

Are you ready to rank higher on Google? You can try one AI writing platform that offers effective search engine optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AI-written content good for SEO?

Yes, AI-written content can be good for SEO if appropriately used.

It would be best if you leveraged AI to produce unique content drafts and outlines rapidly.

This provides search engines with fresh pages to index, keeping them engaged.

However, the human touch is still essential – you should review the AI content for accuracy, refine the writing for quality, and optimize it by using relevant keywords, as your competitors.

By combining AI’s high-volume content output with human oversight and editing, you can maintain high-quality articles optimized for SEO success.

How can AI improve your SEO?

AI tools produce content drafts rapidly, allowing you time to publish content regulary.

AI also identifies helpful keywords and related subtopics, giving you ideas to spark content planning and angles.

You should refine and edit the content that the AI tools generate to make it more accurate and valuable.

Does Google allow AI-written content?

Yes, as long as you meet their quality guidelines, Google does allow AI-generated content.

You still need to edit, optimize, and fact-check any machine-written drafts before publishing on your site.

By combining human creativity and AI efficiency, you’ll likely see your website rankings improve over time.

Which AI is best for SEO?

When picking an AI writing tool to help with your SEO efforts, leading choices like Jasper, Surfer SEO, Writesonic, Rytr, and Copy AI have unique benefits that are worth checking out.

Jasper quickly produces long-form blog drafts you can later refine with targeted SEO accuracy.

Surfer SEO supplies semantically related keywords to add to your content so you can dominate niche search results.

Writesonic can generate product pages, email copy, and other types of business content to save you time.

Rytr will help you generate blog post ideas and outlines, engaging social media posts, marketing materials such as landing pages, and different creative text formats, like poems, emails, and musical pieces.

With Copy AI, you can create product descriptions, blog posts, irresistible headlines, and ad copies that capture readers’ attention and drive traffic to your content.

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