Jasper AI vs Copy AI (2023) – Which AI Writing Tool is Best?

Jasper AI vs Copy AI.

The rise of AI writing assistants has become a major talking point in today’s digital age. You can use these AI writing tools to generate human-like text from marketing copy and blogs to social media posts, novels, and creative stories.

Jasper AI and Copy AI are leading the way, attracting thousands of active users. Digital marketing agencies, social media managers, bloggers, and individuals use these artificial intelligence tools because they are cost-effective, efficient, offer ideas, and allow for scalability.

In this article, I will dig deeper into the review on Jasper AI vs Copy AI to help you make an informed choice on the right AI Copywriting tool.

Jasper AI vs copy AI: How Do These Tools Work?

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI home page-Jasper AI vs copy AI

Jasper AI is one of the leading AI writing tools that use machine learning technology to create human-like content.

This AI tool understands context and creates content that flows naturally. I use it to write high-quality content for my niche, and it delivers great results each time.

Using it is simple, even if you have never used AI copywriting tools. You only have to input your prompts and let the software create original content. I like how Jasper creates engaging blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, and more.

Another important aspect of Jasper AI that I appreciate is the emphasis on speed. It shortens your writing process by allowing you to create fully developed content with just a few clicks.

Features of Jasper AI:

The brand voice feature ensures that the AI-generated content has your unique brand voice. Jasper is keen to ensure you don’t lose your distinct brand identity and tone during the content generation process.

Jasper AI brand voice

Jasper’s team collaboration function allows you to invite other people in your company to collaborate in content creation. You can allow others to access the document editor to make edits in real time, which is an excellent way to unlock the team’s creativity.

Chrome extension allows you to access Jasper from your browser conveniently. It is a good way to increase your productivity because you don’t have to use Jasper’s website each time you need the software.

Jasper is an all-in-one AI tool because it offers several optimization tools, such as grammar and SEO.

What is Copy AI?

Copy AI home page

I classify Copy AI as one of the top AI copywriting tools that simplify your writing process regardless of the content you want to create. I have been using Copy AI alongside Jasper to generate content and understand how both AI copywriting tools work.

Copy AI has excellent natural language processing technology that allows it to understand all human inputs and generate the required content. It generates content 10X faster than common AI copywriting tools.

Features of Copy AI:

Copy AI has a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure the AI-generated content is original and not found anywhere else on the Internet. You can use the created text as your own.

The Chrome Extension offers the convenience of using this AI software on different tabs to create AI content. This feature comes in handy when you’re extensively researching to write more words.

I like the multiple templates that Copy AI offers because they help you to create different types of content easily. You can use these templates to write social media posts, product descriptions, video scripts, ad copy, and much more.

Copy AI various Templates

Copy AI is 10X faster than most common AI tools in generating AI content for bloggers. This tool decreases the time of writing a high-quality blog post from days to minutes. It allows you to input relevant keywords, select an outline, and generate your first draft.

What is the difference between Jasper AI and Copy AI?

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Ease of Use

Jasper AI offers a large document editor and allows you to select tools on the left panel. On the other hand, Copy AI welcomes you with many templates instead of a content editor. You have to select a template before being led to the editor.

More advanced users find Jasper AI easy to use because of the interface. Less advanced users may find Copy AI friendly because of the template suggestions.

However, I find Jasper AI easier to use because it offers a Google Docs-style editor. I can easily navigate the editor to polish my content before producing the final copy.

Jasper AI navigation tools

Which is better for Long-Form Content?

The most salient question among users is whether an AI writer can create unlimited words. Jasper AI has a long-form editor, and I often use it when creating long-form content, like a long-form copy.

You will find it helpful if you want to write long novels, ebooks, and long posts for your website. I have found Copy AI is better for short-form content. You can use it for short-form copy, like writing blog posts, ad titles, and email subject lines.

These differences are mostly founded on the initial intent for the tools. Jasper AI is meant to assist anyone in writing using AI software, while Copy AI is oriented toward supporting online business and content marketing efforts.

Copy AI content generation

Which one generates higher-quality content?

These AI writing tools generate high-quality content that suits your needs. As a user of both tools, I have found that the quality of content depends on the input rather than the specific tool.

The odds of getting acceptable content are high if you select and check your inputs carefully. It’s good to choose the right keywords and related phrases. It is also good to have an appropriate outline for your content.

If you’re not sure about what to write, don’t worry! Each AI writing tool is designed to help you overcome writer’s block by offering ideas like blog title ideas and outline ideas.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Customer Support

Customer support is important for individuals, digital marketing agencies, social media managers, and enterprises. I have found that both Jasper and Copy AI offer prompt customer support to all users. But there is a noticeable difference between the two.

Jasper AI allows users to send emails through the “Contact Us” section. You can send all inquiries through their email.

Copy AI offers a better experience because the customer support service is classified based on the specific inquiry. You can specify if you want to request a demo, report a bug, request a new feature, or report an outage. You can access customer support through the “Contact Us” section for other inquiries.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which one has better templates

Jasper is superior to Copy AI regarding the number of templates offered. Jasper AI offers 50+ content templates to write virtually all content forms quickly.

Some of these templates include text summarizer, paragraph generator, content improver, blog post topic ideas, blog post template, blog post intro paragraph, sentence expander, LinkedIn personal bio, Facebook ad headline, Google ads headline, Amazon product features, engaging questions, marketing ideas, and video scripts.

Jasper templates

Copy AI offers 45+ copywriting templates to make your content writing quick. These include cover letters, business plans, press releases, business memos, and email templates. I found that you can customize the templates further to suit your distinct needs.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which one supports more Languages?

Both tools offer multiple languages to suit all users. You can use this feature to write content for a global audience or even repurpose existing content for a different audience.

Jasper supports up to 30 languages, while Copy AI supports 25 languages. They both support the major global languages, so you can translate your content instantly.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Pricing of Each

Jasper AI offers three plans, including business, teams, and creator, to select based on your budget and the content you want to create.

It doesn’t have a completely free plan but offers a free 7-day trial for each plan. So you can test and enjoy this AI writer before the boss mode plan begins depending on your selection.

Jasper offers these different pricing plans, where you save 20% for annual plans compared to monthly plans:

  • Creator ($39/mo) – In this plan, you will have 1 seat, 50+ Templates, 50 Knowledge Assets, and 1 Brand Voice.
  • Teams ($99/mo)- Here, you will enjoy 3 seats, can create your own template, and have access to 150 Knowledge Assets and 3 Brand Voices.
  • Business (Custome Quote): The package offers Custom templates & automation, Advanced admin analytics, API access, and many more.

Experience how Jasper AI works through a free 7-day trial.

Jasper Pricing

Copy AI has three plans, including the free, plan, and enterprise plans. If you select this tool, you can enjoy a free plan forever, but with a limit of 2000 words per month. You can try this free plan before upgrading to a paid plan if you are starting to use AI writing software.

Below are the various Copy AI pricing plans:

  • Free Forever ($0)- 2000 words, one User Seat plus Unlimited Projects.
  • Pro ($49/mo)- All features in the Free plan plan five User Seats, Pre-built Prompt Templates, Unlimited Brand Voices, 95+ languages, and API Access.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote)- All features in the Pro plan, plus Unlimited Seats, SSO & Infosec review, AI Training, and Dedicated Account Manager.

Experience how Copy AI works through a 7-day trial.

Copy AI pricing plans

Pros and Cons of Jasper AI and Copy AI.

Jasper Pros:

You can use Jasper AI to generate ideas for content like blog posts, and even create great outlines through the blog post wizard.

It allows you to create content with simple steps, meaning starters and advanced users can use it. You only type your inputs describing the content you want, and Jasper AI will generate well-thought-out content.

Jasper AI is great at writing long-form copy, but you can also use it for short-form copy. If you are a writer, blogger, or novelist, you use this software to create creative stories and detailed product descriptions. You can use it to write video descriptions, meta descriptions, and short social posts.

It learns continuously as you create more content and becomes better at creating content using your brand’s voice and tone.

You can access the Jasper AI community comprising about 1,000,000 business owners, marketers, and creators. I have gotten ideas and tips for using Jasper from this community.

Jasper Cons:

Although all Jasper AI pricing plans offer quality content, you might have to select the paid plans for high-quality long-form texts.

It is an excellent AI writer for creative content, not scientific or educational texts requiring factual content and references.

Copy AI Pros:

Copy AI is great at generating short-form content for all uses. I have used it to create social media posts, email headlines, Instagram captions, TikTok scripts, digital ad copy, and sales copy.

It is an excellent conversion AI that will improve how you write sales copies and blog posts. You can use it to create highly converting content with minimal effort and time.

I often switch between Jasper and Copy AI because Copy AI writes content for my niche 10X faster, and I do not struggle with a blank page.

Copy AI Cons:

I’m not too fond of the fact that some templates in Copy AI seem repetitive with simple improvements. However, you will enjoy the convenience of using these templates, especially for content that can be cross-posted on different social media sites.

Copy AI doesn’t adapt to your unique brand voice, which might be a change for marketers. You might need to edit and improve the AI content to be consistent with your brand voice and tone.

Which one to Choose?

When it comes to choosing Jasper AI vs Copy AI, you will need to consider all the features they offer. However, you might find it a bit challenging to determine your best choice. I want to dive into what you should consider to make the selection straightforward.

Factors to Consider:

Pricing model – I always meet different marketers, bloggers, and business people who are not sure how much they want to invest in artificial intelligence writing.

Copy AI will be a good choice if you want a free plan before you upgrade. You can also choose Jasper AI if you want a short free trial period before becoming a paying user.

Form of content – Do you want to create long or short-form content? Writing unlimited words will expand your content creation abilities and help you achieve your goal. Jasper AI is a good choice if you want to write long-form content while Copy AI is great for short-form content.

Templates provided – Jasper AI offers better templates than Copy AI. But you might be interested in the uniqueness of the Copy AI’s template. At the same time, Copy AI allows you to create some custom templates based on what you want to write.

Brand tone and Voice – If you’re an online business or a novelist, Jasper AI will help you maintain a consistent tone and voice through your content. Copy AI is a great choice for bloggers and content creators who want creativity and to change their persona in the content.

Original content – Jasper AI and Copy AI generate original content that you can use as yours. Copy AI has a plagiarism checker to assure you that the created content is original. Jasper AI has Copyscape and Grammary as third-party apps for proofreading and checking the content for originality.

However, I have found that both AI copywriting tools create content that is not found anywhere else. It’s against the myth that AI collects random information from the Internet and presents it as original.

Which are Jasper AI and Copy AI Alternatives?

Don’t forget to check out for a detailed review on the best Jasper AI Alternatives.

Jasper vs Copy AI: Final Thoughts

It is true that Jasper AI and Copy AI are among the top GPT- 3 tools that you can use to support your content writing process. I use both to create content, such as writing blog posts.

Even though both tools thrive in creating quality and engaging content, they have differences that you should consider.

The features and differences can guide you to make a choice. This Jasper AI vs copy AI review concludes that Jasper AI is excellent for generating long-form content, while Copy AI will help you to create quality and short-form texts. You can easily adapt one of these tools to support your content needs.

As an avid AI user, I value quality, ease of use, and adaptability. Jasper fits these criteria because I am an advanced AI user. You can also start using it and choose a higher plan as you advance. Copy AI will suit your needs if you want an affordable option that instantly improves your content generation efforts.

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