Jasper vs Writesonic: Which AI Copywriting Tool Wins? (2024)


Jasper and Writesonic top the list of the most used and excellent AI-powered writing tools. I have used these copywriting tools to create content for different purposes and understand their features and how they operate.

In this article, I will discuss Jasper vs Writesonic comprehensively, highlighting their similarities and differences.

I will also focus on areas where each AI writing tool performs better to support your writing process.

Before I delve into these AI content creation tools, it is important to highlight that artificial intelligence has changed the content generation landscape.

AI-powered copywriting tools have become essential for marketers, writers, and everyday Internet users.

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Let’s check a quick comparison of these AI writing assistants.

Head to Head: Jasper vs Writesonic

User interface and experienceFriendly and easy to understand and navigateRelatively cluttered but easy to navigate
Generates long-form contentYesYes
Content customizationYesYes
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SurferSEOSurferSEO, Semrush, and WordPress
Chrome extensionYesYes
Plagiarism checkerCopyscapeCopyscape
Pricing model7-day free trial Three plans: creator, teams, and business10,000 words/month free trial Three plans: unlimited, business, and enterprise
AI ChatbotJasper chatChatsonic
AI image generatorYesYes

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate engaging human-like copy for your landing pages, social media posts, marketing emails, ad copy, and more.

It is among the best GPT-3 tools that increase the speed of generating blog content regardless of your technical skills.

The tool has multiple templates to suit diverse content generation needs and eliminate the pain of developing templates from scratch.

With all the features of Jasper, you can use it to escape the stress of blank pages. Plus, it is suitable for individual writers, enterprises, and marketing agencies.

Jasper Homepage. jasper-vs-writesonic

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI tool that promises to generate content 10X faster than other AI writing tools with simple input. It creates several types of SEO-optimized content, including product descriptions and blog articles.

I found this AI tool also thrives in creating social media and ad copy, such as Facebook ads, LinkedIn posts, Instagram ads, Twitter tweets, and Google Ads.

One of the outstanding aspects of Writesonic is the continuous addition of features to make the tool comprehensive.

Unlike Jasper, which is seemingly one-stop AI writing software for all writing needs, Writesonic fits users in three niches: writers, e-commerce stores, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs.

A screenshot for Writesonic Dashboard.

Jasper vs Writesonic: An Honest Comparison.


Both AI content generation tools have multiple languages to accommodate users with diverse languages.

Multiple languages are also meant to help you create long-form content or long-form articles targeting audiences that use different languages.

Jasper is superior to Writesonic in terms of the number of languages provided. Currently, Jasper offers about 30+ languages, while Writesonic provides 25+ languages.

Although both tools allow you to use several languages to reach your audience, Jasper might be the most appropriate AI assistant.

User Interface and Experience.


I found the interface simple for users of all levels because the dashboard is uncluttered. Once onboard this AI tool, you’re welcome by an options panel on the left side and an ample working space at the center.

The left panel simplifies your content creation process by allowing you to choose options like templates, recipes, documents, and AI outputs. Templates are predesigned to help you create high-quality content without creating your own.



The Writesonic interface is slightly cluttered but more suitable for starters who want to create content in a few easy steps.

This AI writing software welcomes you with recommended templates on the homepage, including AI article ideas, instant article writer, and article rewriter.

The interface is somehow limiting for advanced users. However, you can create quality content by selecting your preferred templates from the recommendations.

You can access your previous projects by clicking on the saved tab. The similarity with Jasper is that you can have multiple projects simultaneously.

writesonic user interface

Templates For Content Creation.

As an avid AI tools user, I have found that templates offer a quick way to write high-quality content, even for more advanced users. Both Jasper and Writesonic come with templates for a smooth user experience.


Writesonic offers 100+ templates to help you create different types of content. These templates are divided into several categories, allowing you to select the suitable one to support your writing process.

These include articles and blogs, ads and marketing copies, social media, general writing, and e-commerce. You can also use the instant article writer to speed the content creation.

writesonic templates


With Jasper, you will access about 50+ templates. Jasper templates are not arranged to generate one-shot blog posts.

I found that the templates are organized based on priority. When creating content using this AI tool, you will see commands and documents as the first options.

Unlike Writesonic, which offers specified templates, Jasper templates are more generic. They give you the flexibility to create high-quality content whether you want short-form content or long-form content.

jasper templates

Long-form content.

You can use Jasper or Writesonic to write long-form content for your website or educational resources. I always write long content, like this long-form article using either Jasper or Writesonic. As a user of these AI writing tools, I have noted some key differences.

Jasper AI allows you to write content that exceeds 1200 words and use it to generate unlimited words.

You can create different types of content with the AI software, including long blog posts, evergreen pages like landing pages, tutorials and guides, novels, whitepapers, and ebooks.

Now you might be wondering how many words you can get with Writesonic. I found that this AI software can generate up to 3000 words faster than most AI writing software.

It is an excellent AI writer, and you can use it to generate a full blog post with ease. Despite this feature, I found that Writesonic actively promotes the creation of short-form content like social media posts, product descriptions, and digital ad copy.

Content Customization.

I often want an AI writer that will support a high level of content customization. And this desire is true for all writers of short and long-form content.


Jasper AI tailors content to your voice and tone. However, I find it a bit challenging because you should train the tool on your brand voice. You might be a bit doubtful of this feature.

As a Jasper user, I have discovered that the tool has learned my voice and tone. It now helps me stay consistent whenever I want to write content.

Apart from this aspect, Jasper is mostly a general AI writing software without many content customization options.

Jasper AI Brand Voice.

You should note that more flexibility and customization features, like multiple brand voices and team collaboration, are only accessible through the team plan. With the team plan, you write content for multiple brands and collaborate on campaigns.

I use this plan because it enables me to co-write alongside the AI software and work with my team. You can choose it to create advanced content whether you’re a starter or an experienced AI user.


Writesonic offers more content customization options/tools than Jasper. Some outstanding features I have used in this tool include paraphrasing, article summarizer, and text expander.

Paraphrasing tool helps you to paraphrase text in seconds, eliminating the pain of rewriting what you had written in the past.

It is a pain reliever if you want to create a new blog post from past content. You can also use it to give your website copy a fresh look.

I can describe the text expander as the best feature for one-shot blog posts for your website. Text Expander can help you create a full blog post from short descriptions or keywords.

If you have article ideas, turn to the text expander to create full-length articles. You can trust it for a good blog post workflow.

Article summarizer gives you a precise article in 1 click. I have used this feature to repurpose articles for different platforms.

You will find this feature helpful if you want to share long articles in brief. It is also helpful if you want to restructure your long-form blog posts to decrease the read time since readers’ attention is declining.

general purpose writing

However, more advanced users will fault it because you cannot train it to generate content using your brand voice and tone. I prefer using Jasper when generating content that requires a specific voice and tone.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is critical if you want to create content for search engines. Jasper and Writesonic give you different outputs regarding search engine optimization.

At the onset, I found that Writesonic may be the one number choice if you want to write content that will appear in search results.

Jasper is meant to generate creative and high-quality content with minimal focus on SEO. You can create SEO-friendly content with the SurferSEO add-on in Jasper. I improve the quality of content using relevant keywords.

jasper and surfer seo integration

When writing prompts for this software, I often integrate the right keywords in the input to ensure the content will rank high on search results.

A head-to-head comparison of these tools shows that Writesonic is superior to Jasper in producing content for search engines.

It has three powerful integrations, including SurferSEO, Semrush, and WordPress. On the homepage, this platform promises to generate SEO-optimized content 10X faster.

Despite your choice between the two, you can still create SEO-optimized articles. I don’t have challenges switching between them because they allow users to access SurferSEO.

If you’re seeing this integration/extension for the first time, don’t worry. SurferSEO is an excellent content optimization tool writers, bloggers, and marketing agencies use.

These two AI writers allow you to enjoy the features of the SurferSEO content editor in your content creation process.

Chrome Extension.

As a content creator or writer, you want the convenience of creating content anywhere online. I also search for this convenience when using AI writing software.

Both tools have a Chrome extension to give the convenience of creating quality content anywhere online. Chrome extension brings the power of artificial intelligence into the content workflow.

When using Writesonic, you can take advantage of the Chatsonic Chrome extension. It’s a great assistance when searching for answers on the web because it assists you in getting instant answers.

You will not have to search websites, read long blog posts or a website copy to get answers to your questions.

Plagiarism Checker.

Both Writesonic and Jasper have a Copyscape add-on. It is okay if you’re coming across Copyscape for the first time.

It is the leading plagiarism checker and is used by millions of content creators worldwide to create plagiarism-free content. With this add-on, you can quickly check if the text in your document is available elsewhere online.

Checking whether your document is plagiarism-free is straightforward. Click the plagiarism checker and scan the document.

If the text appears anywhere else online, the tool will highlight it, allowing you to rewrite it. Better if you are using Witersonic since you can do this very fast using the paraphrasing tool.

I have encountered the myth that an instant article writer collects information online and presents it as new content. As an AI user, this myth is false.

Through interaction with Writesonic and Jasper, I have found that these tools are trained on tons of information for inspiration.

They learn the patterns of high-quality texts and create unique pieces of content based on your input.

Each piece of content you create using either of these tools will be completely new and unavailable elsewhere.

Although this gives you confidence that your content is unique, you might still want to use a plagiarism checker.

Pricing Model.

When talking about AI writers, I often encounter the question of affordability. You might also have a similar question.

Most individuals want to know whether the AI platform offers a free plan and how much one should spend on premium packages like the “Teams” and “Business” plans for Jasper.

However, I am often interested in determining whether a starter plan can offer enough features for quality content.


With Jasper, you can choose between the creator, teams, and business plans. Each of these plans comes with a 7-day free trial.

You can test and enjoy the desired plan before becoming a paying user. You can upgrade to a different plan as you grow and become an advanced user.

Jasper AI Pricing
  • Creator ($39/mo)-This plan includes one seat, one brand voice, 50+ templates, and many more.
  • Teams ($99/mo) – All in Creator plan plus 3 seats, 3 brand voices, and you can creature your own templates
  • Business (Custom Quote) – Unlimited features, API access, Advanced admin analytics, and Custom templates & automation.


If your choice is Writesonic, you have different plans. The three plans: include unlimited, business, and enterprise plans. Unlike Jasper which offers a 7-day trial, Writesonic provides 10,000 words/month free trial to help you get started.

An image for Writesonic pricing page showing various packages.
  • Free Trial (0$)- 10,000 words per month, ChatGPT-like chatbot, 100+ AI Templates, 25+ Languages and Landing Page Generator.
  • Unlimited ($16/mo) – Unlimited words, 100+ AI Templates, Zapier Integration and Complete Article Rewriter.
  • Business ($12.67/mo) – 200,000 words, 5 Brand Voices, API Access, Bulk Processing, and Priority support.
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote)- SSO/SAML Login, Custom AI model training, Dedicated account manager, Training sessions, and Custom API Development.

After sharing the pricing model, I feel it is good to share my experience. I started with the basic plan for each of these AI writing assistants rather than the free trial.

Even though the trial period is good for gaining familiarity, it does not offer access to all the features you might need to create quality content.

Choosing the most affordable option as your starter plan is a good idea to understand how your preferred artificial intelligence writer works and get the value of your efforts.

AI Chatbot.

If you check around the Internet, you will notice the proliferation of AI chatbots. I find using chatbots integrated into tools convenient because I don’t have to switch between apps. Both Jasper and Writesonic have chatbots.

Jasper chat allows you to converse naturally with AI like a fellow human. You can have friendly conversations with this chat like a friend.

For example, you can ask Jasper Chat to generate article ideas, make you laugh through jokes, and revise your content. You can try this chatbot for free instantly.

Writesonic’s chatbot is called Chatsonic. It’s a revolutionary chatbot with GPT-4 capabilities to generate human-like responses to your prompts. I found it helpful in addressing some of the limitations of free alternatives, such as ChatGPT.

Chatsonic integrates with Google to offer up-to-date information. It can accept voice commands and allows you to edit and download responses to ensure they meet unique needs.

With a premium plan, you share Chatsonic responses on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp. You can use Chatsonic through Chrome extension and Android.

AI Image Generator.

Artificial intelligence tools have made image generation simple and more accessible to Internet users. You don’t need to leave your favorite AI writing tools to generate images!

Jasper offers an AI art generator to help you create any image or art in seconds. You can turn your imagination into great photos with a click.

Jasper AI art generator produces high-resolution 2K PX images, unlimited generations, royalty-free, and watermark-free photos and images.

image generator

Writesonic AI art generator is like a paintbrush meant to bring imagination to the screen. You can use it to generate images never seen on the Internet before. Once you input the prompts, this AI image generator will turn them into photos.

Image generator

I found the Jasper art generator more appealing than the Writesonic AI art generator in image generation.

Jasper generates more realistic and clear photos. However, you can use Writesonic if you want to create futuristic images.

How can I Select between Jasper and Writesonic?

I use both, and it might be challenging to choose between them. Having gone through the features, you have detailed information about the features they offer. But selecting the best choice hinges on your unique content creation needs.

Jasper thrives in offering a user-friendly interface and generating content for all purposes, including long-form blog posts and landing pages.

In addition, the Jasper art generator creates realistic images and is an excellent add-on to your content creation efforts. Jasper’s premium plans provide advanced functionalities for professionally generated content.

On the other hand, Writesonic is suitable for SEO-optimized content, and its categorization of themes based on niche sets it apart.

Advanced AI users might want an advanced user interface compared to what Writesonic offers.

Apart from the unique features, both tools share several capabilities. They support extensive plagiarism checking and generate diverse content types like website copy and product descriptions.

Your specific content needs should be the main factor in deciding whether to choose Jasper or Writesonic.

Final Thoughts

In the field of AI-powered writing tools, Writesonic and Jasper have emerged as prominent leaders.

I have found that both tools generate content based on your word count and serve as excellent content writing tools and even marketing tools.

It’s pretty hard to ignore artificial intelligence tools because they have become extremely helpful in increasing speed and simplifying content production.

As these tools become indispensable for content producers and everyday internet users, it has become challenging to determine the appropriate option for your needs. I have broken down the elements and features of these AI writing tools to guide your selection process.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better, Writesonic or Jasper?

Both AI writing assistants offer quality solutions but suit different needs. If you require long-form writing like blog posts produced with minimal input, Writesonic excels.

If you prefer crafting emails, social copy, or short-form content more collaboratively, Jasper likely better fits your workflow.

Evaluating your needs and writing processes will determine which of these tools helps you maximize productivity.

What is the best alternative to Jasper AI?

If you’re seeking an equally powerful alternative to Jasper, the top option is Rytr.

It offers similar high-quality text generation for a wide range of formats while providing you with greater style and topic customization control over content.

Significant capabilities include change tracking, multi-language support, plagiarism checks, and team workflows.

Overall, Rytr gives you enhanced creative command on par with Jasper’s level of quality and productivity.

Is WriteSonic free to use?

Unfortunately, Writesonic is not free to use.

However, this AI tool does provide a free trial you can sign up for to evaluate its content generation skills across blog posts, emails, social media captions, and more formats before subscribing. 

You can enjoy 10000 GPT 3.5 words per month with the free trial.

Can I use Jasper and Writesonic in Google Docs?

Yes, you can use these AI copywriting tools with Google Docs.

Jasper integrates with the document editor, allowing you to generate content directly inside Google Docs.

Writesonic also offers a similar feature, enabling you to write optimized content within Google Docs.

How does the tone of voice feature compare in Writesonic vs Jasper?

The tone of voice feature in both tools is quite comprehensive.

Jasper’s AI algorithm can imitate different tones of voice in writing, making it adaptive to specific writing needs.

Similarly, Writesonic is your best bet if you are looking for an AI copywriting tool that consistently matches a particular tone of voice throughout your content. 

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