11 Best AI Content Detection Tools in 2023 (Honest Review)

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Have you ever wondered if that seemingly well-written article was actually crafted by a robot?

In today’s world of advanced AI, it can be challenging to know whether the content was machine-generated or authentically written by a human.

Luckily, AI detectors are here to sniff out fake content. As an avid content creator and marketer, I rely on intelligent detectors to validate quality and originality.

In this article, I’ll explore the best AI content detection tools based on honest, hands-on testing.

You’ll understand precisely how each tool analyzes content generated by leading large language models (LLMs), like ChatGPT, Bard, and GPT-4, to assess authenticity.

I’ll overview functionality, accuracy, unique features, and more to help you find the right solution. Key factors we’ll evaluate include:

  • Detection success rates for texts of varying lengths
  • User experience
  • Customization and configuration options
  • Integrations with other platforms

Ready to master AI detection? Let’s go!

What are the Best AI Content Detection Tools?

Here are my top picks for the best AI content detection tools:

1. Content at Scale.

An image showing how Content at Scale detects AI generated content and accuracy.

Content at Scale is a unique AI content detector with 98% accuracy in detecting AI-written content. It is integrated into an AI writing platform to allow you to check whether AI has written the content and humanize it.

Unlike a generic AI detection tool, Content at Scale goes deeper and analyzes each sentence. The tool has been trained on billions of pieces of data to ensure it does not miss any AI content or produce a false report.

It integrates with Copyscape for plagiarism detection to ensure your content is original and not duplicated.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Detects Multiple Language Models: Content at Scale is trained to detect content from top language models like GPT4, ChatGPT, and Bard.
  • Simplified Scoring:  It has a sophisticated and straightforward content score algorithm that uses percentages to show whether a piece of content is human or AI-written.
  • 98% Accurate AI Checker: This tool promises up to 98% accuracy in detecting AI content by checking repetitive words, generic tone, and the lack of natural flow. It also forecasts potential word choices and sentence structure.
  • Plagiarism Detector: Apart from AI content detection, you can paste the content on the content editor to check its originality.
  • Editing Suggestions: It grades flagged content with colors red, orange, yellow, and green and offers editing suggestions to help you rewrite your content for a high human probability score.
Content at Scale has various editing suggestions, helping you improve the authenticity of a text.


Currently, content at scale offers a free AI content detector. In addition, you can use content at scale to generate high-quality content that can bypass plagiarism and AI content detection using their AI content generation tool, which offers various pricing plans per your requirements.

2. Winston AI.


Winston AI is an incredible AI detection tool that helps identify AI text with 99.6% accuracy. As AI writing platforms evolve, this tool updates to keep up with large language model (LLM) updates. It is made for writers, publishers, and educators due to its versatility.

Publishers trust it because it is developed to detect content generated using tools like Bing Chat, GPT-4, ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude. It can scan up to 200,000 words, which will be suitable for checking whether long-form content is AI-generated.

A screenshot for Winston AI and its capability in detecting AI generated content.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple Document Formats: Winston AI is an excellent content detection tool that can scan documents of different formats, like jpg, docx, pdf, and png. It has OCR technology to extract text from pictures and scanned and handwritten documents.
  • Produce Results in Seconds: It’s an accurate AI detector that shows you on a scale of 0 to 100 whether the content is AI or human written in seconds. The results also include sentence-by-sentence assessment.
  • Free Version: The free plan allows you to scan up to 2000 words, which is a fair deal if you want to check whether it is the best AI detector for your needs.
  • Different Users: Winston AI is meant for educators, writers, and publishers because various individuals use AI to generate content.


Winston AI pricing plans and features.

3. Originality.AI.

Originality.AI dashboard.

Originality.AI is the leading AI detector and plagiarism detector for content marketers. It has powerful technology that accurately detects content from GPT-4, ChatGPT, and Bard and paraphrased content.

Unlike generic AI content detector tools, Originality.AI is built specifically for agencies, publishers, and writers. It is not meant for students and educators, which might be a turn-down if you want to check academic content for AI. Winston AI would be a good alternative for you.

A photo of how Originality.AI functions, and results.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Bulk Site Scan: It’s an exceptional AI content detection tool that you can use to scan your entire site and determine whether there is content that Google can detect as AI-generated.
  • Readability score: You can see the readability of your content and ensure it is appropriate for the target audience.
  • Manage a big team: Originality.AI can help you to identify which team member-generated content using AI through the team management feature. You can manage members and check the originality of their content.
  • Paraphrased Detection: This AI tool can detect whether a piece of content has been paraphrased using tools that are said to bypass AI detections like Quillbot.
  • Shareable Reports: You can make sure your content is free from plagiarism and not AI written by sharing links to the report that Originality.AI generates.


Explore the various Originality.AI packages and features.

4. Kazan SEO.

Kazan SEO Homepage.

Kazan SEO is more than just an AI content detection tool. It integrates an AI writing tool, keyword research algorithms, and a detector tool for AI content. These tools help you to create human-like and SEO-optimized content and scan it for AI content.

The outstanding aspect of Kazan SEO is the ease of use and a user-friendly interface. You paste the content, and this AI tool will produce a human content score with a click. Another unique feature is the capacity to detect AI content from bulk URLs.

Kazan SEO prediction score.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Detect AI Content: You check for AI-generated content through a quick scan that gives a score ranging from human to AI-written.
  • AI content generation: Kazan SEO helps you to create quality content through its sophisticated algorithms, but it is mainly suitable for short-form content.
  • URL Analysis: It extracts and analyses content from URLs to help you identify AI-generated content. Bulk analysis lets you scan several URLs at once.
  • Keyword Research: You can use Kazan SEO to research, discover, and cluster keywords, which can boost content marketing and increase the ranking of your web pages on search results.


Kazan SEO is free to use.

5. Copyleaks AI Content Detector.

Copyleaks AI Content Detector webpage

Copyleaks is the best AI text detector for enterprises and content marketers. It is made to help you avoid copyright infringement and promote cyber compliance in your content production because you can see the content that AI generates and that is human-created.

It produces a full report of the content in seconds with an accuracy of 99.1%. Copyleaks offers additional convenience through a free Chrome Extension that allows you to detect AI text across the internet.

It’s a comprehensive solution for content scanning because I can detect text from Jasper AI, ChatGPT-4, and more LLM. Copyleaks is an excellent option if you want a free AI content detector because it has a free basic plan.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple Language Detection: Copyleaks detects AI content in about 15 languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and more.
  • Advanced AI Detection: It’s an AI detector for different types of content, including text from the leading LLMs and AI-generated source code from ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and more. Compared to other tools, Copyleaks is more advanced because it can detect source code.
  • Plagiarism and AI Content Detector: Artificial intelligence technology combines an AI content detector and plagiarism checker and can check whether the content is paraphrased.
  • Text Elements: Copyleaks highlights human content and AI text elements so that you can improve it to get quality content.
  • AI Grader: The grader suits the needs of educational institutions that want to scan students’ assignments, journals, and essays for AI content.


Pricing details for Copyleaks AI Content Detector.

6. Writer.com AI Content Detector.

Writer.com AI Content Detector Dashboard.

Writer.com is an AI writing software that allows writers, publishers, and freelancers to generate quality content for different purposes. Brands and businesses can also use it if they want to spur growth using content generated by an artificial intelligence tool.

Apart from being an AI writing platform, Writer.com offers a free AI detector through an API. It is among the simplest detectors for AI content because you input your text and get a report in one click.

Interpreting the report is simple because this tool shows you a percentage based on how much content is human-generated.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Free to Use: Writer.com is likely the best free AI detector because you can use it whether you’re a beginner or an advanced AI user. However, it is limited to a check of 1500 characters only at a time.
  • Text or URL: You can check the percentage of AI content in your work using text or URL. You input your text or the URL, and this tool will proceed to scan it.
Writer.com AI Content Detector at work.
  • Improve Content Quality: The detector helps you identify sections or sentences that read as AI-generated. You make adjustments to the content before publishing it.
  • Easy to Use: This tool is easy and quick to use because it delivers results in two steps. The first step is to paste your content, and the second is to click “analyze text.”


Writer.com AI detection tool is free to use.
However, if you want to enjoy all the other features and capabilities these AI tools offer, you can try their Team Basic Plan for $18/mo or the Enterprise Plan, which offers custom quotes.

7. Undetectable.AI.

Undetectable.AI. Advanced AI Detector and Humanizer.

Undetectable.AI is one of the best AI software for humanizing text to bypass AI detectors. You can use it to turn AI content into high-quality content that is almost identical to human-created text.

Additionally, Undetectable.AI can help detect content generated using artificial intelligence platforms, including large language models.

It’s a great AI content detector that can show you the potential tool that created a particular piece of text. You can use it as a tool for content humanizing and detection of text from a generative AI tool like ChatGPT.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Detects Content Source: Undetectable.AI shows the percentage of human-created and non-human content. Its in-depth algorithm shows the potential source of the content, such as Content at Scale, Writer.com, and OpenAI.
  • Readability Score: This tool analyzes your text’s readability based on the writing level. You can select different levels to determine the readability score, such as university, high school, doctorate, and non-educational purposes like marketing and journalism.
  • Checks Based on Purpose: You can use the readability and AI content in your text based on the purpose, like general writing, legal and marketing material, cover letters, essays, and stories.
  • Humanize Content: Undetectable.AI allows you to humanize the content and eliminate AI-generate text, which is a great way to improve the readability of the content and bypass AI detectors.


It is free to use undetectable.ai to check whether the content is AI-generated. However, to humanize AI-generated content, undetectable.ai offers various pricing plans, as shown below:

An image showcasing various number of words you can humanize words Undetectable.AI and their costs.

8. AISEO AI detector.

AISEO AI detector Homepage

AISEO is an artificial intelligence platform that combines several free AI and premium tools like AI content detector, paraphrasing tool, image generator, rewarding tool, and AI writer.

This tool promises to create undetectable AI content in seconds, such as articles, blog posts, emails, and marketing content.

Among other tools, AISEO has a tool to detect AI in your text. It’s specifically meant to detect ChatGPT plagiarism but can also detect text from other LLMs.

However, a shortcoming of this tool is that it does not show the percentage of human or AI content in your text. Instead, it indicates whether AI partially generates content.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Human Content Indicator: AISEO can help you to identify whether the content is partially AI or human-created. Although AISEO might not be the best AI content detector for advanced users, it presents a guide that you can use to adjust and improve your content.
  • Multiple languages: You can select your preferred language, which allows you to scan text for traces of AI regardless of the language.
  • The tone of Voice: It has a content humanizing feature that enables you to increase the quality of content and boost its readability using your desired tone.
  • Paraphrasing Tool: Using the paraphrasing tool, you can make your content original and eliminate AI traces and signatures.


AISEO AI pricing plans and featured offered.

9. Passed.AI.

Passed.AI Dashboard.

Passed.AI is the top AI content checker for educational content, such as essays, theses, and research papers. It was created to increase academic transparency in the age where many learners are tempted to use AI assistants in assignments.

Educators and educational institutions can use it for writing visualization and AI text detection. Apart from being an accurate AI detection tool, Passed.AI is a tracker that shows an educator or tutor how a document was created.

You can see the number of actions taken to create a document, such as edits and long inserts to the document.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Document Audit: Passed.AI produces a complete audit of how a document was created. The audit shows several elements, like AI detection score, plagiarism score, changes made to the documents, and long inserts or paste-ins.
  • History Report: This software gives you a complete picture of the steps to create the document, like contributors and timestamps, time spent on the document, and number of deletes.
Passed.AI history Report
  • AI Detection and Plagiarism Check: It can scan and identify content created by tools like ChatGPT and Jasper AI. You can access additional tools apart from the built-in by adding credits to your subscription.
  • Reliable Results: It has a two-step process of detecting and verifying AI to decrease uncertainty. The first step detects potential AI content, and the second step performs a verification to ensure the detection is accurate.


You can try a 5-day free standard plan, which includes 2500 words. After this free period, you will be paying $9.9 per month. Here, you will enjoy AI detection, Plagiarism checking, and access to History Report, Document Audit, and Replay Tool.

10. GPTZero.

GPTZero and how it works.

GPTZero is an excellent alternative to Passed.AI for educators and educational institutions that want to enforce academic integrity and transparency. However, GPTZero is more versatile and can scan a wide array of AI-driven content.

It can be used to check whether AI-generated content in cover letters, social writing materials, and certification assessments.

GPTZero scans text for AI on the document, sentence, and paragraph levels. It’s trained on large and diverse AI-generated and human-written text. The users of GPTZero include organizations in legal, educational, and publishing fields.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Batch File Upload: You can upload many files simultaneously for AI-generated content detection.
  • Detect Content from Leading Large Language Models: GPTZero can detect content from any AI model, including GPT-4, ChatGPT, Bard, LLaMA, GPT-3, and GPT-2.
  • Different Types of Documents: This detector can detect AI content from files with various extensions, like pdf, txt, doc, and docx.
  • User-friendly Dashboard: It has a friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate, especially for educators. Users can upload files easily, scan them, and scroll through scanned files.


11. Hugging Face.

Hugging Face AI detector and how it works.

Hugging Face is a platform that brings together an AI community to collaborate in building the future of AI. This platform allows AI enthusiasts to work on products like building text-to-image, image-to-text, text-to-video, and AI text classifier tools.

Hugging Face has an excellent AI content detector mainly meant for developers and individuals who want to check text for AI without incurring additional costs.

It can detect content generated by ChatGPT and other large language models. However, it is a basic AI content detector and might not meet the needs of advanced users.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Free to Use: It is a free tool that you can use immediately without any subscription. The features are also basic to meet the needs of those who want to perform a quick AI scan on a file. But it only allows you to copy and paste text to check for AI.
  • Quick AI Content Detection: It scans text in seconds, so you do not have to wait long to know whether the text has AI traces.
  • Simple Output Visualization: The output is simple to visualize because it’s displayed in binary form, real and fake. Real shows the percentage of human content, while fake shows the percentage of AI-written content.
  • Sharable Output: Hugging Face allows you to copy the output so you can share it with others to show whether the content is human-written or AI-generated.

What are AI Content Detection Tools?

A content detector is a tool that scans text to determine whether it has been created using large language models (LLMs), including artificial intelligence writing assistants.

Content detectors are becoming useful because many people are using AI platforms to produce content, which might undermine integrity.

They are tools that can help you avoid possible penalization in the future, as Google can detect AI text.

How do AI Writing Detectors work?

AI Writing Detectors work by leveraging modern AI and machine learning techniques to understand the differences between human-generated content and that written by AI.

They analyze various factors such as sentence structure, vocabulary use, and other linguistic patterns.

The AI model then calculates the likelihood that a certain piece of content was AI-generated.

Final Thoughts

AI content generation tools help us to improve content production, but there’s often a risk of Google penalties and comprising integrity.

However, Google guidelines state that it is okay to use AI content generators as long as the content benefits people.

As many tools evolve, it has been increasingly challenging to identify content created by AI tools superficially. You will agree that you’re exposed to AI content daily on the internet without knowing.

I have shared my top selection for AI content detectors to guide you in making an informed choice. These AI content detectors are developed to help us differentiate between human and AI content.

You can use AI content willingly, but if you want human-authored text or paying human writers, scanning text using a detector before publishing is the right approach. The tools also help you avoid plagiarism.

Now, you can proceed to choose one of the detectors that I have recommended and avoid AI plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I Use AI content detection tools?

You should use AI content detection tools to maintain the quality and integrity of digital content.

As the technology for generating AI content becomes more accessible and advanced, it’s likely that more content will be AI-generated.

Therefore, using an AI detector tool can help you ensure that your content remains original and credible.

Who can use AI Content Detectors?

Content detectors can help people in all sectors maintain the integrity of their content. Some users include writers, publishers, marketers, and startups.

Educators and educational institutions have also adopted content detectors to scan the content submitted by students and other shareholders for originality.

Are AI detectors 100% accurate?

Currently, no AI content detector can promise completely error-free accuracy.

Performance depends on factors like text length and language sophistication.

The best detectors can flag over 95% of content generated by AI. As AI keeps getting smarter, finding fake content will get easier.

What are the limitations of AI Content Detectors?

The major shortcoming of these tools is the possibility of a false positive. They might not produce accurate results each time, meaning they may flag human-written text as AI-created or show AI-created text as human text.

Do AI detector tools only detect ChatGPT text?

Most tools detect content created by leading LLMs like Bing Chat, GPT-4, ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude.

You can select a continuously updated tool because LLMs are evolving, and new tools emerge daily.

What is the role of plagiarism detection in AI content detection?

Plagiarism detection is an important aspect of AI content detection.

While plagiarism detection tools primarily focus on finding exact or similar matches of text in a given database, an AI content detector tool goes a step further.

It determines whether a piece of content likely originated from an AI writing tool.

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