9 Best AI Email Assistants to Boost Your Email Game in 2023

The Best AI Email Assistants

I often receive and send multiple emails daily, and responding to them can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, you will admit that unlimited sales email creations can be a challenge.

You also know that the ability to create unique sales emails from scratch requires a lot of input.

However, you should not do it all! AI email assistants can help you avoid stress because bots can answer up to 80% of customer queries. AI generates emails that increase your conversions in seconds.

In this article, I will explore the best AI email assistants that can instantly boost your email writing productivity, conversions, and sales.

What Are the Best AI Email Assistants?

1. Lyne.

Lyne Home page

Lyne is among the best AI email assistants that I use to improve my email writing productivity.

I found that this AI-powered writing tool thrives in helping you to attain high-quality hyper-personalization at scale. You can easily generate personalized cold emails to help convert faster and increase sales.

You can get started with Lyne with just LinkedIn profiles and a list of emails. It has cold email templates to eliminate the guesswork in creating impactful sales emails.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Automation: You can automate time-consuming work in your business, like researching contacts and accounts and writing emails. Automation helps you to save time and handle other aspects of your work that need a human touch.
  • Hyper-personalization: I like how Lyne personalizes cold emails to help you get more replies and boost sales.
  • Multi-language support: This AI email assistant supports several languages, including English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. It can help you to translate messages to make your emails more personal to the recipients.
  • Scale email campaigns: Lyne is like a magic sales bot that can research 9000% faster compared to your best VA or SDR. With this speed, you can scale your campaigns easily.


  • I’m not too fond of the fact that this AI tool does not support Gmail addresses. You can only use LinkedIn profiles and business addresses with this AI email assistant.
  • Although this AI-powered writing tool has a free plan, you have to pay per credit, meaning you can’t use it completely free.


Lyne pricing-

Lyne offers these different pricing plans:

  • Free: $0.
  • Custom: $120/mo.


Lyne is a good selection if you want to create unique sales emails at scale without much input.

It helps you achieve a high level of personalization to ensure your sales emails get more replies and increase conversions.

2. Compose AI.

Compose AI Home page

Compose AI is an excellent AI email writing assistant that adapts to your writing style to save you the time of writing and replying to emails.

Unlike other AI email assistants that function as standalone tools, Compose AI is a Chrome extension.

I found this AI tool offers contextually appropriate suggestions to help you achieve better results.

Now let’s look at some of the key features that make Compose AI stand out among the best AI email assistants.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Auto-complete: It will give suggestions based on your writing style and sentence structure to increase your typing speed. If you love the suggestions, press the tab key, and your sentence will be complete.
  • Rephrase sentences: I like the rephrase sentence feature that allows you to edit sentences and rephrase them quickly. You can get inspiration from AI suggestions to write quality content.
  • Integrations: This AI email assistant lets you auto-complete text in several integrations, such as Gmail, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Word, and has a browser extension.


  • Compose AI does not write other forms of content apart from auto-completing emails.
  • It does not have a sales outreach template to guide you in writing emails faster.


Compose AI can quickly produce AI-generated email copy in your everyday tools, like Microsoft Word and Gmail.

It’s a perfect AI email assistant if you are looking for completely free software to create personalized emails and decrease typing time.


compose.ai Pricing

Compose AI offers the below pricing plans, where you save 33% for annual plans compared to monthly plans.

  • Basic (0$): 100 words per month.
  • Premium ($9.99/mo): 15,000 words per month.
  • Ultimate ($29.99/mo): Unlimited number of words.

3. Warmer AI.

Warmer AI home page

Warmer AI is one of the great AI writing tools that you can use to generate personalized cold emails in seconds.

Its machine-learning technology lets you skyrocket your email marketing efforts with minimal input.

Unlike Compose AI, which specializes in auto-completing emails, Warmer AI is an effective email AI writer.

You can easily create full-length emails tailored to your target audience and receive many responses.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Automatic Personalization: This email writing software automatically detects the reader’s information, such as name and company, from their email address and utilizes this information to write emails in weird and wonderful ways.
  • Faster responses: It can produce AI-generated emails in two simple steps. You first select the email objective and enter the prospect’s website and valid LinkedIn profile URL. The email writer will use this information to create personal emails, which you can send by hitting send.
  • Language customization: You can customize the language you want to use in writing emails and even create email templates for repeated use. I like the fast language customization because it helps to boost email outreach.
  • Track performance: Warmer AI can track your emails’ performance, helping you determine whether you’re reaching the target clients or persons. It offers valuable insights on how to boost the performance of your sales for better results.


  • It can only write on limited topics because you have to select an objective from the provided options.
  • You can’t use this AI email assistant to write emails in your voice because it does not adapt to your writing style.


Warmer AI Pricing

Warmer AI offers these different pricing plans:

  • Starter ($59/mo): 500 credit per month.
  • Basic ($97/mo): 1,000 credits per month.
  • Plus ($279/mo): 5000 credits per month.


You can use this magic sales bot to create excellent sales email with three clicks making it easy to use. You can use it to skyrocket cold emails using a free trial.

4. Smartwriter.

Smartwriter Home page

I discovered Smartwriter and tested it immediately because it promises unlimited sales email creation.

You can create thousands of personalized emails in minutes using this tool. It is about 6X cheaper and 40X faster than humans.

I found that it performs better than most AI email writing tools and even my former sales rep. It helps you write custom opening lines and create entire emails to increase replies.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Niche personalization: This powerful AI email assistant lets you schedule and send personalized outreach emails to social profiles in your niche. You can target cafes, salons, or other businesses with limited online presence by sending emails generated using publicly available prospect data, like Facebook and Google reviews.
  • Backlink request email searches: Smartwriter scans a whole blog to understand its context in minutes and helps generate messages that target each individual blog. It references distinct points from a particular blog to establish trust.
  • Deep enrichment: You can enrich your AI-generated emails with fresh and accurate data. It reduces research per lead from 45 minutes to 15 seconds. This AI email assistant searches up to 2.6 billion pages per query to identify unique information that can close your deal.
  • Email quality check: It comes with a quality checker to ensure you write quality emails without grammar and spelling errors. The quality check grades your emails to determine whether they are the recipients will open and reply to them.


  • Smartwriter is a bit costly for those with limited budgets.


Smartwriter Pricing

Below are the various pricing plans that Smartwriter.ai offers, and you save 20% for the annual plans compared to the monthly plans:

  • Basic Plan: $49/mo.
  • Popular Plan: $124/mo.
  • Pro Plan: $299/mo.

Smartwriter also offers a 7-day trial.


Smartwriter is a good choice if you want a tool that creates 1000s of personalized in seconds and does deep enrichment to keep the content fresh.

5. Missive.

Missive home page

Missive is a unique tool meant to enhance team collaboration around email and other communication applications.

It’s exceptional email writing software that combines everything you want to increase team productivity. You can use it to improve email management by assigning roles to team members.

For example, some team members can be active members and others observers. Active members receive notifications, while observers do not receive notifications.

How Missive works

Key Features and Pros:

  • Write personalized cold emails: Teams can collaborate to write personalized emails, and your team members can review these emails in real-time to ensure they are grammatically and contextually correct.
  • Canned responses: It has templates or pre-written snippets to help you compose messages and reply fast. You can also create email templates to ensure you reply or send inquiries faster.
  • Connect more social tools: I like Missive because it allows you to connect to other social platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. With these tools, you can chat live with other team members to increase productivity. You can also use Missive’s live chat feature to connect with your website visitors.
  • User-friendly interface: It supports flexible email setup to ensure you initiate team collaboration with ease. You can connect email from any provider. I found the interface has calendars that allow you to set reminders, access, and edit events, and respond to invites.


  • It does not integrate with some common tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.


Missive Pricing

Missive offers these different pricing plans, where you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Free: 0$/mo.
  • Starter: $14/mo per user.
  • Productive: $18/mo per user.
  • Business: $26/mo per user.

Try Missive for free here.


Missive is meant for teams that want to increase collaboration and productivity.

This tool will serve your needs if you want to collaborate beyond email and integrate social media platforms. Plus, it has a free plan you can try before upgrading to a premium one.

6. Copy AI.

Copy Ai home page

Copy AI is an AI writer that helps you generate sales outreach emails in minutes. I use it to save hours each week writing emails to customers and often get positive results.

It uses natural language processing to create entire emails using your unique language. You can use Copy AI to support other content creation needs apart from generating emails.

I often use it alongside other tools to create social media posts to support marketing efforts.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Templates: Copy AI has multiple templates to support your email creation needs. You can use templates to write high-converting email copy. It lets you generate different emails, like follow-up emails, event promotion emails, and emails to announce discounts and promote sales.
  • 10X writing productivity: AI copywriting templates take the guesswork away and give you the power to write highly engaging copy in 30 seconds. I leave the time-consuming work to this tool because it uses artificial intelligence to get it done.
  • Browser extension: Copy AI has a Chrome extension that you can use to save time when writing your emails. This extension allows you to access Copy AI’s features on a Google platform for quick email creation.
  • Create emails and content with keywords: Creating emails is simple because you only input a few short sentences, and Copy AI produces full-length content. Email copywriting will be less tedious with this tool.


  • Copy AI is meant to write long-form emails and might not be appropriate for brief emails that communicate precise messages.


copy.ai Pricing

Copy.ai offers these various pricing plans, where you save 25% for annual plans.

  • Free: $0.
  • Pro: $49/mo.
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote.


Copy AI writes personalized emails faster than most common AI tools and has many email templates to help you create engaging and converting emails.

7. Lavender.ai.

Lavender.ai Home page

Lavender.ai is an outstanding AI email assistant that aims to make you better instead of replacing you.

I found that it is an AI email coach that fits into your current workflow and increases the speed of writing emails that get positive replies.

It finds and resolves issues in your emails that may harm your chances of receiving replies from prospective clients. Lavender.ai aims to achieve a score of 90+ to ensure your emails are high quality.

The AI email assistant will help you save hours and increase performance by about 3X. Additional key features of this tool include the ability to track performance and increase ROI.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Tools integration: Lavender.ai integrates with multiple tools, like Outreach, HubSpot, Gmail, Outlook, and SalesLoft, to improve your productivity because you can write and customize emails using the platforms you already like.
  • Personalization assistant: This AI-powered writing tool suggests personalized subject lines and intros to guide you in generating emails and writing custom opening lines. It also quickly shows prospect data, news, and insights to help you integrate the right information into your emails.
  • Team email intelligence: If you’re a manager, you might want to select Lavender.ai to improve how you handle your team. It empowers the manager to coach teams through real data-backed insights.
  • Advanced technology: Lavender.ai uses the latest artificial intelligence to spur your email marketing efforts. OpenAI’s GPT-3 powers this tool to improve how you write emails.


  • It’s not meant for freelancers and individual users. Instead, I found this tool more effective for small businesses and startups. You can achieve better results if you want to use this email writing software for sales purposes.


lavender.ai Pricing

Lavender.ai offers these different pricing plans:

  • Basic: $0/mo.
  • Pro: $29/mo.
  • Teams: $49/mo/user.


Lavender.ai is a perfect AI email assistant that can decrease your process of writing daily emails from 30 to 10 minutes, and you can use more time to set additional meetings and meet more prospects.

A free trial lets you experiment with this software to write emails that increase your sales because they stand out among generic emails.

8. Flowrite AI.

Flowrite AI Home page

Flowrite AI is an intuitive and accurate AI-powered email assistant for supporting your daily communications. It’s mainly meant for frequent messaging and email workflows.

I tested it for daily messages and emails on my browser and liked its performance. Apart from common communications, this tool can also help you to generate sales outreach emails.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Template Gallery: The gallery comprises the common messages for your roles and teams. Some essential templates you can use include self-introduction, project status updates to the clients, sales prospecting, demo invitations, and meeting scheduler. I like Flowrite AI because it gives a general template that you can use for general purposes or if your desired template is missing.
  • Inbox integration: Flowrite integrates your desired messaging and email tools seamlessly. It understands the context of your messages and picks pertinent inputs to guide your replies. This tool saves time reading and replying to hundreds of emails.
  • Personalized replies: Writing replies from scratch will be a thing of the past if you select this software. It gives instant personalized reply suggestions, saving you time thinking about the best replies and writing from scratch.
  • Track the saved time: Flowrite AI has a time tracker to show you the amount of time you have saved handling frequent communications. I found it saves more time compared to common productivity and email generation tools.


  • Flowrite AI is purposefully meant to handle daily communications and does not deliver positive results for more structured communications. You may not use it to pitch a new product to prospective clients.


flowrite Pricing

Flowrite offers various pricing plans such as:

  • Light (€4/mo): For 200 messages/year.
  • Premium (€12/mo): For 2000 messages/year.
  • Unlimited (€24/mo): For Unlimited messages.
  • Teams: Custom Quote.


Flowrite AI is a great selection if you want to generate emails for everyday communications and will save time so that you can focus more on structured communications.

9. Rytr.

Rytr Home pag

Rytr is a top AI writer that can serve as your AI email writing assistant to streamline how you handle emails.

It’s a great addition to your productivity tools if you want to create entire emails and social media posts.

You can use it to write catchy emails for sales, engagement, marketing, and more in seconds. You only need to input a few short sentences and let the artificial intelligence do the magic!

Key Features and Pros:

  • Select tone: Rytr lets you generate personalized emails through the tone selection feature. It has 20+ tones that you can choose to ensure your message is consistent with your brand’s tone.
  • Multiple languages: Select from 30+ languages to reach your recipients with the right language. You can write emails in your language or even interpret messages if your recipients speak different languages.
  • AI copywriting templates: Rytr has multiple templates that you can use to generate emails without the pain of creating templates from scratch. It allows you to select the relevant talking points to make the emails more engaging and relevant to the recipients.
  • Browser extension: Rytr’s Chrome extension ensures you write stunning emails without switching tabs.


  • Rytr is designed to generate AI content, and the email writer is just one of its uses. Due to this factor, it cannot create more personalized and targeted emails for your marketing purposes. It is a good selection if you want a tool that combines multiple functionalities, such as the ability to create emails, blog articles, and ad copy.


Rytr Pricing

Rytr offers the below pricing plans, which depend on the characters generated per month:

  • Free Plan ($0): Generate 10k characters per month.
  • Saver Plan ($9/mo): Generate 100k characters per month.
  • Unlimited Plan ($29): Generate Unlimited characters per month.


If you are looking for a tool that can generate emails using your writing style, Rytr is an excellent selection.

Bloggers and freelancers can select this tool because it will support them in creating content and writing engaging emails.

What are AI Email Assistants?

They are AI-powered tools that can help you write personalized cold emails with just a few clicks. They may also be called email management tools because they help to manage your email.

They use machine learning algorithms to help you write and reply to emails better. These email management tools can also track how recipients interact with your emails and the time you save in managing your inbox.

AI email assistants are meant for ordinary individuals, bloggers, freelancers, startups, large enterprises, managers, and even teams. You can use these assistants to boost the productivity of customer service teams.

How Do AI Email Assistants Work?

AI email assistant lets you select the recipients’ or prospects’ address, identify the message you want to send, and then writes it for you. You can input the recipients’ business email address or personal address.

They can also analyze your emails to find relevant talking points. Advanced AI email assistants can handle additional tasks like writing messages for your social media accounts.

AI email assistants get their aptitude from machine learning and artificial intelligence. These algorithms help email assistants understand the human language in your inputs or incoming emails.

The correct interpretation of human language helps these tools in writing emails or generating appropriate reply suggestions for a sales email.

Benefits of AI Email Assistants.

  • They create personalized cold emails in seconds or minutes.
  • You can generate personalized email opening lines to increase the chances of positive replies.
  • They thrive in automating repetitive tasks, such as sending similar inquiries or replies, allowing you to dedicate more time to critical tasks.
  • Creating highly converting sales emails with these assistants is simple and cost-effective.
  • These AI tools help you find relevant talking points before writing the whole email.

Are there any downsides to using an AI email assistant?

A potential shortcoming of an email assistant is that it may not use your writing style when replying to your emails. In addition, the wrong tool may send an inappropriate response.

These shortcomings can arise if the tool misunderstands your style or tone. Further, it may be uncomfortable to delegate sensitive emails to machines.

How do I choose the right AI email assistant for me?

You need to consider your needs and budget. An advanced AI email assistant is a good choice for businesses, startups, and large enterprises.

However, freelancers and bloggers might want an option with a few useful features because they have limited needs. Despite your preferences, ensure the AI writer effectively generates personalized emails.

The Best AI Email Assistant: Final Thoughts

The age of artificial intelligence is here with us, and the need for personalization has become even greater. The best AI email assistant should help you to generate personalized emails with just a few clicks.

Remember AI generates email copy that can help you reach potential clients, reply to prospects, set meetings, and more easily.

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