9 Best AI Sales Software Tools to Close Deals Faster (2023)

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When you ask a business person about the reason for starting a business, you will likely get the same response: to rake in profits and increase revenue.

But to do this, the business must attract clients and keep them. As easy as it seems, identifying the customers that will most likely become part of your company is challenging.

Luckily, the growth of artificial intelligence has made it easier for businesses to attract customers and reap from the sales process.

How does artificial intelligence do this? Today, we have AI sales software tools that can analyze large amounts of data and identify prospective leads.

Your task as a sales rep will be to close these leads.

AI sales software can also automate tasks, forecast sales and revenue, manage the sales pipeline, and help you reduce risks.

In this article, I review the best AI sales software tools, helping you to choose the right one for your business and scale it to higher heights.

What is the Best AI Sales Software?

1. Drift

drift-dashboard - Best AI Sales Software Tools

Drift is one of the best AI sales assistant tools out there.

This AI sales software realizes the importance of conversational marketing by allowing you to hold real-time conversations with your potential customers and convert website visitors into sales.

Drift’s sales software features include chatbots that can qualify leads for you 24/7, real-time support and conversations with customers via chat, and the ability to instantly book meetings and demos for your prospects from anywhere on your company website.

Drift aims to help your company drive more sales by making the buying process instantly accessible for customers through AI-powered conversational experiences.

Key Features

  • Life Chat: This AI-powered live chat recognizes the importance of improving customer management by helping you engage in real-time conversations with your customers. With Drift, you get a chance to turn potential customers into clients.
  • You can use multiple languages: The chatbots are available in numerous languages.
  • Drift meetings: With Drift Meetings, you can schedule video meetings with your customers and leads. This method ensures you close more deals.
  • Drift Email: With Drift Email, this sales assistant software helps you send personalized messages to your customers and leads.
  • Intelligent Conversations: Drift recognizes the need to use AI technology in holding intelligent conversations with current and prospective customers.


  • This sales software is very user-friendly. Its dashboard gives detailed perspectives of how your conversations are going on.
  • You can easily customize the sales software.
  • By choosing Drift, you experience the joy of interacting with very responsive support.
  • The live chat feature is free.


  • The Premium plan could be expensive for small businesses.



Bottom Line:

Drift is one of the leading conversational AI platforms for supercharging a business’s sales strategy and connecting with customers in real-time.

Drift’s customizable chatbots, seamless live chat features, and integrated analytics provide you with an AI-powered solution to engage prospects and surface promising leads instantly.

2. 6Sense

6Sense Home page

While Drift intends to improve real-time conversations with customers, 6Sense aims to enhance the sales process by improving the collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

6Sense promises to improve sales productivity by using AI technology to reduce manual tasks. The features below give more information on what 6Sense can do.

Key Features:

  • Machine Learning: This AI sales software uses machine learning to assess responses from prospective customers. This information lets sales and marketing teams identify the best leads to follow.
  • Predictive Intelligence: With predictive intelligence, this AI sales assistant helps you to identify new prospects.
  • Automate tasks: This sales software automates tasks, allowing you to do more with less effort.
  • Pursue the right opportunities: 6Sense improves the sales process by increasing the opportunities for sales and marketing teams to go for the right opportunities.
  • User-friendliness: With this sales assistant, you can see all the data you want on the app’s dashboard.


  • After testing 6Sense, I realized you can customize the app to fit your needs.
  • 6Sense gives you the chance to automate many marketing tasks.
  • You can integrate the sales assistant with apps like HubSpot Marketing Hub, Salesforce, and Zapier.


  • I realized that the AI sales assistant does not have a direct pricing plan, which could deter some people from using it.


6Sense pricing

Bottom Line:

By subscribing to this AI sales assistant, you experience the power of AI technology in automating tasks.

What I like about 6Sense is that it helps you integrate the app with HubSpot Marketing Hub, Salesforce, and Zapier.

Through this feature, you have everything you want in one place.

3. SalesDirector.ai

SalesDirector.ai Home page

When you decide to use SalesDirector.ai, you get AI software that allows you to improve customer relationships by understanding your customers better.

What I like about SalesDirector.ai is that it improves targeted engagement, making closing deals easier.

The features below explain more about this AI software.

Key Features:

  • Activity Insights: With SalesDirector.ai, you can track the progress of your sales processes. With this knowledge, you can identify where to improve.
  • Smart sales process: What I like about this sales assistant tool is that the use of analytics allows you to understand the options that could work and those that may not.
  • Ease of Use: I was amazed to see how user-friendly this sales assistant tool is.


  • The AI sales tool allows you to view customizable reports.
  • This AI sales software tool allows you to understand your customers better.
  • When testing the sales tool, I acknowledged its user-friendliness.


  • You still need some experience in sales processes to understand how the app works.


SalesDirector.ai Pricing

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an app that allows you to understand your customers better, look no further.

4. People.ai

People.ai Home page

When we talk of the best AI sales tools a business can use, People.ai should be among them.

Like other AI sales assistant tools, People.ai allows you to better understand your customers.

With this AI sales assistant tool, you can close more deals and improve sales performance.

When you subscribe to this AI sales software, you get a chance to improve revenue growth.

Key Features:

  • Manage Sales Pipeline: What I realized about People.ai is that it allows you to manage sales pipelines and identify possible leads.
  • Sales Forecasting: This sales software provides accurate data to forecast future sales. With accurate sales forecasting, the sales software allows sales professionals to track buying signals and identify new ways of improving sales productivity.
  • Performance Dashboards: The dashboard in People.ai lets you see where to improve.
  • Understand Customer Relationships: People.ai allows you to view past sales performance and understand how you have been interacting with your customers.
  • Pipeline Management: Pipeline management is easier with People.ai.


  • People.ai allows you to make significant changes in your sales process.
  • With People.ai, you enjoy good customer support.
  • The AI sales software’s dashboard lets you see how your sales process is doing.
  • People.ai is easy to use.


  • I feel the AI sales software should improve its ability to provide real-time call data.


At the time of this writing, the pricing plan information was not available. However, you are welcome to book a demo through the home page to get more information.

Bottom Line

Sales management and lead generation are easier with People.ai.

By subscribing to this AI sales software, you can close more deals, improve sales performance, and improve your company’s revenue growth.

Sales managers require such an app.

5. Pipeliner.ai

Pipeliner.ai Home page

Sales managers desire to work with sales and marketing software tools that allow them to close high-value leads faster.

Pipeliner.ai makes it possible to close these deals.

This AI sales software also allows you to improve customer relationships and collect effective customer feedback.

When you choose to use this sales software, you don’t have to worry about how to protect customer data.

Also, what I like about Pipeliner.ai is that it ensures the data in the app is secure.

The features below give more information about this application.

Key Features:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Based on the many features and capabilities of the tool, many viewPipeliner.ai pricing as reasonable. The Basic plan can go for only $99 monthly.
  • Conversational Forms: Pipeliner.ai uses user-friendly conversational forms to increase conversation rates. This way, this app can help you convert more leads.
  • Real-Time Dashboards: After subscribing to Pipeliner.ai, you can easily measure your success in customer interaction and pipeline management. You can also track customer behavior from your interaction with them. Features such as org charts, relationship maps, and white space allow you to track your interaction with your customers.
  • Personalized User Interface: While using Pipeliner.ai, I realized you can personalize the AI-sales software to fit your needs. Marketing teams could use this feature to improve sales operations.


  • Pipeliner.ai ensures your data are safe.
  • It improves collaboration with customers and prospects.
  • With Pipeliner.ai, you experience win-win situations with your customers.
  • Pipeliner.ai helps track meetings, calls, customer appointments, and tasks.
  • You can view and track communications with team members, prospects, and clients using the Feeds Section.


  • Pipeliner.ai should improve on the integrations.


Pipeliner.ai Pricing plans

Bottom Line:

With Pipeliner.ai, you get the chance to close high-value leads faster.

Apart from closing leads faster, you can also get effective customer feedback.

Considering that it also helps you protect customer data, I recommend that sales reps use this app.

6. ZoomInfo

zoominfo.com Home Page

Sales reps must analyze customer data to identify their next steps.

With ZoomInfo, this becomes easier since this AI sales software helps sales reps to get real-time data and sales insights.

Like Pipeliner.ai, ZoomInfo also recognizes the need to preserve data privacy.

With this AI tool, it is easier to engage potential customers.

Key Features:

  • Close Deals Faster: Sales reps desire AI sales software that allows them to close more deals with customers. This becomes possible since ZoomInfo helps you identify the customers to contact and how you should contact them. Many sales automation tools assist sales reps to automate tasks.
  • Unlock Insights: ZoomInfo helps you identify the ideal customers by providing valuable data on sales processes.
  • Engage Customers: Sales and marketing teams can benefit from ZoomInfo as it connects these teams with potential customers.
  • Integrations: With ZoomInfo, you can integrate with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to access contact information and company information on the AI sales software.
  • Conversation Intelligence: ZoomInfo helps sales reps verify emails, calls, and customer meetings to improve the entire sales process.
  • Pricing Options: With ZoomInfo, you can choose the pricing option that suits your business requirements.


  • ZoomInfo has a free trial.
  • ZoomInfo’s ease of use makes it one of the best sales tools.
  • The AI sales software can help you get potential customers.
  • You can integrate the app with tools like Pipedrive and Zoho CRM.


  • The app’s customer support should respond faster.
  • Pricing:
    At the time of this writing, pricing was not available. However, using your varied business email, you can seek more information on the same based on your requirements here.

Bottom Line:

If you want to close deals faster, go for ZoomInfo.

This AI sales software helps you close more deals since it can help you identify the customers you should reach out to and how to contact them.

Additionally, its integrations make it a better tool for sales teams. Since you can integrate it with a CRM tool, you can do more in one place.

7. Exceed.ai

Exceed.ai Home page

Every AI sales software tool has unique qualities, and Exceed.ai is designed to provide you with an experience that sales reps will enjoy.

With Exceed.ai, sales reps can effortlessly close more deals.

Besides helping them close these deals, Exceed.ai helps sales reps handle them and check the deal status.

Also, by integrating other systems, you don’t need other apps to conduct basic activities.

Key Features:

  • Third-Party Integrations: You can integrate the AI sales software with various CRM systems such as Oracle and Salesforce. This feature is particularly important as it helps sales reps manage sales data.
  • Automatically Assign Tasks: Exceed.ai allows you to automatically assign leads to the team members based on their qualifications.
  • Customer Meetings: With Exceed.ai, you can automatically schedule customer meetings with sales reps.
  • AI Sales Assistant: When you use this app, you realize that it has an AI sales assistant that helps you boost the efficiency of the sales pipeline.
  • Identify Buying Signals: This app helps identify buying signals, allowing the sales team to recognize potential customers. This makes it easier for sales reps.
  • Customer Engagement: The AI sales software uses chats and emails to improve customer interaction.


  • The app has third-party integrations that make managing sales data easier for sales reps.
  • Since Exceed.ai automates leads, it ensures only people qualified in a certain task can handle it.
  • In addition to identifying tasks, this AI sales software helps schedule meetings for the sales reps, simplifying the sales process.
  • The sales software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve sales performance.


  • Although the sales software has important integrations, I recommend the AI sales software add more integrations.


At the time of this writing, pricing was not available. Feel free to fill out a form with your specifications to get the best package for you.

Bottom Line:

When you decide to use Exceed.ai, you give yourself a chance to assign leads automatically, ensuring that the people who carry out tasks are the most qualified.

Also, by identifying buying signals, it becomes easier for you to close deals.

8. Clari

Clari Home page

The role of sales reps is to improve as much as possible. With Clari, this becomes possible.

This AI sales software uses artificial intelligence to synthesize conversations, emails, and calls to improve sales forecasts.

With this strategy, you can even manage pipelines and forecast your revenue.

Clari also collects and updates your data to help the sales team work smarter and close more deals.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates Guesswork: Clari helps you identify at-risk deals, allowing you to avoid risks before they occur. With Clari, you do not hope that you complete deals. Instead, this AI sales software ensures you know exactly what to do. Through this activity, this AI sales software helps you improve your team’s sales performance.
  • Brings Marketing Teams Together: Marketing teams should communicate often to improve sales productivity. Clari simplifies this process by uniting every employee involved in revenue generation in one platform. As marketing teams work together, you will surely improve sales productivity.
  • Clari Answers your Questions: Marketing teams could have multiple questions needing professional help. Clari’s virtual sales assistants help clarify any questions you may be having. For instance, Clari can help you answer questions on why your sales pipeline slipped.


  • Clari ensures you have information at your fingertips.
  • One of the important functions AI sales tools should do is to help drive the pipeline by improving sales forecasting. Clari does exactly that, allowing you to grow your revenue.
  • AI sales tools should improve transparency among sales teams. Clari assures you of this transparency.
  • Revenue growth is the goal of every business. Clari moves with you step by step by improving sales engagement and helping you generate more revenue.
  • AI sales tools provide insights to help sales reps identify better sales opportunities. With Clari, this becomes a reality.


  • Some people may not like the fact that Clari does not publish its pricing.


At the time of this writing, pricing was not available, but you can get a demo from the website for more information on various pricing plans based on your requirements.

Bottom line:

I recommend trying this tool to check how it works on you since Clari is one of the best AI sales tools.

This AI sales software promises to streamline your sales processes by enhancing transparency, improving lead management, and forecasting revenue.

With this software, you can eliminate guesswork, allowing you to know what should be your next step to promote revenue growth.

9. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub Home page

When you begin using Hubspot Sales Hub, you realize it brings all the data and tools together, allowing the team to focus only on the customers.

HubSpot Sales Hub also has a live chat feature that helps you communicate with customers directly.

Key Features:

  • Better Follow-up: With HubSpot Sales Hub, you can tell when a potential customer opens an email, so it allows you to contact the potential customer immediately and make them a client.
  • Conversational Intelligence: I like this app because it helps you to capture the conversation between the sales reps and customers, allowing you to understand how your team performs on customer calls.
  • Impressive Customer Support: Anyone would like to work with sales assistant tools with customer support that responds quickly. That’s what happens when you subscribe to HubSpot Sales Hub. Here, you get timely customer support to respond to any question.
  • Live Chat: When testing this tool, I realized that it allows you to connect with prospective customers through a live chat.
  • Meeting Scheduler: Like Drift, HubSpot Sales Hub allows you to schedule meetings faster.


  • I like this app since it helps you build trust with your customers.
  • The Meeting Scheduler feature allows you to schedule meetings faster and complete more in less time.
  • I recommend this AI sales tool since the dashboard helps you assign tasks and monitor progress.


HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing plans

Bottom Line:

Sales assistant tools promise to streamline the sales processes.

HubSpot Sales Hub is among the tools that ensure you enjoy the best possible services. This tool ensures your relationship with your customers remains tight.

HubSpot Sales Hub also guarantees that you have a customer support system that answers your questions and concerns whenever needed.

What is AI Sales Software?

Since we have agreed that businesses need AI sales software, let’s identify why businesses need AI sales software.

An AI sales software uses artificial intelligence to identify and close potential leads.

With these tools, you can even personalize and customize emails and share them with your team members.

Such tools are very important to a business and can help it register significant profits.

It is worth noting that you should test a tool before using it.

What may work with your business may not work in another business.

Also, you could find some interesting features in a tool but lack these features in another tool.

How do AI Software Tools Work?

The AI revolution has improved the use of AI software tools.

These tools analyze data to identify trends. For instance, they can analyze responses from potential customers.

Through this information, the tool allows your business to identify the best deals to close.

These tools can also improve the sales process by automating tasks.

Some AI software tools could also help you hold real-time conversations with your clients.

These tools do all these to improve the relationship between a company or business and its customers while attracting new ones.

Benefits of AI Software Tools

Identifying the Most Probable Prospects

Finding a client from prospective customers is not simple; companies realize this.

AI software tools identify buying signals, helping you realize potential customers from these signals.

Improves Sales Forecasting

Any business would like to know what might happen in the near future to improve its preparedness.

AI sales software tools provide reliable data that you can use to forecast future sales and revenue growth.

This is very important as it helps your business identify how to improve productivity.

Sales Automation

The sales process has many repetitive tasks that could be tiring.

But with artificial intelligence, these tasks become easier to handle.

For instance, these tools can set up and send automated and personalized emails to customers, eliminating your need to do these tasks.

Reduce Risks

Apart from forecasting sales and revenue growth, these tools help you avoid risks before they occur.

This activity helps you identify ways of improving sales performance to reduce such risks.

Improving Customer Relations

The customer is very important, and the sales reps must find ways of engaging the customer.

AI sales software steps in to help in this area by helping the sales reps engage customers through live chat and build trust with them.

What should you look for when choosing the best AI Sales Software?

You should consider various features before choosing an AI sales software tool.

  • Ease of Use: You should use an AI tool with a simple user interface. When looking for the best tool, choose a tool with easy navigation, as it is easier to use.
  • Effectiveness: The effectiveness of an app is very important to your business. So, I suggest you choose a tool to fulfill your needs as effectively as possible. AI sales software tools are different. If you want real-time conversations with your customers, you should go for a tool that allows you to engage in a live chat.
  • Pricing: Pricing is an important factor to consider when choosing AI sales software. It would help if you went for a tool that you can afford. Avoiding a sales tool that you consider expensive would be best since it could eat into your profits.
  • Third-Party Integrations: The tool should allow you to access other important software without purchasing it. This feature will allow you to have all the necessary services in one place.

The Best AI Sales Software: Final Thoughts

We cannot identify the best AI sales software since these tools have unique qualities. What can be the best tool for you may not be the best choice for another business. So, several factors should direct your choice. Be it the ease of use, pricing, effectiveness, and third-party integrations, ensure you choose a tool that will help you improve sales productivity and help you generate profits.


What are sales automation tools?

Sales automation tools streamline repetitive sales tasks through lead scoring, email sequencing, data enrichment, sales dialers, analytics, and CRM integrations.

They help businesses improve their sales processes by automating repetitive tasks like lead scoring, email sequencing, data enrichment, analytics, and CRM integrations.

This enables sales reps to be more efficient and productive by spending less time on manual work and more time having strategic conversations and closing deals.

The right sales automation tools for a business will depend on specific needs and sales workflows.

How to use AI for sales prospecting

AI empowers more effective prospecting by automatically uncovering buyer contacts and attributes, monitoring trigger events, and generating personalized outreach.

This enables you to identify and engage qualified leads faster.

AI tools can also draft customized messaging and automate follow-ups at scale.

The key is integrating AI with CRM and sales processes to focus reps on high-value selling activities.

How does AI sales forecasting work?

AI sales forecasting is your data-savvy co-pilot for hitting revenue goals.

It scans past trends and detects subtle patterns humans would miss.

This allows sharper revenue estimates, smarter planning, and course-correcting your strategy.

With AI’s forecasts guiding your business decisions, you can feel confident pursuing sales growth.

It’s like having a data scientist on your sales team, constantly crunching the numbers behind the scenes to keep your forecasts and plans on target.

How can AI be used in B2B sales?

AI can automatically spot hot leads, predict future trends, suggest tactics, schedule meetings, and handle FAQs 24/7.

By taking over repetitive tasks, AI gives B2B sales teams an edge to close more deals and boost revenue.

Bringing AI into your sales workflow is like getting extra help closing deals without added headcount.

Leverage it to work smarter, stay focused on selling, and watch your conversion rates and revenue reach new heights!

How can AI boost eCommerce sales?

AI-powered product recommendations drive repeat purchases and larger order values.

Chatbots provide instant customer support 24/7, and inventory and pricing optimization reduce costs and stockouts.

Together, AI gives eCommerce companies key insights and automation to increase conversions, lower costs, and ultimately drive more online sales.

How can AI make sales forecasting more accurate?

AI analyzes mountains of data on past performance, customer trends, and market dynamics that humans can’t process.

It spots hidden patterns and derives non-intuitive insights using machine learning algorithms.

This enables incredibly precise monthly, quarterly, and annual forecasts to guide strategic sales and revenue decisions.

How is AI transforming the future of sales?

AI is the next big sales transformation. By analyzing massive datasets, AI derives hidden insights humans can’t see.

It also automates repetitive tasks like data entry and follow-ups.

This empowers salespeople to focus on building relationships and closing complex deals, while AI handles the busywork.

The future of selling is smarter and more streamlined.

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